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CrowPi is an amazing kit to help you learn computer science, programming, electronics and master Raspberry Pi.
CrowPi is an amazing kit to help you learn computer science, programming, electronics and master Raspberry Pi.
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We Do Need Your Review

Posted by Elecrow (Creator)

All the after-sales packages were dispatched in the last week. And we will ship out the last 6 units CrowPi today. Which means the first chapter of CrowPi development come into an end.

Thank you once again- We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the backers. It's you who make this happen. Actually, we don't deliver CrowPi as scheduled. It had about two month delay. Some unexpected issues happened during the product development and manufacturing. From the pespective of craftsmanship, CrowPi is far from perfect, it still has some tiny defect. Your patience and tolerance are greatly appreciated. 

Initial Users' Personalities- I'd like describe our backers with these positive personalities. Firstly, pioneering, you're bold to try the new products. Secondly, passionate, you must have deep interests in programming and electronics. And you're trying to transfer these valuable technology to the kids. Thirdly, happy to share, this is another important spirit of our community.

We do need your review- Your using experience would be very important for us. We're eager to know your feedback on CrowPi. Do you have any suggestion on the product optimization? Will it help the kids with learning computer science, programming and electronics? Do you think it's expensive or affordable? Any word would be helpful. These will bring us confidence and enhance our determination to upgrade CrowPi.

Here are some reviews from the backers.

"Thank you very much for your all-encompassing update regarding issues! In addition, I had many of the button tops which decided to hide from sight inside the case, necessitating the removal of the board to find them. Overall, a nicely-done design which will be a wonderful presentation tool!" -Larry McElhiney

"Received mine last week. It works perfectly. My 13 year old son went through the lessons and learned much more in 3 nights than me in 3 years buying lots of components separately, loosing parts over the time, searching for drivers etc. You delivered much more than I expected! Best pi project ever!" -Jörg Tragert

"WOW, color me impressed. This project totally met it's (rather steep) promises. Well built, well documented. I am probably going to buy another at full retail price now because both my kids love it! Thank you for the awesome project. As an aside, the delivery date to the US was wishful thinking. It stopped in LA for a couple days, but arrived complete and in good shape. Kudos on shipping!" -Robert L ODonnell

You can leave the comment on kickstarter, share on social media or write it down on your personal blog.

Elecrow team are looking forward for your REVIEW. 

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    1. Mark A. Lacy on

      I have not received my Crow Pi yet. Status?

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Crowe on

      Mi CrowPi arrived a little over 1 week ago. Visual examination of everything in the package checked out "Good".

      I opted for the CrowPi with the Pi 3 Model B+ and CrowPi OS pre-loaded. Everything booted up fine.

      Work is crazy right now with 2 weeks to go to a major software installation go-live scheduled for the end of this month.

      The plan right now for the CrowPi is to read the documentation, and ask friends and colleagues what they want to see on a 7" touch sensitive display. For me the bare minimum is; always on front and rear view cameras, voice activated integration with a high end comm system, GPS and digital Speedometer / odometer, plus the usual indicator lights.


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      Thomas Kirby

      I got mine this week, and I plan on trying it out this weekend. I notice things are all plugged in, but I assume I need to disconnect it and go through the process of putting Raspbian on the SD card, don't I? Or was it installed already, since I got the CrowPi with the 3B+ already with it?


      -- Tom

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      Michael van Es on

      How proud I was yesterday to present the CrowPi to my children and friends!
      At first I was a little bit disappointed in how to connect the power with the Pi3b, then I looked at a working CrowPi and understood the power is supplied bij the GIO plug!
      The MicroSD card wasn’t working, so I’ve “etched” the image again: Solved!
      I’ve mounted the PI on the board and WOW!
      Nice WORKING Python scripts allready on the desktop folder, very good explained in the documentation.

      Happy to be a part of the early adapters of this product: I foresee many interests from school AND parents, I’ll promote you as much as I can!

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      Larry McElhiney on

      After several weeks of evaluating the CrowPI unit, I believe that this is a superb unit for training and evaluation of sensors. (I have previously used RPI boards with a larger breadboard (and a jumble of wires) to test virtually the same sensors. In addition, I have used the SEEED Studio products.) This comprehensive solution in a compact, portable package allows the operator to learn and experiment with Python using the Tutorial. Using the HDMI output to a large screen or projector facilitates large group presentation or training.

      From a Design point of view, experimentation with an onboard sensor resulting in solid, portable code, allows the CowPI to be used to quickly develop a code module to be added to a larger design.

      This is a great concept, covering STEM (group presentations and individual learning), hobbyist experimentation and actual hardware/code design for embedding in commercial applications.

      Well Done Elecrow!