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This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
219,382 backers pledged $8,782,571 to help bring this project to life.

Look What You Did...

Posted by Exploding Kittens (Creator)

We’re halfway done and we love you with the entirety of our gutmeats, so it’s time to talk about STRETCH GOALS. Stretch goals can cause teams to lose focus, delay shipping, or destroy projects entirely. So we thought we wouldn’t have any, but you really seem to want them, and we love you from our sweat glands, so... starting today, you’ll see this on our Kickstarter page:

 Unlocking achievements will earn these stretch goals:

Happy unlocking, backers. 

We love you with every morsel of our blackened, charred little hearts. 

-The Exploding Kittens Team

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    1. Strogar on
      shows the requirements for posting pics and unlocking stretch goals.
      tweet pics to @gameofkittens with hashtag #kittencorps

    2. Lisette on

      I tweeted to @TheEllenShow too.

    3. Missing avatar

      sue on

      My Kitties can't wait to play.

    4. Larry Fine

      @Ellen hasn't tweeted anything since 22 Aug 2014.

    5. Zarina K on

      Hi everyone! Elan posted in the comments; @ellen was an error. Please tweet @theellenshow.

    6. Kara Lee on

      I can get a selfie with some goats on Saturday at the local farmers market. :)

    7. Victoria on

      This page says @Ellen but says @TheEllenShow. Which is it?
      I Tweeted @TheEllenShow

    8. Chris Behnke-Nead on

      How about a picture of a cat using a goat as a pillow?

    9. Lucki Grrl on

      you said @ellen but I bothered @theellenshow because I think she might just do it for guys who draw boob wizards.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kaitlyn Ziegler on

      You have to post all the pictures to twitter...maybe someone with twitter can grab all of these and post them since most people don't realize??
      (I would but twitter hates me) :(

    11. Victoria on

      I make 3 potato cats and wore my cat as a beard this morning. Taco suit is being made later today and I'm about to plead with 3 major celebrities to bow to our will.

    12. Missing avatar

      Johnny on

      Where do you post these and who is actually keeping count? There does not seem to be a system. Or is the Oatmeal just messing with us?

    13. Dragonbait

      Well over 100 people wearing cats ears (and the rest of the cat too) in amongst this lot!…

    14. Groghunter on

      This proves, even more, that this is the best KS campaign ever.

    15. NioZero on

      One nice Stretchgoal would be a translated version of the game, like spanish for example.

    16. Missing avatar

      ashley keach on

      Hey all, posting here does nothing. These have to be on twitter @gameofkittens and #kittencorps. Also the cat ear pics have to be in a group not individual ones like the goat selfie.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jaime Ferrer on

      Can we please get a red velvet mite card of some sort? WE MUST HAVE IT!!!

    18. MaryBeth McCarthy on

      Did my part - just tweeted respectively @TheEllenShow, @wilw, and @GRRMspeaking... yes, George R.R. Martin has a Twitter account

    19. Missing avatar

      ashley keach on
      This is from Ohayocon this past weekend. I am sure this can be considered 10 cat ear wearing people.

    20. Victoria on

      This isn't fair, Twitter literally won't let me make an account on my computer and I don't have a phone!

    21. Victoria on

      Here I am wearing cat ears! Potato cat pictures coming up!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Sarah on

      totally thought that email said "stretch GOATS" and got pretty excited.

    23. Eric Torres on

      Sweet Zombie Jeebus. We're going to do this and these guys will give us actual exploding kittens aren't they?

    24. Missing avatar

      Holly Magnani on

      Here is a selfie of me with a goat. Taken at Columbus Commons, Dec 2012.… (I hope that link works.

    25. Strogar on

      unlocking 20 seems relatively easy, not sure that 30 of those is even possible....
      shows the requirements for posting pics and unlocking stretch goals.
      tweet pics to @gameofkittens with hashtag #kittencorps
      also says that the cat ear photos must have ALL people in the same picture, not 50 or 100 pics but 50 or 100 people in the same photo.

    26. Jon on

      I guess I'll do my part by (politely) pushing Andrew's comment down a bit, since they clearly said the next stretch goal will be awarded to "all backers at all reward levels" :-/

    27. Andrew Whiteoak on

      I have asked politely dozens of times "What about the (now 9000+) Kitten's only backers?" so this is getting me a little fed up... Are you ever going to give a flying fag-end about the 9000+ Kitten's only backers? (Please) Thanks.

    28. Jake Blackwell on

      Absolutely not fair, George R.R. Martin is very vocal that he does not tweet or even have a twitter account.

    29. Michel Pinson on

      Here is me wearing homemade cheshire cat ears with somebody else wearing cat ears and somebody not wearing any : let's unlock all stretch goals !

    30. Kymberlie R. McGuire

      Here I am in cat ears! Excited to get the stretch goals unlocked!

    31. Joe Latham on

      I was about to tweet @ellen but I don't think it's the account you guys mean - you're probably after Ellen Degeneres right? but this account: hasn't posted anything on twitter since August last year, plus she says it's "Not Ellen Degeneres." on the profile

    32. Missing avatar

      Anthony Nelson on

      If we get @TheEllenShow to tweet does that count? Much better 'chivo than some random @Ellen.

    33. KYMIRA on

      such an awesomely run campaign guys!

    34. Jamie Goodwin on

      5 achievements to go for the deluxe box :-)

    35. Missing avatar

      Dementio on

      I would say that counts for weaponized backhair!…

    36. Kirkstarter

      Weak.'re welcome.

    37. Valerie Tan on

      I'm so excited!! Let's go team!

    38. Joshua Barnhill on

      Boooooom goes the kitty cat, I can't wait :)