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The world's first dodgeball card game. Collect cards. Play your hand. Throw things at your friends.
The world's first dodgeball card game. Collect cards. Play your hand. Throw things at your friends.
53,643 backers pledged $2,559,458 to help bring this project to life.

You're too fast!!

Posted by Kellee Vopelak (Collaborator)

We seriously thought we had until Monday at least to get our next update ready. We were working on some graphics, a fun reveal, and maybe even a live stream, but here we are FIVE DAYS EARLY and you've already unlocked everything!

We're in shock.

Every morning we all gather in the office to look at the amazing things you've made. We cheer, and we laugh, and we collectively high five at this incredible group of backers that have all come together to play with us and help make our game real.

We'll have a proper update coming soon with some exciting announcements about what you've unlocked, but to celebrate your awesomeness, we just wanted to direct one of those collective high fives right back at you.

You are amazing.

(Also, here's a video of us playing the latest prototype and explaining the rules.)


Elan, Matt, and the Exploding Kittens Team


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    1. Claire Houston on

      I feel like, as a wheelchair user, I may be getting hit with a lot of burritos in the near future! 😂

      Any way you can try play testing with someone seated? Is there a fair way to use a cushion to block etc?

      I really want to play this - I'm just not looking forward to always loosing! 😅

    2. Justin Mahar on

      I may or may not contribute to the Bowl, but I'm just happy to have 4 burritos to toss! Can't wait!!!

    3. Thaddeus Tuffentsamer on

      I got the Kickstarter edition so that I would have 4 burritos.

    4. Simon Milliken on

      4 burritos would make more sense than 2, so that everyone has access to a burrito in front of them.

    5. Bruno Carvalho on


    6. Cindy Compton

      Looks like it would be better with 4 burritos. 🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯

    7. Missing avatar

      Lucas on

      Guys, I have to say, what made me decide to back was the funny, cute, and clever info video. Whoever did that. Good job!

    8. Missing avatar

      Sarah on

      Thanks for the video, it’s even better than I imagined!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jason Perttunen on

      Thank you for all your hard work! We like JasonV's idea of some Throw Throw Burrito Self-righting tumblers. Or some cups with lids. ( :

    10. marlmagno on

      Hoping that the cards would be more durable. Can't wait to throw burrito at my friends! :)

    11. Mark on

      Can't wait to have the game for playing with my friends!! Thinking about the first place we'll play it first

    12. Exploding Kittens 3-time creator

      Thanks Kris, I'll look into it. We've used the die-cut stuff for the tokens in "You've got crabs" and found them to be incredibly durable so I was a bit reluctant to fix something that wasn't broken. That said, I'll definitely explore!

    13. Kris Brown on

      Die-cut Burrito Bruises? That rubbery PVC ‘keychain’ material might make a more durable alternative?

    14. Missing avatar

      Kenneth J Misiewicz on

      Finally I have a legitimate reason to throw a burrito at my friends.

    15. Carmen Cliff on

      I second what JasonV stated about the self-righting lidded tumblers. LOL
      I cannot WAIT to play this!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      JasonV on

      I’m going to need some Throw Throw Burrito Self-righting tumblers... with lids. This looks way too fun to be played sober, but standard glass cups aren’t going to survive that carnage.

    17. Tim Weber on

      Sounds great! Can't wait!

    18. Exploding Kittens 3-time creator

      The Prototype will include less polished throwables (the ones in the video, we made by hand!) but the cards and other game pieces will be quite close to those in the video. (We're iterating quickly, so the final contents will be locked down the moment the campaign ends)

    19. Tim Weber on

      Is this what the prototype will look like for the people who backed it?

    20. Anthony Lauer on

      You almost need 4 Burritos.