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A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.
A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.
A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.
2,246 backers pledged $787,612 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Electric Objects 2 days ago

      @Brad - Sorry to hear about that! Would you mind sending some pictures to so we can take a closer look?

    2. Creator Brad Olson 2 days ago

      Got my EO1 and wooden frame today. Looks great although I'm regretting getting the white version because the wooden frame, while absolutely gorgeous, is not perfectly straight so there are uneven white borders showing inside the wood frame which are noticeable with a darker image, something that might have not been the case with the black version. Might have to try and fix that myself somehow. Otherwise I'm thrilled with it. Annie did an amazing job with the frame.

    3. Creator Electric Objects 3 days ago

      @Robert – EO1 comes with a capacitive touch button that allows you to turn the display on or off without shutting down the device. This button is located on the top right hand side of every EO1 (look for the EO logo!)

    4. Creator Robert Zander 3 days ago

      I absolutely love my wonderful EO. Thank you so much. One suggestion for an added function on app: could you please add a sleep button? Thanks!

    5. Creator Richard 4 days ago

      Thanks for the quick response regarding the Amazon program. It is a great platform to showcase the product.

    6. Creator Electric Objects 4 days ago

      @Richard Hey Richard, thanks for asking, it's a pretty interesting program. First I want to express that we sent Amazon only a small number of units, such that it would not impact our delivery commitments to backers. That was important. EO1 shipments will be complete within the next two weeks as promised in the last update.

      It's not an official partnership with Kickstarter, but they reached out to us to participate as one of their featured products, and we thought it would be a good idea to take them up on the opportunity. They're definitely trying something new, and I'm pretty excited that we had the chance to get in at such an early stage.


    7. Creator Richard 4 days ago

      I see that you are selling on Amazon. (search for Electric Objects)
      1) Wondering why the item is available to the public (albeit at the higher retail price) before you've shipped to Kickstarters (like me)?
      2) Interested in any background you can provide on the Amazon program. For example, is Amazon now getting an allotment of Kickstarter items? Did you work with them on this? The treatment of the page (full width image) suggests this is not just a typical item for sale on Amazon.

    8. Creator Electric Objects 4 days ago

      @Missy @Robert Yes, we made a call on keeping cord color consistent for this production run, and opted for white with the goal to reduce visibility when hanging (the assumption being that most walls are lighter than they are dark). We're re-thinking that, frankly, and would like to offer customers options at and after checkout. We're working on a plan for accessory cords.

      @Jason @Missy We'll have more to share about the subscription service soon, but the short version is yes it's totally opt-in, and it's only for access to artwork produced specifically for Electric Objects in partnership with institutions and artists directly.

    9. Creator Jason Hayes 4 days ago

      Wait there is monthly fees to view art? I'm hoping this is art from some type of artist or museum? and not mandatory.

    10. Creator Missy Hp 4 days ago


    11. Creator Missy Hp 4 days ago

      Also I do remember it mentioned that we would have monthly fees to view the art

    12. Creator Missy Hp 4 days ago

      Yes mine was a black frame too.. Very disappointed. Will have to try and change the colour myself I guess....

    13. Creator Robert Zander 5 days ago

      I also wondered about the white power cord with a black frame. Was this intended? Thanks.

    14. Creator Missy Hp 5 days ago

      Hi just wondering why I got a white cord?

    15. Creator Ken Lee 6 days ago

      Great hearing everyone's experiences with the EO1. Can't wait to get mine. Any update on how the shipping schedule is going?

    16. Creator Richard 6 days ago

      Haven't received my unit yet, but was surprised to learn from the below comments that images can't be set to change out automatically. Just curious why this straightforward feature wouldn't be available for those who choose to use it. Those who find it a distraction wouldn't have to use it.

    17. Creator Jason Hayes on July 26

      Backer# 1133 I really hope mine gets shipped this week

    18. Creator Arvinder Ahuja on July 24

      Thanks for the wishes. While you are considering, if I may suggest, add folders as well so we select which ones to show.

    19. Creator Jason Dunn on July 24

      One more vote for slide show option.

    20. Creator Electric Objects on July 24

      @Geo - Sorry about that! A solution is forthcoming, but please do send an email to

      @Arvinder - Happy birthday to your daughter! We will look into features like this for updates in the future.

    21. Creator Geo A. on July 24

      Got my EO1. Very pleased, but I'm having the latency issue others have mentioned (moving images stutter after a few minutes). Should I email or is a solution forthcoming for all?

    22. Creator Arvinder Ahuja on July 23

      I got mine couple weeks ago, we all love it. One feature I would like to be added is the ability to do a slide show. This past weekend we had our daughters birthday and would have loved to show her pictures over the ages. I know you mentioned you don't like slideshows, but make it an option as i am sure some of us would like to see slideshow once in a while.

    23. Creator Electric Objects on July 22

      @Torben — Definitely, please email and we'll change the shipping address for the frames.


    24. Creator Torben Spitzer on July 22


      I received my EO1 today. You stated the wooden frames will start shipping this week. I am moving on Friday so it really hits the spot, can I change the address for just the frame somewhere? Thanks a ton!

    25. Creator Electric Objects on July 21

      @David — Thanks! The frames are at our fulfillment center now, and we're planning to ship those out this week. You'll get an email when it leaves the warehouse.


    26. Creator David Olson on July 21

      Got my EO1. It looks great however I had also pledged for an Annie Raso frame. When will that ship? It was not in the box.
      Thanks! David

    27. Creator Electric Objects on July 20

      Hi all — I'm happy to report that we built 500 EO1s last week, and are on track to do another 500 this week. Making good progress against our timeline, and excited to get your feedback once your EO1 arrives!


    28. Creator Electric Objects on July 20

      @SeaDawgg — Awesome and thoughtful feedback. Good idea re: forums. We'll do some research
      @Robert — Thanks for the kind words! Glad you found the brightness settings. The new app (coming very soon) has brightness and sleep controls built in, so that will be easier.
      @Juan @Troy — Sorry about that. We have a fix, and we'll email you now. 

    29. Creator Juan A Cortes on July 19

      I started displaying a moving picture a couple of days ago (see here - and since then I have been having issues with my EO1. It keeps freezing and the image stops moving. Also the power button doesn't work so I have to unplug the EO1 from the power outlet and plug it back in a few minutes later for it to start working again.

      Any advice on what might be happening and how this issue could be resolved?

    30. Creator Robert Zander on July 18

      I found the brightness control and sleep setup, using my iPad and logging into your web page. Much appreciated.

    31. Creator Robert Zander on July 18

      I received mine several days ago and I am completely loving it. I got the stand and have it sitting on my mantle, for now. I was wondering if we could control the brightness at all. The app does provide that adjustment. Great work.

    32. Creator Troy Cauble on July 18

      If I watch this gif for a while, I see it slow down or pause occasionally.
      Too much for the EO1 processor?

    33. Creator Troy Cauble on July 18

      @SeaDawgg, I was thinking the same thing regarding sleep cycles. A programmable thermostat is a good model, that most could understand: Up to two "On" sections for each day, Every day can be different.

    34. Creator SeaDawgg on July 16

      Could you put together some kind of feature request function for the UI? Maybe with voting buttons to help you prioritize? For instance, I'd like to be able to define a sleep-wake cycle for the morning, and another one for the evening. And I'd like to be able to set those up differently on different days of the week. Like a programmable thermostat.

    35. Creator SeaDawgg on July 16

      I've had my display for a day now and it is fantastic. Packaging was great. Hooking up to my network was trivial. But I am struggling a bit with managing images, and I'd appreciate some more guidance. I've uploaded a couple of my own images and marked them draft, but I can see no way to change that. I actually have two displays so how do I control them independently? There also doesn't seem to be any way to organize your images, and I don't see any links to on line image repositories. Just like you can find music by genre, I'd assumed there would be some way to organize images to make finding the one that fits my mood easier. Is all that coming? Can we get some more handholding on finding, storing, managing, and using images?

    36. Creator Peter Dobbin on July 15

      Hi....Very excited and delighted that you're back on schedule....And I'm hoping that you can tell me when my unit will ship......i.e., where my order fits into the timeline. I was originally supposed to be among the June shipments.

    37. Creator noisemachina on July 13

      I think the EO guys deserve a shout out, not just for delivering with only small delays, but also for the constant, calm feedback provided on this forum. It could be a lot worse - backers of Framed are not having quite the same experience (yup, that's me, too).

    38. Creator Electric Objects on July 8

      @Troy Hey Troy — They are only loaded via our website today. We take that pretty seriously, and definitely owe you and the rest of the community a failsafe plan, which of course we never plan or hope to have to implement!


    39. Creator Troy Cauble on July 7

      Kind of late to ask, but are images only loaded via your website. Do they become paperweights if your company and website go out of business?

    40. Creator Troy Cauble on July 7

      Got shipping notification today (7/7). UPS tracking says it will arrive 7/13.

    41. Creator Jason Hayes on July 7

      Of those of you that have recieved your EO1 I'm curious to hear feed back. Once I get mine I'll try and post an unboxing video and a review video, since it doesn't seem like anyone else has done one yet.

    42. Creator Electric Objects on July 3

      @Mac @Bonanza Hey guys — Posting an update today on timing. Thanks for your patience!


    43. Creator Mac Hofeditz on July 2

      When can I expect delivery? Was early supporter at high level and haven't heard a word from you. Thx

    44. Creator BonanzaNLD on July 2

      No shipping confirmation yet :( cannot wait for delivery...

    45. Creator Electric Objects on July 2

      @Jason Totally agree! Appreciate your support and will have an update to share in the next few days.


    46. Creator Jason Hayes on July 2

      Actually in your last update on June 12th you said shipping would be complete in 4 to 5 weeks. It's been 2 and a half weeks so far. I don't think its to much to ask just to be upfront and honest with the people who helped fund your project. I realize that problems come up things get delayed, but if you let us know on the front end, sure you might have some disappointed supporters but nothing compared to when we are just left trying to figure out what's going on.

    47. Creator Electric Objects on July 1

      @Jason @Ken Hey guys — Totally understand your concern, and I'm bummed that everyone doesn't have their EO1 yet. As mentioned below a few days ago I'm working on an update for you this week. At the end of May we quoted 4-6 weeks to complete production, and doing our best to stick to that timeline.

      More info as soon as I have it. Email me if you'd like to discuss further, and thanks again for bearing with us!


    48. Creator Jason Hayes on July 1

      Backer #1133 still no shipping info or product. Way passed time for an update.

    49. Creator Ken Lee on July 1

      Time for an update ....

    50. Creator Electric Objects on June 29

      @Joanna — Can you get in touch at

      @Tarus — Absolutely! All of that functionality will be in the app soon.

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