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The world's first dodgeball card game. Collect cards. Play your hand. Throw things at your friends.
The world's first dodgeball card game. Collect cards. Play your hand. Throw things at your friends.
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Posted by Exploding Kittens (Creator)

  “Will there be an audience for this?”

  “Can we really ask people to throw things?”

  “Are we sure Weaponized Mexican Food is funny?”

We want to thank each and every one of you for shouting so clearly:


Yes to new games.

Yes to throwing things.

Yes even to playing with us in the Burrito Bowl (You're so close to unlocking the first upgrade)

As a thank you, we’ll be doing a live stream this afternoon at 3pm PST.  (the link will arrive in your inbox, and be posted to the campaign page shortly)

The Oatmeal (Matt) will be live drawing your comments, and we’ll show you some of the prototypes we’ve created for the game.

We’re so excited to make this game for you. See you this afternoon!

- The Exploding Kittens Team


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    1. Christopher Neitzert on

      I would love to, however Stockholm has an absolute shortage of decent mission style burritos. TBH, any actually edible burrito that i come across will be eaten not thrown. Though if non-edible ones are ok, I can hurl some here?!

    2. Missing avatar

      David Chambers on

      Will extra burritos be available as an add-on?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jaclyn on

      So I play in a recreational dodgeball league and love you’re games. Throw throw burrito is a match made in heaven for me. So excited!!

    4. dns12999 "Dave The Quack" on

      @Amber thanks I should have thought to look there!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason Smalridge on

      Is Farting a big part of this game..I always fart after eating burritos.

    6. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      Me: *throws a burrito*
      Friend: *eats it in midair*
      Me: Hey! What's that for?!
      Friend: What? Is there something you want to taco -bout?
      Me: they aren't editable

    7. Missing avatar

      Debrah Scanlon on

      I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait to throw burritos at my family and friends!

    8. Draco Studios on

      Those livestreams are the best!!

    9. Amber DuBois

      @dns12999--they updated the graphic on the front page with a bar that shows progress.

    10. dns12999 "Dave The Quack" on

      How do we tell we're close? Do we need a certain number of participants? Is it based on likes?