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This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
219,382 backers pledged $8,782,571 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Exploding Kittens (Creator)

When we created the Backer Achievements, we hoped you’d be into it.

We knew that you had overflowed our inbox with so much love that Gmail had to turn it off. We knew that you had made Exploding Kittens the most backed project in all of Kickstarter history. We knew that you were unstoppable.

But we were not prepared for this level of unstopping-ness!

We’ve gawked at your goat-selfies, been enchanted by your enchiladas, and terrified by your back hair.   (That last one wasn’t an alliteration because we really are terrified.)  And you’re still going!   You are so unstoppable, that we had to change our challenge to prevent other email inboxes from overflowing!

We’ve been busily compiling all of your beautiful, shining, cat-scratched faces.

 We've also expanded the challenge to keep up with your unstoppable speed.

We've been going through the submissions as fast as we can (pausing only occasionally to cry tears of laughter or horror), but we haven't made it through them all yet.  Even so, according to our records you have unlocked 19 achievements which means...  You only have one more achievement to unlock for the stretch goal!

You can keep adding to the collection so long as you use the same post format:
1) Tweet @gameofkittens
2) Tag #ExplodingKittens and #update9
3) Take a picture with “#update9” in the photo with you (written on a piece of paper, painted on your face, glued to your cat… you get the idea)

With pelvic gyrations that we should probably stop,

The Exploding Kittens Team

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    1. Tasha Turner

      @Rachel by clicking on Submissions you can see that we've completed a few more. By my count we are at either 24 or 25 finished (not sure on video songs) - we have 50k Twitter followers, tacocats, goat selfies, batmans in hot tub, weaponized back hair.

      As I mention below for the last week they've been on a cruise (JoCo) and yesterday/today is travel home. The timing of a Kickstarter and the cruise overlapping was not the best planning in the world. Many 1st time Kickstarter creators have no idea how time consuming a campaign is and don't realize they need to put their life on hold for the duration of the campaign. It's why many successful creators say never again after doing one.

      Updates from the boat and from the airplane were difficult. Give them a day to get their heads back together and settled and I'm sure we will see more frequent updates.

    2. Rachel Stark on

      I'm pretty sure that we should 20+ achievements unlocked already, it's a bit sad that they haven't updated yet to account for that. I'm very happy to see that we only need 6,203 more backers to get to 150,000 backers though. I'm not sure 100,000% funded is going to happen in ten more days but I'm prepared to be amazed. I am expecting an update on where we are in completing achievements soon! The suspense is killing me.

    3. Alison Marlowe on

      Thank you, @Tasha, for the clear explanation.

    4. Tasha Turner

      @Christopher in update 8 when they said stretch goals were coming a number of us asked them not to "just give us something" we asked for real stretch goals.

      Backers were demanding stretch goals. Frankly with all the normal things you'd do stretch goals for I think they may have decided not to bother with them - gain backer - raise funds - by the time they announced stretch goals they were the top backed project ever & had raised 50k times their initial goal $5 million).

      One of the problems with adding in things like t-shirts and other things not directly related to cards & container is a level of complexity (multiple manufacturers, multiple shipping sized boxes) which is a reason why so many kickstarters ship late and have unhappy backers. Thankfully in my opinion Elan & team are not going that route. They have enough on their hands managing a project that went from "decks will get shipped to us & we can ship them out over a weekend with help from our friends" to "need a fullfilment company and timing is going to be interesting".

      If you've spent any time on the main comment page you'll see a number of backers who have talked about all sorts of ways to expand the game & are doing more already (kitten corps).

      I suspect the creators looked at the growing comment thread, the request by backers for stretch goals, and thought about what kinds of people they believe would back a game "Exploding Kittens", and from that created a game for us to play to keep us busy during the rest of the funding time. They did this while on a boat without reliable internet which has added some obvious complications.

      They should be back home and have access to real phones and reliable internet in the next day or so.

      While keeping up with comments on main comment page is close to impossible; reading the comments on each update can give insight into backers request which Elan & team have been listening too.

    5. Missing avatar

      John Owen on

      Please add a Mantis Shrimp card with beautiful murder sticks!!!!!

    6. nicolevz on

      I already posted a picture of 10 batmans in a hot tub. Unlock that one too!

    7. Missing avatar

      Janette on

      Twitter says you have 55K followers. Unlock that 20th achievement. Kittens like to hang out in boxes.

    8. Missing avatar

      Rosebud on

      @Prairie, you have the right attitude.

      As for me, I'd just love to see more content created that would also allow us to have something additional to sponsor. I realize this takes time on their part and for a kickstarter they were maybe hoping to get 50-100k in pledges on (not several million), I can understand them not wanting to overstretch. But given the great opportunity and small time window, it would be great to have something additional like a second expansion deck to spend another $15 or more on. That would make hitting 7 million in funding likely and 10 million a viable goal. Add in a t-shirt or poster, and we might even be able to take the top spot for funding, but I can see how larger items would complicate fulfillment.

      Regarding the twitter goals getting removed, I suspect the insane folks who backed this were causing too many problems for the poor individuals, so they did the sensible thing and removed the goal. I see no valid tweets by them on the topic, so I see no basis for claiming credit. I assume the claim is referring to a fake account making the tweet. Mind you, I would love to see Exploding Kittens show up on the EllenShow and George R.R. Martin kill Elan, Matthew, Shane, and a large bag of kittens in one of his stories. Both would be completely appropriate.

    9. J Mathers on

      You guys are cray cray I stopped counting tacocats when I hit 25 (on twitter) a day or two ago. There have been well over 5 backhairs and the recent batman attempts are just hilarious (same with the youtbue clips). What we're lacking is about 8-9 magic enchiladas. We got this!!

    10. Prairie Householder on

      Criswell - thanks! That makes sense.

    11. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      prairie i think i can understand why people are upset - not everyone has twitter and the goals tend to be twitter heavy - not everyone has facebook and the goals tend to also be facebook heavy - then there were the deleted achievements (even though we scored George RR Martin and MAYBE Ellen DeGeneres so we should get credit for that)

    12. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      vidla you are right - we caused the pantene beard tweet - we earned it - we should get credit for it - and since the board shows 19 achievements, the pantene beard would give us #20 even if we score nothing else

    13. Missing avatar

      vidla on

      @criswell it is impossible if they keep changing the achievements - same as the one you mentioned with the pantene beard - all of a sudden its gone from the list! i remember that one distinctly cause i was awed when George actually tweeted it.

    14. Prairie Householder on

      I'm very new to Kickstarter - this is the first thing I've ever backed, and I'm really excited about it. I'm sincerely curious, though, why so many people are upset about stretch goals (thinking that there aren't enough, the right kind, or somehow unfair, etc)? I'm not trying to be a jerk, but aren't stretch goals just gravy? I was perfectly content to invest $35 for the hopeful return of an Exploding Kittens deck and NSFW expansion pack, and I'm completely thrilled that the expansion pack has been upgraded to a full deck. Of course, it would be awesome if more stretch goals were met and we become the recipients of even more EP awesomeness, but why are people so upset? Is it because I'm new to Kickstarter and not yet jaded? Am I missing something? Am I just incredibly easy to please? Again, not trying to be a jerk - just trying to understand. :-)

    15. Chris on

      I thought he said Ellen tweeted the butt tuba thing. But was unable to find it. Did it happen?

    16. Baca Forrest Games on

      Ill do my part! ONe song closer to an achievment.…

    17. Kyle Prestenback on

      @margo, we aren't required to do anything. If other backers complete the goals, we all will receive the stretch goals.

    18. Missing avatar

      Margo Bristow on

      I don't tweet. This doesn't seem fair that early adopters are left out because we are not following the updates. This should be a no brainer, you are generously funded and we share by the updated rewards. Requesting playfulness and not mandating it is the appropriate way to go. Rewarding all.

    19. Christopher Hales on

      I don't want to be disrespectful, but I don't totally agree with how the stretch goals are unlocked. We are suppose to tweet, etc to get the extras because for 140k people pledging isn't enough?

    20. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      And with 140k people (or KickStarter accounts, as multiple accounts are allowed) i'm sure we'll have the spideys in a kayak and batmans in a hot tub real soon - 150k backers is so close we can practically call it done - and $10 million may seem insane, i've seen KickStarter campaigns get straightjacket locked padded room insane when those 48 hour notices go out - NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE - When you say it's impossible you guarantee it and limit it - When you say everything is possible, you open yourself up to limitless opportunities

    21. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Tsveta, 100k is NOT impossible - everyone thought $3 million was impossible and here we are at $5.5 mil - and just look at all those pix ...

    22. Tsveta Koleva - Idle/Wild on

      Not really fair with that 50k Twitter. That may happen but we facebookers already did it and 100k is impossible. Don't know why is this Twitter bias.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rosebud on

      Please give us something else to spend money on. Like a third deck that features puppies exploding kittens. Or goats.

    24. Missing avatar

      Kate on

      Please, please, please have at least one hairless cat in the game. I will tweet you over 50 pictures of mine to make this happen.

    25. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Dudes - we got the George RR Martin tweet - shouldn't that count?

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      @Geneva - I read it meeting the criteria for one more achievement would unlock the 20 threshold. e.g., Spidermen in a boat.

      On side note, I am curious to see if we get closer to 30+ unlocked?

    27. Melissa "Cub-Cake" Nicole on

      I think we need more goat selfies and more magic enchiladas - but all photos must have #update9 in them, somewhere (again, no photoshopping). Magic enchiladas need to have something magical about them - unicorns, magic wand, wizard, glitter... etc.

    28. Melissa "Cub-Cake" Nicole on

      Geneva- For photos, please tweet them to @gameofkittens #update9 #explodingkittens In order to show ownership and permission of the photo - please have #update9 written on something (piece of paper, your face) in the actual photo, and not added in later.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stephen Serna on

      For the kayak, does a spidergirl count or does it Have to be spiderMEN?

    30. Geneva Craven Schult on

      where are the rules for #9 update? I saw some stuff on facebook but am pretty confused. What is the last thing remaining before the 20 stretch goal thing? please explain.....

    31. Missing avatar

      Gray on

      Oh silly phone. You know I typed spidermans. But why would you correct it to that? Is it because it should really be spidermen?

    32. Missing avatar

      Gray on

      But is the plural of spiderman really spodermans?

    33. Ryan Jean on

      "Is the surprise a real live kitten in the box?"

      That would seem unwise. While cats clearly enjoy boxes, I have it on good authority that around half the recipients of such a surprise would have a dead cat. Or at least it will be once opened...

    34. Missing avatar

      Nate Carrier on

      Does reaching 20 achievements mean everyone gets two decks and a box or just one deck and a box that holds two decks? The way it's phrased is ambiguous.

    35. Aubrey Alexander on

      Is the surprise a real live kitten in the box?

    36. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Young-Soares on

      This is the first project where funding it has already been a ton of fun. Really enjoyed watching all these challenges and rooting everyone on so we can reach goals. :D

    37. Carrie Mansfield on

      Kittencorp is amazing. Thank you all for being awesome <3

    38. Quinn "HarleyQuinn" Sorensen on

      This is so awesome! My only complaint is the rules for submissions came after my goat selfie submission. It was taken 4.5 years ago. No way to get #update9 in it without photoshop. Hahahah it's ok I know my fellow EK KittenCorps members will finish it off!

    39. Dave Barber on

      Cool for kittens...