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A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.
A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.
A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.
2,246 backers pledged $787,612 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Randy Philipp about 8 hours ago

      I guess I am in the same boat with a lot of people, I still have not received my two E01 yet.

    2. Creator Sandy.eisen about 15 hours ago

      Still waiting and have not received my EO1

      Please could you clarify what is happening



    3. Creator Electric Objects 3 days ago

      @Simon - Thanks for the feedback! Would you mind sending a pic to for us to check out?
      @Cory - We're still experimenting but are hoping to release more robust support for these types of web work soon.
      @Andy - There should be no problem letting EO1 lean. Glad to hear your kids are enjoying it!
      @Chung - Thanks for the support!
      @Tarus - Thanks for your patience––almost there! Your White EO1 should be shipping in the next couple days.

    4. Creator BonanzaNLD 5 days ago

      received my two units today. A-ma-zing. Thanks guys! One note: seems that the border space (between the two plastic parts) is not evenly divided. Not a big issue for me, but it could have been better.

    5. Creator Cory Barr 5 days ago

      I just got the unit. The still images and video loops work great, and sometimes the unit almost looks like genuinely traditional media. I'm mainly interested in running Processing apps, though. Is there a roadmap for the Processing support mentioned in the Kickstarter campaign? I got a few sketches rewritten so they'd work with Processing.js, but the performance on simple sketches isn't great.


    6. Creator Andy Chan 5 days ago

      I didn't buy the stand. Will there be any problem leaving the display propped against the wall?

      Will it stress the display panel?

      My kids hashad a blast, choosing the picture to display on the wall. :)

    7. Creator chung wong 6 days ago

      Been enjoying the unit. Beautifully made and design.

    8. Creator Tarus L Latacki Jr 6 days ago

      I haven't received my 2nd unit yet, any update? Thanks

    9. Creator Electric Objects 6 days ago

      @Scott – Thanks for jumping in there =] We are looking into a feature like this for an update down the road. Keep the feedback coming!

    10. Creator Electric Objects 6 days ago

      @Loren - Thanks for the thoughtful feedback and support!
      @Richard - Right on!
      @Andy - The bezel is attached magnetically at the four corners so that you can easily swap it out for an accessory frame if you choose to do so in the future. Re: Set Url it’s an embedded chromium 42 web browser. Web works are still experimental, if you're having problems with a specific url shoot us an email at

    11. Creator Scott 6 days ago

      @Andy the bezel is held on by magnets at each of the corners. It allows those that ordered the wooden frame to simply remove it and put the wooden one in its place. Maybe Electric Objects are thinking about making alternative frames in the future and hence the design.

      On the subject of wooden frames I initially thought that the capacitive touch button would become obsolete for those that have the wooden frame (the frame covers it) but you can actually still turn it off by touching the back. It would be useful to turn the EO1 off/on via the app (maybe for the future).

    12. Creator Andy Chan 6 days ago

      How does the display URL work?

      Does the engine parse JavaScript? We may be able to hack together a live image that way.

    13. Creator Andy Chan 6 days ago

      Unpacked my eo1 yesterday.

      The bezels doesn't seem to be securely fastened to the frame. It only seems to be attached at the four corners.

      The bezel in the center of the frame bulged upwards as I tried to peel off the protective film

      Does anybody else experience the same issue?

      Also like to chim in on the need the api to the eo1 or some form of rotating or changing the pictures automatically. At least give us the choice or an api to do so!

      Lastly, would like to request the ability to post pictures from the Android app itself. I know the web version can do it.. But doing it from the app would be a more seamless solution.

    14. Creator Richard 7 days ago

      Dear Electric Objects, Yesterday the two Electric Objects arrived and I'm very happy how they look and that it was easy to install! Once again, thank you :D

    15. Creator Loren Cox on August 26

      Of course, after posting, I found the "Make Art for EO1" page which gives plenty of info on how to roll your own. Thanks for that!

    16. Creator Loren Cox on August 26

      Arrived yesterday, unboxed late last night!

      First, thank you for the great follow through. Despite the delays I never doubted your abilities to complete the project thanks to your updates. Excellent work.

      Out of the box it's more polished than I ever hoped for upon supporting this project. Very nice work with the setup software working very smoothly and easily. Couldn't want a better experience there. Polish is great. Screen is great, just the right matte and brightness.

      My 5 year-old son woke up this morning to new art on the wall and was mesmerized. I changed the artwork while he was eating his breakfast, and the WHOA that he gave when he noticed it was different was so great! "Daddy! The picture changed!" He thought it was a print on the wall. It's that good. He stared at it out of the corner of his eye his entire breakfast waiting for it to change.

      Critiques: This is an expectation on my part, and I honestly can't recall what was promised when or where... but the ability to have the display automatically change at given intervals, be it hourly, daily, whatever... without my intervention, is a major reason I wanted a digital art piece like this in the first place. I'd been waiting for a polished large screen feature specific item like this for MANY years... since the first crappy digital photo frames came out. I want to wake up and be surprised, or come home from lunch and get a jolt from seeing a new beautiful artwork on my wall. That is part of the experience that it seems most want but you seem to think is against the mission of the EO1, at least that's what statements like this from your FAQ sound like: "No. Slideshows are not as awesome as you think." I would much prefer to curate a collection on my phone, and have the frame either rotate or randomly select at given intervals than to have to pull out my phone and change it manually. I'd appreciate the ability to do both. Being able to have "playlists" would another amazing ability. A "rainy day" collection, a "cheer up" collection, a "psychedelic" collection... So I can set a mood with a tap. I can only assume you have experimented with this ability and it ended up not being as awesome as you'd thought.

      I'm an aerial photographer, and the ability to show off my photos with the above mentioned abilities was the other reason I purchased the EO1. So I greatly look forward to a horizontal mode as well.

      If the above won't be officially supported... is there or will there be some sort of API notes on how we can fashion such abilities for ourselves? Apologies if this has already been stated, I've tried to keep up but am sure I've missed some notes.

      Looking forward to easy phone uploads within app as well! IFTTT... YES!

      Overall, Love it. I'm in no way disappointed and greatly look forward to where you take the curation and the art collections. I hope to submit some myself in the future. Great work, and thanks for all your efforts!

    17. Creator Electric Objects on August 24

      @Troy – Sorry to hear about the install trouble! As the device weighs about 15 lbs, shouldn't need toggle bolts for install. Shoot us an email at and we can help answer any questions regarding installation.
      @noisemachina – Thanks for pointing us to that!
      @Scott – Yeah! You should be able to upload via the web on your mobile device. Looking into native App upload for future updates.
      @Brent – We don't currently have any filters in place on the Public Gallery. Casey Reas's "Scan" is a great example: Also, the four recent works in We’re also working on ways to improve the experience of generative work on EO1, so keep an eye out!
      @Gregmom, Dan andJason – Thanks for the great feedback!
      @Mac and Richard – Almost there! Shoot us an email at with any questions about your order!

    18. Creator Troy Cauble on August 23

      If you haven't mounted on a wall yet, do yourself a favor and get some toggle bolts. The design of washers over plastic pulls the barely-there-anyway wall anchors out when you tighten.

    19. Creator noisemachina on August 22

      Found this review of EO that I thought you guys might find pretty funny:

    20. Creator Gregmon on August 22

      Have had the product for two days and it's pretty cool. Software updates anticipated. For instance, some kind of slide show feature would be neat. Packaging was great. The appearance of the frame could be better.

    21. Creator Mac Hofeditz on August 22

      Any update on my shipping date?

    22. Creator Richard Lanyi on August 21

      Any update on my shipment? Excited to finally get mine!

    23. Creator Scott on August 20

      Not sure whether anyone has done this but using my Android phone and using the Chrome browser I entered the URL which after login took me to the add page. From there I selected the 'Choose File' button which then gave me the option of choosing a file by taking a picture or by selecting documents I can then pick a file from any app that is linked to my phone (Dropbox, Google Drive/Photos). I assume this will work with other apps such as Flickr etc... Could also allow you to take photos and send it to the E01 when you are out and about so that others at home can see them. I couldn't see the ability to add from the app hence why I tried this but maybe I've missed it?

    24. Creator Dan F. on August 20

      +1 for IFTTT!
      i complained about the power cord earlier but i must stay once its on the wall the cord really does sort of recede into the background. still, one a bit longer would be nice.
      everyone in my house is loving the EO-1. kids especially love picking the art. you guys really have created something special here!

    25. Creator Jason Dunn on August 19

      Great to hear about IFTTT can't wait for them to shut off in night mode and away mode and auto come on when I get home!!! Still want my slide shows and collections though but love the product

    26. Creator Brent Watanabe on August 19

      Mine arrived last week and looks and functions wonderfully.
      Question: In the library, is there any way to sort by medium? I'm really interested in finding examples of code art, ie- not pre-rendered. Do you have links to good examples of code art created for the EO-1. Thanks!

    27. Creator Electric Objects on August 19

      @Kelvin — The Stand is sold separately, since we hadn't built or priced it in time for the campaign, but you can get one here:

      @Scott — Thanks for the super thoughtful feedback! We actually do cache locally, so you should see better Display performance on previously downloaded work. We're working on some better caching strategies here. Some of the artworks are close to 20mb, so there will always be some delay, but we can do a better job of minimizing the delay and demonstrating download progress. re: IFTTT, stay tuned.

      @Rono — We'll be in touch with a few questions / troubleshooting tips!

      @James — So sorry about the delay! We were working on figuring out how to pre-pay your VAT taxes. I'm digging into this now and will be in touch soon.

      @All — Shipping is nearly complete with another 390 going out today and tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with us. Shoot us an email at with any questions about your order!


    28. Creator Kelvin on August 19

      I just got my frame and VERY EXCITED about setitng it up, however i didnt get a stand. I see all these pictures on here and also a mention that It comes with a hanging option and a stand, but I dont have the stand. How might I approach getting one. Thanks!

    29. Creator Scott on August 19

      Received my E01 and observations so far....

      As others have said the packaging and the unit itself are fantastic although the power cord needs some work to extend the length and maybe change the cord plastic to be less rigid.

      Love the sleep timer and the brightness settings although changing the brightness based on time could prove useful.

      At times the E01 fails to download an image after I hit display or at least there is a lengthy delay. I have had a poor internet connection over the last day so this may be part of the problem. On the subject of downloads I agree with a previous comment that connectivity between the app or computer locally would be beneficial. For instance uploading an image from my computer directly to the E01 would be quicker and act as a safeguard in case your site went down or my internet connection dropped. Not sure how feasible this is but installing a web server on the device springs to mind. Caching previous images would also speed things up (I have often found myself switching to an image that I have previously viewed). It could also provide an offline capability.

      With respect to other site support, flickr, dropbox etc... how about creating a IFTTT (If This Then That) channel. Doing so would really open up your capability not only with other site support but triggers based on events i.e. if rain is forecast then display a suitable gif for 1 hour in the morning. Maybe thats the sort of stuff that you are trying to stay away from but just an idea.

      To sum up though I'm very pleased with the E01 and the project as a whole. Great communication throughout and it was great to hear updates from varied project contributors and not just a single spokesperson (the Annie Raso and Zoe posts come to mind).

    30. Creator Rono on August 18

      Hey there,

      My E01 arrived today and looks great. However when I attempt to load art work using the app I notice what looks like interference and screen sheering happening on animated images.

      I can also not load the majority of the art work available in the app and it appears that only certain images will load. When I try to load these images that don't work (for example the animated snowy owl) all I see is a black screen.

    31. Creator Randy Cole on August 18

      How about a general production/shipping update? It's been two weeks since the last one. Did you wrap up production by the end of last week?

    32. Creator Mark Pomell on August 18

      Awesome product.....relax backers its worth the wait.... superb....power cord gripe aside .It definitely needs a more elegant solution. However, its a very cool thing!! thanks

    33. Creator Kelvin on August 17

      Hello, Would it be possible to see when mine will be shipped? I advent' gotten any notification yet.

      Thanks in advance

    34. Creator James Stone on August 17

      12 days ago mine arrived faulty. I've been patient, but feel like the emails I'm getting are just fobbing me off. Dangers of backing a kickStarter I guess! Not happy, and I was hoping to present the device some of my own artwork to clients but too late now.

    35. Creator Justin Robinson on August 16

      Got mine last week... I didn't really expect to like it as much as I do, but after setting it up I'm in love. Thanks!

    36. Creator John L Nguyen on August 16

      Got mine last week and it is AWESOME! Great product and only MINOR complaints is no slide show..nice feature when you have a party and bigger of course. I think I would pay more to have it a 42 inch..either way, great job guys.

    37. Creator BonanzaNLD on August 16

      @creator an update on shipping status please? How many left?

    38. Creator Electric Objects on August 16

      @Denis @John Shoot us an email at

      @Brett @Dan Thanks guys, appreciate the kind words and the feedback! Working on a better power cord, but we didn't want to delay delivery any longer. The good news is that once we get a better power cord (working on it), it'll be an easy improvement.

    39. Creator Dan F. on August 16

      agreed about the power cord. it's too short, too twisty, and overall just looks bad on a product that is otherwise very sleek and elegant. I too was thinking about getting a outlet behind it but the brick thickness makes that impossible without getting a niche or something cut out. kind of annoying.

      what's the plan on getting the app able to switch between art automatically? I understand they are against slideshows but having it cycle through your favorites automatically seems like a no brainer...

    40. Creator Brett Levy on August 15

      Also, if anyone is looking to sell theirs for whatever reason, let me know here :D I want another one but not too sure about paying $500, maybe if it was a bit bigger.

    41. Creator Brett Levy on August 14

      Got my Black E01 today! Woo this thing is awesome!

      The only "complaint" is that for the price they all should come with a matching stand. I understand the kickstarter is a release price and i'm glad of the savings I got but the power cord hanging down and twisting all over the place, is not appealing.

      I know it wasn't included from the beginning but I didn't expect the power cord to stick out like a sore thumb. It would have been nice if the power block wasn't... a block, then i could install a recessed outlet right behind the unit but there is no way that is going to fit.

      On your main website, if you click the "story" text, the image that appears shows the E01 on the wall with no cords, how is this? Almost all of the images are like this (photoshopped I assume, mount on wall, overlay the image in PS). Even in your promo video there are no cords, but on the main kickstarter page that same "story" image now has the cord hanging below the E01.

      Seeing no mention of an internal battery, which is probably better this way as I would hate to add my pictures to the list of things to remember to charge.

      Overall, 8/10. -2 points for the stand and cord issues mentioned. Loving the snack machine image!

    42. Creator Denis Lim on August 14

      @creator - still nothing :(

    43. Creator John Ross on August 13

      Hi, could I have a rough estimation of when I might receive my EO1? I live in the UK so I expected not to be the first to receive one.

    44. Creator Electric Objects on August 13

      @Juan - Just saw your email and got back to you! Check there for details.

    45. Creator Juan Luis Perez Racero on August 13

      Customs they ask me to pay to remove the product. what happens?

    46. Creator Electric Objects on August 13

      @Mattimeo + Dirk - Sorry about that! Shoot us an email at and we'll help troubleshoot right away.
      @Steve - Correct, you'll have to upload them on our page––we do not currently support Flicker
      @Sandy, Mac + Pete - Thanks for your continued patience, guys. Your orders should be shipping soon––keep an eye out for the shipping notification email!
      @David - Thanks for the interest! We do not currently offer any promo codes, apologies for any inconvenience.

    47. Creator Mac Hofeditz on August 13

      Hi, any update on my shipment? Thanks.

    48. Creator MattimeoFigaro on August 12

      Was working fine a few hours ago for me, but I am now having issues as well.

    49. Creator Dirk Straun on August 12

      Just received my EO, couldnt wait to use it, but the app reads "Server Error", any suggestions?

    50. Creator Steve Goodman on August 12

      Received mine in the mail today. Starting using it right out of the box before I hung it up. Very impressed with the easy set up and the variety of artwork available on the site. One thing though: I want to use it to show off some of my own photography I have posted on Flickr. When I put in the URL from Flickr for the piece using the upload function it gets rejected. Is Flickr not supported? (No massive issue if its not--I can just take the pictures from my hard drive and upload them to the Electric Objects page.) The quality of the pictures is very good. I'll be hanging it up later this week.

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