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CrowPi is an amazing kit to help you learn computer science, programming, electronics and master Raspberry Pi.
CrowPi is an amazing kit to help you learn computer science, programming, electronics and master Raspberry Pi.
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CrowPi After-Sales Service

Posted by Elecrow (Creator)

We have delivered all purple, blue, yellow and part of black CrowPi. The left black CrowPi will be shipped out around 20th Aug. 

Some customers have received CrowPi. Here are some tips based on our customer's feedback.

#1 Download Mirror files and tutorial

We have upload the mirror files in the 16G TF card we sent you. If it doesn't work, Please download the files by this link. >>

Python and Scratch tutorial are all in this link.  >>

#2 Connect the HDMI connector

For basic CrowPi kit, you need to install your own Raspberry Pi board on CrowPi. Here is an images shows how to connect the HDMI connector.

 3. Fix Raspberry Pi 3 or model 3 B+

Please refer to the image below to fix your Raspberry Pi board. Remember to insert the TF card before you fix the RPI board. There are screws and screwdriver in the accessories bag.

Although we have tested every CrowPi before packaging, some problems may happen during the shipping.  For the appearance problem, such as scratch on the suitcase, or acrylic crack, we're really sorry. I will transfer your information to our engineer so that we can recover the weakness in the future. For the functional problem, please reach me at and attach related images. 

Elecrow is used to make open source hardware and semi-product. CrowPi is our first real product. We have to admit that we're not that experienced when we're creating CrowPi from zero to one, one to one thousand. From craftmanship perspective, CrowPi is far from perfect. We're grateful that it's liked by so many people. 

Anyway, Elecrow team will spare no effort to fulfill after-sales service.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Kirby

      @Paul Crowe, the way I understand it is that either they won't receive the black cases before 8/20 or won't be able to ship them until then. I, too, am waiting for a black cased one. If I had gotten a purple one, my sister would have walked off with it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Crowe on

      Kickstarter update #13 indicated:
      "Bad News

      The problem is that the 200 black suitcases are defective. We have to asked our suitcase supplier to remake the cases. So there will be 200 units CrowPi to be shipped in the last batch, the estimated delivery date is 15th Aug."

      Please provide an update on when we can expect to receive shipping notice and estimated delivery date for CrowPi with black suitcases.

    3. Kate Preston on

      I still haven’t received my blue CrowPi. On July 30th I received 2 emails from Royal Mail with tracking numbers, both from Stone Bridge United Ltd. One turned out to be from another Kickstarter campaign I backed and was delivered a week later. I assume the other one may be my CrowPi. It’s still showing on the Royal Mail tracking service as ‘we’re expecting it’. So far I have had no confirmation from Elecrow. Please let me know what is happening. Thank you in advance. Kate

    4. Missing avatar

      Ron Lauzon on

      A couple more minor issues:
      1. Should we have gotten an IR receiver? My CrowPi came with headers for one, but there was nothing plugged into it and nothing in any of the bags that came with it either.
      I had one in my "spare parts" bin that worked. So no problems for me.

      2. The screws that were provided to mount the Raspberry PI on the board were too large. They wouldn't go through the holes of the Raspberry PI 3+ that I am using. Again, not that important. But I thought you should know.

    5. Missing avatar

      Gerry Laureys on

      Hi, so happy to receive my CrowPi yesterday. Looks great. Looking forward to working with the kit. Only one problem: The HDMI connector has been delivered damaged. Where can I get a new one? Thank you for creating this kit. Gerry Laureys - Belgium.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ron Lauzon on

      I just got my CrowPi yesterday.

      The information about how to connect the HDMI connector is very useful. It took me a while to figure out how to attach the ribbon cable (and, of course, did it backwards the first time).

      One of the yellow caps on the button matrix is missing on mine. But I think it just fell off during shipping and it's in the case somewhere.

      One more thing that I noticed: 2 of the nylon screws holding the main board in the case had fallen out during shipping. No damage, though, and it was easy to screw them back in.

      Overall, I think you guys did really good with this product.

      Suggestion: You might want to offer a printed version of CrowPi-lessons.pdf at some point. In my case, the CrowPi will be a gift for my nephew and it would work better if he had a paper copy of the lessons. Printing out all 68 pages of the lessons is not convenient.