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This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
219,382 backers pledged $8,782,571 to help bring this project to life.

We said "STRETCH" and you said "HOW FAR?"

Posted by Exploding Kittens (Creator)
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    1. Tasha Turner

      Story page has the stretch goals updated to show 30 goals met. You now have to scroll down to see the SGs as they at the bottom of the description instead of the top. I'm sure we will see an update "soon".

    2. Alexandria Toothman


    3. Jared Politi on

      Seriously team sleeve needs to pledge for two sets... Play one and collect the other. Team no sleeve doesn't want a loose ass box because you all whined that you want to put plastic covers on everything. I want to feel the card grain between my fingers and stain my cards with Cheeto powder and love. Getting them to adapt the container for your needs is like the guy who was vaping right in front of the Mexican restaurant tonight... Not everyone wants to smoke with you brah, keep the vape clouds to yourself and move right 20 more feet from the door. #teamtightbox #fitsjustright

    4. Missing avatar

      SirJack on

      @Kevin: Please use Imgur! They won't block the image for generating too much traffic!

    5. Kevin R. on

      Making sure this gets overcovered enough to invoke a response. ;) looks like the 200 cat-ear achievement has been achieved.

    6. Alissa Coates on

      If I order three sets at the $35 level ($105 total), do I get a stretch goal box for each set? Thinking about presents for friends!

    7. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      What if the cards aren't on paper-stock, but plastic stock instead?
      No need for card protectors then, right?

    8. Colin S on

      @Toad- nope. Everyone gets the box that HOLDS two decks; if you only pledged $20 then you can use the empty side for toenail clippings or something.

    9. RemToad on

      Soooo....officially all backers are getting the 2-deck set now?

      I am so curious what the secret achievement is!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on

      For all the card preserver sleeve cheerleaders, why not just double your pledge and keep one set in pristine condition and one for playing with? Wouldn't that be a simpler solution?

    11. Sharess on

      @Russell Lau - I sincerely doubt it.

    12. Russell Lau on

      for the box, will it still hold the cards after sleeving it? i think that is a big concern as I would certainly want to sleeve these beautiful cards and yet be able to keep them in my beautiful box.

    13. Sharess on

      Less than 8000 Facebook likes required!!!

    14. Daniel Holth on

      Of our 150k + backers one of them will take care of the last achievement. The rest of us can just lean back and enjoy the surprise :)

    15. Colin S on

      @Al - yeah, but that would defeat the point. Then it would just be some loser wannabe cat-type event.

    16. Sam Beckett on

      you can buy 10k facebook likes on for $10...

    17. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      89,703 FaceBook likes - anyone have 10,297 fake email addresses they can sign up on FaceBook?

    18. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on

      HAHAHA!! Glitter. That would be epic.

    19. Colin S on

      @Cindy, Tasha - Thanks, I think I counted 29 too, but I was hoping the project Creator would confirm with an update to that Story page graphic (or better yet add an update), since obvious stuff like 150K supporters and (I think) 100 cat ears have been achieved.

      I'm in favor of putting cards in sleeves; I think the trailer trash sleeveless cards won't rattle around too much in a bigger box. You could also put culottes on the cards, and maybe a cunning hat.

      I also predit that the 30 Achievements Surprise they're going to put in the box is glitter. It's just too good of an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pass up. I mean, 160,000 glitter bombs going off at once? Bam- magic.

    20. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on

      I managed to persuade 5 friends, so far, to like the EK FB page tonight!

    21. Michelle Birkla on

      Okay backers!!
      If you are on Facebook - make sure you have "Liked" the Exploding Kitten Page!

      They need around 13k more likes to be at 100k - You can always "unlike" the page in 2 weeks if you don't want to see the updates (or click 'unfollow')
      We need to make 30!!! One way or another!!! :)

    22. Tasha Turner

      @Colin they update the story page graphic so you can see how we are doing towards stretch goals.

    23. Eric Pescatore on

      I'm very glad this project was able to topple Victoria Mars in terms of funded... my eyes are on o Popo or whatever that dumb watch was... :D

    24. Roguebaron on

      Put the George rr martin one back on, and we'd have our thirty.

    25. Missing avatar

      Cindy Froslie on

      It appears from the site that 29 challenges have been unlocked. We should only have one more to go. It would seem that the FB page likes would be the next logical one. I have spammed all my friends.

    26. Colin S on

      @Elan - The main Comments log is a trainwreck chat room, and the Comments on this update are all 100 cat ears and "make the box big enough to put the cards in sleeves; they'll look like trailer trash wearing cut-offs." I have no idea how many achievements have actually been unlocked, although it's pretty clear we hit the 150,000 backers one. Can you post an update please? Also, the last update goosed your pledges for about three days; that doesn't usually happen with KS. Thanks!

    27. Missing avatar

      Garland Gee on

      I'm in favor of putting the cards in sleeves.

      For people asking about where to get sleeves for these cards. First we will need to find out the exact dimensions of the cards to determine the appropriate size of sleeve to use. Then you can buy card sleeves at many gaming stores that sell card games like Magic: The Gathering, or you can find them online.

    28. Damion Meyer on

      There has to be someone out there who can get 100 people wearing cat ears at once. That seems like it would take so much less time than getting the likes or followers

    29. Missing avatar

      Cindy Froslie on

      The Like A Page button is still on my FB page but rather than do that I made a request on my Status line. If half of us get 1 person to like the page we finish our last challenge!

    30. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on

      I just viewed the Exploding Kittens Facebook page and compared it to another page I like, the TODDCastPodcast, and discovered that the "Invite Friends to Like this Page" button is missing from the Exploding Kittens page... They really don't want to makeup easy on us to hit the target.

    31. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on

      I'm using the Facebook iOS app for iPhone. How do I invite friends to like the Exploding Kittens page?

    32. Zael on

      Awesome! Like others have said though, I hope the box fits sleeved decks. Would also be nice to receive two boxes for those of us that ordered more than one set of cards.

    33. Missing avatar

      William Salinas on

      Invite anyone remotely cool from your friends list on facebook to like the page. Just did that.

    34. Missing avatar

      Abraham Alexander on

      everyone gets a magnetic box? awesome.

    35. Owen Skinner on

      Five videos on YouTube, just 1 more achievement. Everyone go like the Facebook page, it only has a little more than half as many likes as there are backers.

    36. Missing avatar

      Damic on

      And we are over the 150k backers, cheers everyone :) 2 more achievements todo

    37. Missing avatar

      Rosebud on

      @Lissa Posters are big and signing them takes time. Something else that can viably be fulfilled would be nice though.

    38. Jerimy Carroll on

      easy peasy fix for the sleeved vs not sleeved. Make the boxes big enough for sleeved cards, and include a small spacer made of hard styrofoamy :D

    39. Lissa M.H. Oliver on

      YAY Stretch Goal!

      Exploding Kitten poster option? I think there should be an option for a signed print. Signed prints would sell. People are already very crazy about this project and we need our accessories.

    40. John Justus on

      Stretch goal achieved. I'm feeling very pretty right now.

    41. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on

      I'm indifferent about the box size as long as the cards fit. Oh, and it comes complete with the power of science as described.

    42. Samuel Terrazas on

      Based on my count we currently have 27 achievements unlocked, that means we only need 3 more!

    43. Sir Vol Opt

      Knowing this card game is in my future just makes my day that much more awesome.

    44. Victoria on

      We can do it everyone! Let's push them to their limits and keep on pushing!
      I'm so proud of us all!

    45. Rachel Stark on

      Six more achievements to go!!!! We can totally do this guys!

    46. Michael Pflug on

      +1 for sleeved cards

    47. Tarquin F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel on

      Oh, and once you're there, change your pledge level to the $35 NSFW level obviously. You can add to your pledge right up until the end of this Kickstarter. So if you wanted TWO sets of NSFW cards, you could pick the NSFW pledge level, but change the pledge amount to $70. Or you can set up an alternate KS account (like Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel, hinthintknowwhatimeanknowwhatimeansaynomoresaynomore) and pledge with that, which gets us closer to 150,000 backer and $10M at the same time.

    48. Amanda Rene on

      @Jared P, in regards to who is actually sleeving the cards:

      If you look through just the comments on this update as a sample, many people plan to. Honestly, we sleeve almost all of our games because it's the best way to ensure the longest lifespan for them. If you're just buying the game for the novelty of it and think you'll play it a few times, yes you probably don't need to sleeve them.

      However, if you're someone who intends to add this to your regularly growing and well-played collection, it's a fantastic idea. Even if you're careful with your cards, after awhile games develop normal wear and tear. Sleeving helps protect that.

      If the box doesn't fit sleeves, that's fine. I get it. Most games don't provide enough room. But it's also incredibly annoying for the fact that I won't be able to keep my game in it and it will no longer matter that we reached that cool achievement because it's just going to be sitting in my game closet unused.

      So, tl:dr- there's a reason people seem crazy in favor of sleeving.