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A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.
2,246 backers pledged $787,612 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Jason Dunn about 2 hours ago

      Insert crickets chirping track here.

    2. Creator Kyle Davis 5 days ago

      I'm with Jason. Could you give us an idea when you might be shipping the EO1's. Something general is reasonable and fine.

    3. Creator Jason Dunn 6 days ago

      Just checking in wanted to see how production was coming along and make sure we are still getting these in little over a month?

    4. Creator Electric Objects on April 20

      @Geo A — Certainly do appreciate the feedback, and with that in mind, we are considering a change in the future to the way the product is bundled. Thanks for your support and your candid comments.

    5. Creator Electric Objects on April 16

      @Scott Yup! The Stand will work with the wooden frame


    6. Creator Scott on April 16

      Stand update, not frame.

    7. Creator Scott on April 16

      Jake, maybe I'm the only one but I've only just found the vines over at There's some fantastic promotional stuff on that page. The vines really demonstrate how good the product looks! I think my wife will even forgive me for purchasing this when it arrives!

      On the frame update, can it be attached to the unit with the wooden frame? I'm assuming yes.

    8. Creator Geo A. on April 16

      @Creator - My guess is part of the appeal of crowd sourcing a product like this is the unparalleled and immediate access you have to feedback. Like many, I'm very excited to receive my EO1 and have been pleased with the project/updates up to this point. Also like many, I'm less thrilled with the stand and the price you've decided on. You mention that "EO1 is designed primarily for the wall, and we view the stand as an accessory for people who want to bring it into their home in a different way." Perhaps, but the product is depicted on the stand more often than it is wall-mounted (I'm on mobile, but in the details for this project, six of the first eight images depict the EO1 on the stand, the reveal in your original video shows the EO1 on a stand several times before we see it wall-mounted). While I do feel you made it clear that the stand would be available later, to me it felt like a rather essential accessory in the way it was marketed and that it would come in at a "no brainer" price point, not ~13% of the price of the frame itself. To then defend the price based largely on the notion that's it's optional seems to run a little counter to the way the product was originally presented. This isn't my area of expertise, but I can't help but think that we wouldn't have been left with a bad impression had you shown the EO1 wall-mounted near-exclusively with one or two images on the stand, not the other way around. Still, I'm hugely excited to get my EO1, my intent here was simply to share a bit of feedback.

    9. Creator Electric Objects on April 15

      @ P.G. — Really sorry if there was a miscommunication. EO1 is designed primarily for the wall, and we view the stand as an accessory for people who want to bring it into their home in a different way.

      We did mention in the campaign that the stand would be sold separately (see the "Designed to Fade Away" section), but my apologies if that wasn't clear enough. The reality was that we weren't far enough along with the design and manufacturing of the stand to know how to price it at the time of the campaign, which is why we're launching it now.

      Hope that helps explain our thinking here. It's a really nice accessory, but excluding it from the core product helps us keep the product less expensive, and for the majority of people who will hang EO1 on the wall, it would be an unnecessary addition.

      Feel free to get in touch with any follow up questions. Happy to continue the conversation here.


    10. Creator P.G. Kain on April 15

      I'm also disappointed about making the stand an additional $40. It's expensive and regardless of what it is made of it should have been included in the original price point for backers. You want us to spread the good word but, to be honest, this leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

    11. Creator Electric Objects on April 14

      @Simon (To be 100% clear, this was just a typo in our ordering system. Everything is as it should be :)


    12. Creator Electric Objects on April 14

      @Simon –– Sorry about that! You will be receiving your EO1 with EO1 Stand in May. We're updating the automated receipt now.

    13. Creator Simon Morgan on April 14

      I bought my EO1 stand just now, and in my automated receipt it stated my EO1 would ship in September! When did this slip from May for non-Beta backers??

    14. Creator Electric Objects on April 14

      @Kave –– Sorry for the confusion! If you order EO1 stand by May 1st we'll ship it along with your EO1 (no additional shipping cost).

    15. Creator Kave Goh on April 14

      Hi, I have received an email asking if I want to get a stand for E01. But realised that the stand cost $40 and the cheapest shipping cost is $45! Since we already paid shipping cost for our EO1, why can the stand be send together so that we don't need to pay Additional shipping cost? Thanks.

    16. Creator Electric Objects on April 13

      @scott — Targeting wooden frame ship date around the same time as EO1 in May.

      @Robert — Stand coming soon :)!

      @Kingsley — You can still edit your address.


    17. Creator vincent baker on April 8

      Ran across this on Product Hunt and I can't help but see A BUNCH of similarities to Electric Objects's product:
      I don't know if you should be flattered or take legal action :/

    18. Creator Kingsley Burton on April 7

      Hi guys, I just realised I missed the confirmation email for rewards as I was in the arctic circle. is there anything that can be done? K

    19. Creator Robert Zander on April 6

      Sorry - meant to say, I have not seen anything regarding the stand....

    20. Creator Robert Zander on April 6

      I have seen anything more about a stand, to allow the EO to stand up, securely. Are they still going to be available at the time the EOs are sent out? Thanks

    21. Creator Scott on April 2

      When are the wooden frames due? I'm not in any rush to receive it, just making sure it hasn't already been sent.

    22. Creator Electric Objects on March 25

      @Shaun — Just 2.4GHz for now.

      @Sam @Robert — Hey guys, sorry for the delay. We had some issues with USPS international shipping today and yesterday, that we're hoping to sort out tomorrow. Your Beta units are packed up and ready to go, stay tuned for tracking numbers as soon as I have them. Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions:


    23. Creator Sam Lee on March 24

      Hi, I'm a beta backer living in South Korea. On March 6 I sent a message asking about shipping schedule and Jake respond that it would be sent by "early next week". But still no tracking info yet. When can I get it??

    24. Creator Robert Jurd on March 24

      Hi there, any update on when the beta's will be shipped out. I've heard a few times that it will be soon but no tracking info or confirmation yet, assume I'm back of the queue as I'm in London.

    25. Creator Shaun Bender on March 21

      What wireless band will be supported, 2.4GHz, 5GHz or both?

    26. Creator tau_ceti on March 17

      did i mention that it is ludicrously easy to put images on the EO? well it is.

      my 9 year old figured it out instantly. we were upstairs while he was downstairs changing images. not that he isn't tech savvy. but still.

    27. Creator Electric Objects on March 16

      @tau_ceti Wow, really appreciate the super kind comments. It's a terrifying thing to send a new product into the real world, but hearing something like this makes it all worthwhile. So, thanks.

      @Jason/Ken — So sorry for missing these comments! Yes, we're still on track for May. I'm thinking about collecting feedback from Beta users and sending that around in the next update.

    28. Creator tau_ceti on March 16

      PS By no tape, I am referring to a Kickstarter I had a while back that was sent held together with tape. :(

      Sorry, got carried away with internal references only I would understand.

    29. Creator tau_ceti on March 16

      I got my beta. I'm not sure if it's ok to say anything. Maybe I signed an NDA… I don't recall doing it though! Ok, hope this doesn't upset anyone as I don't intend it to (except for Gleb… curse you Gleb!)!!!

      Anyway, I am a member of a bunch of Kickstarters, including the colossal failure of ZPM Espresso (give me my money back Gleb!), and this one stands out as having brought product to completion quickly and with high quality.

      The packaging is top notch. The unboxing experience and setup are flawless. These guys did a good job. No glitches. It just worked. No tape, no crap. My only question was why they even needed Kickstarter for something this ready for prime time.

      This does NOT look like a beta product. It's finished. High quality.

      Honestly, I found it more finished than any new Apple product (which always have show stopper bugs of some kind). Disclaimer: I own lots of Apple stock and have no investment in EO except for this one beta unit which I paid for as did any of you.

      Just give me landscape mode and I'll be super, ultra, mega happy!

    30. Creator Ken Lee on March 16

      @jason thanks

    31. Creator tau_ceti on March 13

      looks like my unit gets here monday according to both UPS and the eo team. better than most kickstarters, i expect!!!

    32. Creator Jason Dunn on March 13

      @ken if you look back to comments 7 days ago from this one you will see they are still on track to ship in May

    33. Creator Ken Lee on March 13

      Y/n maybe?

    34. Creator Jason Dunn on March 12

      That was it just good to hear we are still on track

    35. Creator Ken Lee on March 11

      Production update and shipping for non beta backers

    36. Creator Electric Objects on March 10

      @Robert this week! (yours is probably going out today/tomorrow)

    37. Creator Robert Schouwenburg on March 10

      Any update when the remaining beta units are shipped?

    38. Creator Electric Objects on March 6

      @Jason Sure! I'll put an update together next week. No updates on May, as we remain on track. Anything in particular you'd like to hear about?

    39. Creator Jason Dunn on March 5

      Hope your event is going well today but I was wondering if we will see a production update soon thanks

    40. Creator Electric Objects on February 13

      @James Yup, you could just plug it into the Wemo I'd think?

      @tau_ceti Yes! We're working on docs now. Shoot me an email or at and I'll point you in the right direction.

    41. Creator tau_ceti on February 11

      So as a beta backer, I'm assuming I'll get a unit soon. As an artist, I'm expecting I'll be able to create works for it. Where can I find out about what steps I'd take to get my art onto the EO?

    42. Creator James Stone on February 10

      ..Ignore my previous comment... Just read that landscape isn't instantly supported. Unless I make images and rotate them i guess?

      One other question, could I wire this up to a Belkin Wemo so that it only turns on when someone is nearby? i.e. what is the startup time from sleep, if such a thing exists

    43. Creator James Stone on February 10

      Looking forward to receiving this, one question (hopefully not too stupid) but can it be displayed 'landscape' too? Just thinking for adding some of my own artwork to it

    44. Creator Electric Objects on February 6

      @tau_ceti Yep, it's a small wall wart. No brick!

    45. Creator tau_ceti on February 3


    46. Creator tau_ceti on February 3

      What's the end of the cord? A wall wart or a plug?

    47. Creator Electric Objects on January 31

      @tau_ceti Good question. We spent a lot of time finding a cord that we're happy with. It's a high quality white material. To hide the cord completely, there are a few options: use a cord concealer, get an electrician to help you run it through the wall, or use our custom EO1 Stand (which we'll be announcing in further detail soon). Hope that helps!

    48. Creator tau_ceti on January 31

      I'm sure this has been covered somewhere, but as a beta tester in the greater NYC area, I'm hoping to get my EO1 soon and just realized…

      What about that pesky cable? There must be some strategies for dealing with it that you've come up with. I have a few plugs in the house that are at rather odds levels and perhaps could be taken advantage of. Plus, I have a GC in the house who could install a plug at an odd height.

    49. Creator Electric Objects on January 30

      @Robert — Thanks for being so thoughtful about placement! It's a matte IPS LED display. EO1 has an ambient light sensor so it adjusts the brightness according to the brightness of the room, and we keep the brightness much lower than traditional screens.

    50. Creator Robert Corkum on January 25

      @ creator, Hello! You mentioned the "resolution is 1080p (1080x1920) and brightness is 300 nits." any idea on the contrast ratio? And what other characteristics does the display have? TFT/IPS/LED/etc.
      I'm looking at where it will go, like a sunny room, near a window, and want to compare it to what I know thus far. Thanks!

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