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This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
219,382 backers pledged $8,782,571 to help bring this project to life.

Look What You Did...

Posted by Exploding Kittens (Creator)

We’re halfway done and we love you with the entirety of our gutmeats, so it’s time to talk about STRETCH GOALS. Stretch goals can cause teams to lose focus, delay shipping, or destroy projects entirely. So we thought we wouldn’t have any, but you really seem to want them, and we love you from our sweat glands, so... starting today, you’ll see this on our Kickstarter page:

 Unlocking achievements will earn these stretch goals:

Happy unlocking, backers. 

We love you with every morsel of our blackened, charred little hearts. 

-The Exploding Kittens Team

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    1. RogueGentleman on

      Question - if I get a friend of mine to get @wilw to tweet that all cats should wear underwear, does that count?

    2. Tony T. on

      Ahh, soo close to 20 achievements and the next stretch goal!

    3. Welfi on

      I like the idea of achievements to get stretch goals =) Somehow make the whole thing more interesting and it will get the community active ;)

    4. Zsolt Menyhart on

      Oh... these are the best stretch goals I have seen in a campaign. And I'm pretty sure, we'll reach each backer achievements! So, prepare everybody for the deluxe decks and that miraculous surprise! :D

    5. Ellen Schoener on

      I somehow have the feeling with this enthusiastic community here that we will make these achievements in no time. They might have to add some.....

    6. Ber Zoidberg on

      @ellen hasn't tweeted in almost 6 months...

    7. Korbl Klimecki on

      Christine- try to get a selfie with 25 goats. That would be magical.

    8. Gilles Giudicelli on

      Now you have enough money to buy a small factory just for this game, when would you intend to actually start producing the decks?

    9. Gilles Giudicelli on

      Now you have enough money to buy a small factory just for this game, when would you intend to actually start producing the decks?

    10. Korbl Klimecki on

      Fortunately there are 32 achievements total, so there's some wiggle room.

    11. Jessie Evans on

      if the surprise makes them that happy, they'll hopefully include it anyway since we've already gone incredibly above and beyond what they had ever imagined possible. Since at least a couple of the goals are going to have such a slim chance of happening.

    12. Lordoftheslugs on

      I do believe they didn't specify Jessie :P

      They are already getting way more publicity than they need with this kickstarter.

      It's basically a pyramid scheme at this point, they recruited 100.000 people to go pimp their wares to unsuspecting people.
      If we do well and spread the word with the right phrases and pictures, we'll get a tiny achievement that will ultimately pay out in a reward.

      The rewards however seem wonderful, only problem is that in order to get the final and most exciting one we have to scrape together 10.000.000 which is doubling the number of backers more or less, not saying it's impossible but i am a little overwhelmed with the $ needed for that surprise :P

    13. Silverygit on

      Last time I checked, there are 10k+ followers on twitter ;P hehehe

    14. Jessie Evans on

      Also, Wil Wheaton is on a cruise. Might take a few days to get to him.

    15. Brian Winkelmann on

      For some reason I think Wil Wheaton is more likely to tweet than Ellen or George

    16. Aditya V Iyer on

      Not only is this the biggest kickstarter project ever, it's also the first campaign game I've seen here. KITTENS KABOOM!

    17. Missing avatar

      CHRISTINE on

      Two selfies with two different goats. I have access to a heard of goats so if these all need to be me with 25 different goats, I WILL go out and do it. Because I love playing with goats and these goals need to happen. BONUS, selfie with a chicken………

    18. Jessie Evans on

      I think the picture posts are meant to be on FB/Twitter - social media helping to spread the word about the game, no?

    19. Missing avatar

      Melissa on

      Why did they update to show the 10k twitter followers had been achieved but not the 10 people wearing cat ears? One of the comments here showed a single photo with 10 or 11 people wearing cat ears.

    20. Missing avatar

      Alan Wong on

      I truly love this campaign...

    21. Missing avatar

      Dimitri on

      I never thought I'd have a good use for my picture with a goat, but then this comes along. Perfect.

    22. Leberschnitzel on

      I just wait for you to get into trouble for telling people to spam ellen, the ellen show and george r. r. martin.

    23. Zayne Smith on

      Where do we post the pictures?! My cat has entered his ultimate taco form!

    24. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      Do we need a single picture that has 100 people wearing cat ears?
      Or does each person's picture with cat ears add to the running total of people wearing cat ears?

    25. Trader Sam on

      You say the deluxe boxes will hold 2 decks. Does that mean we get 2 decks/copies of the game inside them (not one deck split in half)?

    26. Griffin Patterson on

      I love you guys. That is all

    27. Griffin Patterson on

      I love you guys. That is all

    28. Marissa "Blondie" Brice on

      PotatoCat required more creativity and out of the box thinking…but I think I found some spiffy ones!

      This guy I'm pretty sure was born half potato half cat -

      While this kitten was just born knowing potatoes = life, so I think he should count…

      THIS cat meanwhile is King of the Potatoes

      This is a cat who has just become one with the potatoes and calls them his home/family

      And finally, switching it up a little, a potato who aspires to be a cat, I think he and the cat in the last photo would get along fabulously

    29. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      Poor @Ellen ... the random woman has no idea what's coming to her. *L*

    30. Ira Jacobs on

      OMG, we get a game to play, with our game, to make our game more gamey! Game on!

    31. Capt. John Swallow on

      Our Crewmate, Foxmorton can likely fulfill the "selfies with a Goat" all by her onesies...there are at least a dozen right on her blog - even one with Santa! In addition, how about Goats in Underpants? Foxmorton wrote a whole book on the subject!

    32. Lok Soon Law on

      Pokemon rare shiny parody cards required!

    33. Michelle Birkla on

      15 goals already unlocked .... so not far to go!

    34. Moose on

      So...@ellen isn't Ellen DeGeneres. I feel sorry for the poor woman who just got flooded with tweets about a butt tuba.

    35. Missing avatar

      William Wilson on

      Left a potato cat pic on your FB page.

    36. Missing avatar

      Itzel Rolon on

      I have a Taco cat! Her name is Taco :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Tara on

      Where do we post pics? Goat selfies.

    38. Derek "BullKitten" Toro on

      I think you guys are going to break the internet with this..... hahahaha too funny!

    39. john collins on

      I would not be supprised if we already had 30 achievements haha