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Trip is a hedonistic relationship drama about a teen mom struggling between what feels good and what is necessary for a better life.


We are the creators of Trip, a short film that started out as a Junior Thesis Project through Wright State's award winning Motion Pictures Program. Trip started with our fearless director, Dominick Evans. 

About Dominick:

Dominick, an Ohio native, has dreamed of being in film since the ripe age of four years old. Like any good director, when he was told he couldn't do something, he did his best to prove the naysayers wrong! So, when a doctor told him that he would never be a performer due to Spinal Muscular Atrophy (a muscle disease, which causes Dominick to use a wheelchair full-time) he made sure to find a way follow his dreams, anyway. It took him years to get here, but Dominick is taking the world of film by storm; ready to let people know who he is and what he can do. 

Dominick's life has come full circle in recent years. In 2002, Dominick attended Wright State with plans to graduate with a theater degree, but a fall from his wheelchair left him bedridden for five years! One day, realizing life was passing him by, Dominick got up out of bed and fought the pain he felt in order to get on with his life. Shortly after that, he made the decision to come back to Wright State to achieve his dream of graduating from film school and becoming a filmmaker! 

Director, Dominick Evans, on set.
Director, Dominick Evans, on set.

Despite having to navigate a program that was not overly familiar with student's with disabilities, Dominick managed to get past two sets of class cuts that took his freshman class of around one hundred to just eight people. With a bright future ahead of him, Dominick hopes to inspire other people with disabilities and offer kids a role model in the industry where he could not find any as a child.

Dominick is currently in his senior year at Wright State with plans to graduate in the spring. While he looks forward to finishing Trip as soon as he raises the necessary funds, Dominick is currently in pre-production on his second short film and is in the writing stages for a number of feature works that he plans to develop at a later date!

Sarah getting her mic on during the first day of shooting!
Sarah getting her mic on during the first day of shooting!

Making Trip!

Trip might be a junior thesis film, but it was made with the professional intent of any short that has plans to end up in film festivals. Dominick has taken the time and care to ensure that all areas of Trip look, sound, and feel as realistic as possible. Wright State's thesis films are not chosen lightly. It takes months of critiques before any scripts are even considered. Dominick went through two months of extensive critiques before being one of three students in the program chosen to make their thesis project into a short film. He wrote the script with his creative partner, Ashtyn, who also served as a producer, on the film.

The catch was that Dominick had to fund the film all on his own. While other students were able to pair up, Dominick took on his project alone (as the main funding source) along with some hardworking graduates that helped him craft the film into what it has become today. 

Dominick teamed up with Kyle Wilkinson, a now graduate of the WSU film program and an esteemed cinematographer, and Kasey Beggs (also a graduate) who serves as Trip's producer and the primary film editor. With a crew made up of WSU students and alumni, we went around the Midwest seeking the right cast. We found our lead, Sarah, when she came from Chicago to audition. Jay was right here in Dayton in the WSU film program, and Cameron and Owen are in the famed WSU theatre program. Jeremy and Greg came to our Dayton auditions, Emily was in Cincinnati and we found Heather and Channing in Columbus (though Dominick had  worked with Heather before)!

Kyle, the DP, with some of the Trip crew.
Kyle, the DP, with some of the Trip crew.


Trip tells the story of 19 year old Casey, a teenage mother that is forced to make some serious decisions about her future. Casey wants the best for her three-year-old son and his future and she knows that has little to do with his drug addicted father, Gavin, but like the hardest of drugs, she finds Gavin harder to quit than he should be. Casey is forced to take a hard look at what her life is becoming to determine if her once bright future is worth trading in for the drugs and sex that keep her in the rut she is in with Gavin.

Trip is unique because it offers a raw look at the brazen sexuality of a teenage young woman. While many films shy away from female sexuality, Trip embraces it. We want people to see that women are sexual creatures and have many of the same needs as their male counterparts. Furthermore, we hope people see that nothing is wrong with that! Trip allows you to explore the feelings of a young woman who likes sex and is not ashamed of that. At the same time, she is intelligent enough to realize that sex and all the pleasure it brings, is not the only thing in life.

Casey (Sarah Jordan) with Gavin (Jay Taylor)
Casey (Sarah Jordan) with Gavin (Jay Taylor)

The Trip cast and crew have worked very hard to bring this story to life. We're nearing the end of our post-production journey, but we cannot do it without your help! We'd love to have you become a part of the Trip family. Every donation will help us make Trip the film we envisioned when we were writing it!

Trip Cast:

Sarah Jordan...................................................Casey

Jay Taylor.........................................................Gavin

Greg Kennedy...................................................Tony

Emily Callaway..................................................Tessa

Cameron Blankenship.......................................Jeff

Owen Kresse.....................................................Brad

Jeremy Greenwell..............................................Steve

Channing Sebetich.............................................Jack

Heather Caldwell.................................................Rena

Trip Crew:

Directed by: Dominick Evans

Written by: Ashtyn Law & Dominick Evans

Director of Photography: Kyle Wilkinson

Producers: Ashtyn Law & Kasey Beggs

Music by: Jacob Richter

Edited by: Kasey Beggs 

Associate Editor: Dominick Evans

Gaffer/Head of G&E: Brockton Komon
Best Boy: Brian Merritt (Grip), Dan Wagner (Electric)

Production Sound Mixer: Megan Hague

Production Designer: Eryn Montgomery

ACs: Haley Shepard (1st), Brad Wickham (2nd), David Holm (3rd/Swing) 

ADs: Randy Miller (1st), Aubrey Keith (2nd)

Script Supervisor: Liz Lowe
Assistant Script Supervisor: Mitch Centers

Grips: Alan Lewin, Spencer Drees

Lighting Tech: Jeff Brewer

Boom Operator: Nicholas Barrington

Utility Sound Techs: Michaela Scholl, Joe Cook

Costume Designer: Carly Risenhoover

Assistant Costume: Sydney Waltz
Hair & Makeup: Molly Kern

Still Photographer: Kameron Davis

Art Director: Samantha Drake

Art Assistants: Sam Shaw & Hannah Churilla

Construction Supervisor: David Ziemba
Construction Crew: Julie Delph, Brandon Delph

PAs: Jesse Mullen Casey Beth Hovey, Robert Law

Craft/Catering: Sylvia Law

The C'mon Show Editors/FX: Spencer Drees & Joe Cook

Check out part of the Trip 'drug wall'
Check out part of the Trip 'drug wall'

 Also, we have a thread where you can discuss Trip on the Crowdfunding Forum. We'd love to hear your feedback!

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Trip is in post-production. Excluding one day of reshoots in early September, all of our filming is completely finished. Things are smooth sailing from here. We have some more than capable editors putting together a cut. They will continue to work on Trip until it is visually stunning (they are well on their way!)

The only thing we will need to have a fully realized film will be sound mixing/editing and color correction. We plan to visit some professionals in New York City to get these things done and this Kickstarter will help make that happen. The remaining funds will help with promotion and submission to as many film festivals as you can shake a stick at! We have high hopes for Trip and hope you'll come along for the journey, with us!


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