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This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
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Posted by Exploding Kittens (Creator)

30 goat loving, ear donning, enchilada making, record breaking Achievements!! We’ve never seen anything like you guys, and neither has the planet.

You have proven beyond any doubt that you are unstoppable. There’s nothing we can put in front of you that you can’t do. There is nothing too great, nothing too hard, nothing too outrageous that you incredible group of incredible people can’t accomplish as a community.

and so...

See how the surprise is all blurred out? That’s because the first time we ever saw it, we couldn’t stop laughing and cheering, and we want you to have the exact same experience. So we're asking you to let us keep the secret until it shows up on your front door. 

We know how hard you've worked, and this is the best way we can reward you for it.

Here’s what we can tell you:

  • The surprise will ship out to every backer at every reward level.
  • A Kickstarter Exclusive - You’ll be getting something that we will never build again. This is a thank you to our amazing community that helped us make this project real.
  • It will make you happy every time you experience it.


We still have a few more days of this campaign, and to prove our love we’ve decided to end this with something entirely new.

This has been called the largest party Kickstarter has ever thrown, and for the remaining days of our campaign we’re going to make that a reality.

Welcome to your #BackerParty

Schedule of events:

Day 1 (Tuesday, Feb 17th)

  • Get tipsy with the Exploding Kittens Twitter drinking game
  • The Oatmeal illustrates your Kickstarter Comments

Day 2 (Wednesday, Feb 18th)

  • Hosted pizza parties at your local animal shelter

Day 3 (Thursday, Feb 19th)

  • Reddit AMA: Party live with the Exploding Kittens Team in a final countdown to the end of the campaign

We’ll have details on each event each morning, so stay tuned and get ready to celebrate the amazing group you’ve formed with the world’s first #backerparty!

Putting on our party pants,

The Exploding Kittens Team

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    1. Sare Kumagai on

      How about a really, really depressed Cabbit!

    2. Missing avatar

      Chelsea Mosko on

      Draw Jibbers battling a Mantis Shrimp!

    3. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Chen on

      Draw a Man-bear-Pig-Cat

    4. Tasha Turner

      @Abraham yes we worked towards the stretch goals :D yes we get the box with our cards.

    5. Nicholas Tilford on

      I have prayed to Jibber's every night since this Kickstarter launched. Oatmeal, you do amazing things and I love your passion and talent and humor. Thank YOU for being awesome.

    6. Missing avatar

      Abraham Abundez on

      Are people who backed the campaign before the achievement was unlocked also going to receive this?

    7. Tasha Turner

      Matthew of The Oatmeal is done drawing. Images he has drawn can be found in his comments

    8. Valeria K Potts on

      Make a catabearilada! It's better than a turducken so why not?

    9. Missing avatar

      Christopher Merritt on

      How about a picture of the noble chupacabra?
      Or an awesome pug dragon named pugsly?

    10. chelsea marko on

      The entire krew... goat included, is waiting in anticipation:

    11. Missing avatar

      Crystal Turner on

      I suppose this is too un-PC. NSFW DECK! lol

    12. Jody Dugan on

      What purpose do Yellow Jackets serve besides being complete jerks?…..…

    13. Missing avatar

      Danielle Minard on

      Draw a business cat trying really hard to enjoy Disney World but just not getting the idea behind it due to a deep-seated cynicism.

    14. Allison Bell on

      I think she is an Oatmeal Creature already.…

    15. Missing avatar

      aaron rexford on

      illustrate: "Can you see the beast? Do you have it in your sights?"

    16. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      # update 13 :D Pls make the valiant knight save the well nice lady with a nice personality i hope:…

    17. Missing avatar

      Lizz on

      Fuzzy elephants of DOOM!

    18. Christina Schey Simmons on

      Can you draw what ever the heck my dogs are thinking?… ...It might be a blank picture. That's for sure.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kat Swanson on

      Sorry, better pic of Khaleesi to explode - she looks like a little grenade here.…

    20. Missing avatar

      Kat Swanson on

      Go back & in time & explode our kitten Khaleesi!…

    21. Missing avatar

      Douglas Fleming on

      Exploding kittens celebrating gay marriage in Alabama!

    22. Jacki Ames on

      Please draw a poisonous fly trap like exploding kitten plant eating potato cats

    23. Amanda Givans on

      Princess Tiny Paws and Kittens of Dooooooom!

    24. Felipe Ortiz Prince on

      Draw a chilean (from Chile) kitten smoking from a bong. Peace !

    25. Moose on

      Can you draw a moose as an astronaut riding astride a rocket on the way to the moon?

    26. Laura Jula on

      Please draw a kitten playing with nuclear weapons.

    27. Bong Tumaru on

      Please draw a group of exploding kittens fighting godzilla on top of mount fuji while a bunch of goat sages watches over bowls of ramen.

    28. Missing avatar

      Shane Gray on

      Please draw crazy octopus baker baby - Or an octopus baby baker:…

    29. Hank Toet on

      Please draw an image of me trying really really hard to come up with something incredibly funny to say for you to draw but I can't think of anything and I'm about to have a meltdown!

    30. Scott Bowman on

      All aboard the Exploding Kitten train! We just need to know what it would look like!

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael Sheldon on

      Pretty please draw my silly dog with a snow hat on! It was his Adoption Day yesterday and it would be a great gift. Please and thank you :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Sarah Morrow on

      Please draw your image of the phrase "tactile surprise"!

    33. Missing avatar

      Sarah Morrow on

      Please draw your image of the phrase "tactile surprise"!

    34. Matthew John Zeigler on

      Please PLEASE Draw:

      Catfucius Say "You do not hack the hairball, hairball hack you"

    35. Erin on

      Drawing request. I'm looking to get a new tattoo, so please, please, please, PLEASE draw something kitten, ying yang, completely badass related. :D Thank you so much.

    36. Missing avatar

      Vanesa Medřická on

      Thank you guys for all the good work!
      And my drawing request: Me and my devilish cat :3 <3…
      Greetings from Prague, CZ! :)

    37. Red Davis on

      Drawing Request: Cloaked kitties using dark ritual sorcery to give life to a scratching post golem.

    38. Amber Weinberg on

      Drawing request! My sick pup needs to be cheered up:…

    39. Richard R Beck on

      Drawing Request: ***** Shoulder fired bazooka that uses fierce flaming kitties with razor sharp ninja claws as ammunition ******

    40. Dana Wyne Newton on

      Drawing Request (pretty please): Nikola Tesla and Robin Williams as some sort of kitten-grenade-launcher-wielding deities laying ruin to the Blerch City.

    41. Missing avatar

      josh VanSickle on

      Palindrome drawing request:
      Bob's pasta cat saps bob

      OR just

      pasta cat sap

    42. Missing avatar

      Elisabeth on

      Holy Hairballs - 8M before this thing is funded?! Couldn't happen to a better Exploding Party Pants Team! Draw Matt Draw!