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CrowPi is an amazing kit to help you learn computer science, programming, electronics and master Raspberry Pi.
CrowPi is an amazing kit to help you learn computer science, programming, electronics and master Raspberry Pi.
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CrowPi After-sales Solution

Posted by Elecrow (Creator)

Have of backers have received CrowPi and gave us helpful review. All the left CrowPi will be sent out in the next week. 

Here're the problems and solutions for the bakers who have got CrowPi.

Issue#1 Lack of IR receiver, few broken HDMI connectors

Solution: We will send an IR receiver, a HDMI connector and a mini HDMI connector in the after-sales package.

Issue#2 Narrow space between audio jack and suitcase edge

Solution: We will send an transfer audio connector as image below.

 Issue#3 Broken acrylic boards

The screen frame may crack during shipping. We will send a replacement acrylic frame.

Issue#4 No voice

There is no speaker in CrowPi. The holes on the screen frame may cause misunderstanding.

Issue#5 No OTG connector for Raspberry Pi Zero

Actually, there is no OTG connector in the standard package. For the sake of our backers' good experience, we will send the OTG cable and hub for the backers who make pledges on CrowPi kit with Pi Zero.

In our primary design, we want to make CrowPi compatible to both Pi 3 and Pi Zero. But the campaign result shows that few people want to use it with Pi Zero. So for the backer who use CrowPi with Pi Zero, we suggest that you can consider to upgrade to Pi 3. And we will drop Pi Zero in the next version CrowPi.

 Issue#6 Tariff

Tariff is not included in the shipping fee. We're sorry that we don't mention it in the campaign.

Issue#7 Send email to

If you have any other problems, please send email to us. Elecrow will solve every backer's after-sales issue.  

We will use registered airmail to send out the after-sales package. The shipping time is about 10 days. 

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    1. Elecrow Creator on

      Sorry for miss your comment.
      The extra parts are automatically sent with the left CrowPi packages.

    2. Missing avatar

      Taekyoon Chang on

      Today I received a service package.
      Thank you so much

    3. Missing avatar

      Jens Lachetzki

      Hello, will the content of the after sales solution implemented into the crow-pis send out last or will the after-sales package also send out as extra shipment?

    4. David Corbett on

      I was out of town when mine was delivered. Not sure how many days it was on my step but we had a lot of rain. The cardboard box was soaked. I feared the worst but when I opened it the inner box was dry. I need to pickup a Raspberry Pi so I can start playing with it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Crowe on

      What arrangement do we need to pay the Tarrif costs

    6. Hartmut Geissbauer

      Will the after-sales package for issue #1 and #2 automatically send with the left CrowPi packages?

    7. Kate Preston on

      The fixing screws/bolts are too big. Can you solve this issue too. I’ve tried using 2.5 bolts but they’re too small. It needs something between the two sizes.