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The world's first dodgeball card game. Collect cards. Play your hand. Throw things at your friends.
The world's first dodgeball card game. Collect cards. Play your hand. Throw things at your friends.
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Announcement: Stretch Goals!

Posted by Exploding Kittens (Creator)
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    1. Exploding Kittens 3-time creator

      Hey everyone! We agree the US-resident restriction is silly, so we're taking it out. If you decide to be a hero and participate in the Burrito Bowl, you'll be treated like any other contestant regardless of location.

    2. Missing avatar

      iR8roont on

      Its a basic game with very little rules. The more content you add the less the majority is interested. Just take it for what it is and dont let it get to you. There are other games out there that give a lot back to the backers. Like Jerry said, the only reason this is on Kickstarter is for marketing.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jerry on

      It is entirely possible to enjoy The Oatmeal, enjoy these games and still not want to make a fool of yourself on social media platforms. The lack of a method to contribute to the stretch goals for people this applies to is kind of lame. Also, it should be noted the staggering amount of money raised by the KS is not being taken into consideration at all and these stretch goals essentially amount to the backers doing the marketing for the game. From a business standpoint it is genius. But again, I love The Oatmeal and I love the games EK makes (I backed EK and BVB) and I disagreed with this process for stretch goals then as well.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Jacobs

      I love seeing people complain that they're unhappy with the manner in which they might receive free stuff above and beyond the stuff that they deemed was of enough value to pay for the game in the first place.

    5. HB on

      Can we not do stretch goal #1 (or allow backers to select which throwables they get)? The stuffed version is a better option IMO. Going foam also just seems like a huge cop out.

    6. Missing avatar


      As a big fan of The Oatmeal, I have to say that I am a little disappointed in the layout of these stretch goals. Providing stretch goals based on performance in social media stunts unaffiliated with actual fund raising? - here's a big ole cup of NOPE! from me.

    7. Isthar on

      I'm ok with not being able or elegible to receive a price if I won any contest, but it seems unfair that a SG that all, US and non-US backers will receive, cannot be boosted by all backers. They should take in account non-US backers posts regardless they won't be elegible to get the price.

    8. Missing avatar

      Junming Lim on

      Have fun, US backers. Kinda sad international backers can't play, but help us get dem stretch goals.. I guess?

    9. Missing avatar

      iR8roont on

      Whats preventing non US backers from doing the challenges and posting them? The only thing is you wont get a trophy.

    10. Amber

      I'm not super stoked with the direction of these stretch goals... I like the idea of being creative with stretch goals, but these aren't exactly inclusive to all backers. They are also locking pretty desirable content, such as extra players and extra cards, but not linked to funding goals. If they were linked to rewards that didn't impact game play (eg artwork, box upgrades, etc) this would sit more comfortably with me.

      Noted re: legal issues of international participation. I wonder, could they introduce a non-competitive category where entrants are not eligible for the 'trophy' rewards and so are not entering a contest? Or better yet, have a couple categories that do not issue any rewards, so the non-US backers and US-backers alike can enter without having to worry about the legal side.

      I do trust they have the stats on where people are backing from, though. Perhaps the international contingent is minute and this is a non-issue.

      I'll be watching with interest.

    11. John McMillen

      Let me repeat myself, every country has their own laws regarding contests and giveaways.

      The creators do not have the time or money to research those laws in every last country that they have backers from. Especially because they would have to find people, in each and every country in question, who could advise them on the legality of such a contest and whether they would be allowed to do it. That would require quite a bit of time, not to mention the money those people would be asking for, to advise the creators of such laws from their countries.

    12. Michael Pollard on

      FYI, Mexico is also America, even also North America, just not United States of America.

      The items listed above are Stretch Goals, not personal rewards. Perhaps only US residents can participate in the "games", but all backers will get the rewards.

      The games will also gave personal rewards - trophies to the top three entrants in each category - which creates legal issues, hence they are only open to residents of the US. But this page doesn't talk about those, only the stretch goals that everyone gets.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brendan Bone on

      >But burritos are a Mexican dish...not even created by Americans...
      No. Most places in Mexico will laugh at you if you ask for a burrito. They have dishes similar to a burrito (enchiladas, tocas, flautas. etc), but not a burrito as it exists in the US.

    14. stephen andreski

      I like burritos

    15. Cabbage

      Wtf? "stretch goals" which a huge part of us can't even participate in that are in no way linked to the actual amount of money raised? There is so much wrong with that. That means you can already afford to do all of these things but are gating them behind the participation of a single country. That is low- wtf.

    16. Adam B on

      @Arii. What the hell are you talking about?

    17. Arii on

      Pretty stupid that this is only for backers within the United States. Would have been nice for UK peeps to take part.

    18. Christina Dideriksen on

      Is there a list of rules with the SG? I haven't found it... I'm unclear how it works with this not being a group effort to reach them...

    19. Missing avatar

      Derek Green on

      Jeeze..Really adding a layer of uncertainty and complexity to these SG's (looking at comments section)

    20. Madeleine Wollin

      Brilliant update! The best one I ever saw to engage and create commitment and community.

    21. dns12999 "Dave The Quack" on

      DJ I don't think they're concerned about that. Plus they've done those type of goals in the past and seemed bummed when we didn't make them. This system seems targeted towards nothing stopping us from achieving them.

    22. Missing avatar

      Samantha on

      I second Ria Shay, can we get extra burritos as add-ons please?

    23. DJ Comatose on

      No offense, but there's nothing wrong with traditional stretch goals either, that include everyone. For instance, you have made over 3/4-million dollars in one day. There's nothing wrong with having a stretch goal that when you reach 1 million dollars and/or say 20,000 backers (you already have over 15,000). This gives current backers that aren't necessarily interested in dressing up their "pet" uas a burrito, motivation still to tell their friends and family about it. For anybody who doesn't have pets, you're going to get stuff like plants and kids (hopefully no one gets hurt). Just saying: another thing to consider. ;)

    24. Missing avatar

      Adam Walker on

      Think it's very unfair to exclude 90% of the world. Inconsiderate to a lot of backers .

    25. Amber DuBois

      Well, if you've never tried to burrito an elderly rottweiler, trust me when I say elderly rottweilers make messy burritos.

      (Nobody was harmed in the commission of the burrito-ing. I think the dog might have lingering trust issues, but he's easily appeased by tummy rubs and snuggle time.)

    26. Rane Wallin on

      Yikes, please don't encourage people to purritto their cats. That's something that could lead to injury of the human and, especially, the cat if done wrong.

    27. John McMillen

      For those outside the US, what you may not realize is that there are a ton of laws regarding contests and giveaways here. And not just federal (nationwide) laws, but each state can have their own additional laws as well. This sometimes causes people living in particular states to be ineligible to enter certain contests, even though they are US citizens.

      So I'd imagine that it would be astronomically difficult to have to research those same laws for every country that has a backer. Especially because they would have to locate and pay lawyers in every one of those countries to verify if their contest would be considered legal in the country in question. And that would cost a small fortune.

    28. Owen "Great Mountain" Middleton

      But burritos are a Mexican dish...not even created by Americans...

    29. Missing avatar

      Christopher hooley on

      I got this email as I was eating a steak burrito and found out I can’t win anything because I’m from the uk :(

    30. John Irons on

      @iR8roont they're also available in other countries e.g. the UK

    31. Ria Shay on

      UGH! I hope you will make it an option to purchase extra burritos because my daughter is in the squishy (slow rise foam) phase of her life and I'll never see them again!
      But in all seriousness, thanks for the stretch goal offerings!

    32. Missing avatar

      Marie E. Barquero Rojas on

      Is that only for people in the US? I'm from Costa Rica and I would have loved to participate!

    33. Missing avatar

      iR8roont on

      @John, thats bc burritos are an American food.

    34. John Irons on

      Stretch goals are unlocked for all backers but only people in the US can take part in the challenges. Which is a bit crappy tbf :/

    35. Missing avatar

      iR8roont on

      So we cant get the stretch goals if we dont participate?

    36. Owen "Great Mountain" Middleton

      Only issue I have with the Burrito isn't friendly for people outside the USA:

      ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to submit an Entry, participate in the Bowl and win any prize, you must: (i) be a legal resident of the United States (“Geographical Area”)