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This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
219,382 backers pledged $8,782,571 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Broc Seib on

      Hey guys, we need a "Tao Goat" with a nice Confusionist beard and a modest outlook on life, eatin' his qi.

    2. Kirkstarter

      Thanks Mike and Wes. As always, good points. I completely agree that their focus on what they initially wanted to make is the core of their success in this project and getting the one thing we are all here for into our hands without any issues or delays. They have kept it simple and straight forward and I guess I get sucked into the Kickstarter frenzy that so many creators use to entice contributors (offer only part of your plan and use the rest as "stretch goals" to create excitement).

      I will be happy to get my two decks and play the holy hell out of them. At least this is one game I am backing that I don't have to worry about being late.

    3. KS Addict

      +1 @Mike Deskin

    4. Missing avatar

      Mike Deskin on

      @Kirk - Yeah this is really kind of the question you have to ask about Kickstarter I guess, and it probably depends heavily on the product. Someone comes up with an idea and has X in mind for production and how much they can pump out successfully based on time, costs, etc. If they end up getting exponentially more support, do they _have_ to offer more, which then may exponentially increase the amount of production worries they have?

      If they didn't plan on it, then they run the risk of delivering some sub-par additions, or over stretching themselves and running into unplanned fees that end up giving them less profit than if they were less successful and only stuck to their original design.

      Then there's the question of how much is too much. In this case I think they've done a good job. They didn't add in more monetary goals because their model doesn't really support it (you need tons more tiers for people to pledge more money, not just "pledge on top of you bid and you might get more if everyone else does too"). We got our secondary full NSFW game, which is pretty solid. The achievement system provides a fun secondary activity for backers as well as spreads intentionally-clever publicity for the project, and even the 20 achievement reward is, in my opinion, rather clever and a welcome bonus. Heck, I'm never on facebook or twitter anymore, and I contributed to both just to help this little EK community!

      Annnnyway. I think their plan is solid, and if they make further profit they don't have to offer anything past the achievement rewards (unless they want to). Making a profit is the idea behind creating a successful product, even if it's through Kickstarter.

    5. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on


      I've backed over 20 projects and the only ones I can think of with numerous additional "rewards" were the ForeverSpin tops. But they weren't throw ins. Ultimately, at various benchmarks in funding the project creator would release new reward options that were essentially optional add-ons. To get it, you'd have to up your pledge amount accordingly. It worked very successfully, but was his intent the whole time.

      With this project they're focusing on the core product, which I think is the right decision. They could, for example, say "OK, we've unlocked a Deluxe Limited Edition Foil Cards Game Set" ~ just add $50 to your pledge. Or something like that. But in doing so would only make a lot more work on their end that, as many have pointed out, would likely cause delays (minimally).

      It's better if they do one thing great than try to do too many things good enough.

    6. Kirkstarter

      @Wes...good points.

      What I meant about breaking even was that at the goal of $10K they were not planning on losing money. The fixed costs are already built in at that point (fees/shipping/handling/production) so since, as you say, they expect to make a profit there was some wiggle room there at the beginning. Now, as this whole thing has blown through the roof, the one variable I know of, production, has taken a steep drop. That's pure profit. I don't hold that against them - they should make money off this. And if they make a whole bunch - awesome! But as you can see with pretty much every single other game that gets kickstarted, the creators recognize the "rewards" (they are even referred to as rewards in the stretch goals) are a way to not only increase the value of the pledge but to return the favor of loyal support. I just don't see these guys doing that here - which I find surprising given the insane amount of supporters.

      They don't have to and I'm not going to withdraw my pledge but I don't think they are looking at this project in the right light. Maybe they will surprise us all but for some reason I doubt it. I don't think that is their focus. I will be very curious to see how this all ends.

    7. Jacob D Parish on

      You all should probably update this image as well and since GRRM did actually tweet pics on your Facebook leave that one as an accomplishment please.

    8. Sam Beckett on

      No plastic cards, so I'm dropping out...

    9. Dave W on

      I wonder who pussed out (pun!). Was it Wilw or Ellen that begged them to stop? Seems like this would be up Wil's alley cat...

    10. Timothy McFadden

      I have a beardcat picture posted to my FaceBook page. Does that count as one of the 25?

    11. Colin S on

      ...okay, so the achievements were updated: added (1) - 50K twitter followers, and took off the (3) that refer to individuals who probably had all their online accounts jammed full of exploding kittens and begged for mercy/threatened legal action. So maybe they're adding a couple more? Otherwise, the last stretch goal is for a perfect cleanup of the new achievements list- a tall order!

    12. Melissa "Cub-Cake" Nicole on

      Elan said that they are working on some more achievements, so don't worry about the amount just yet.

    13. Daniel Provencio

      @Frédéric-Simon Mimeault, Yes. they posted on the FB page

    14. Frédéric-Simon Mimeault on

      Is it me or the achievements for Twitter posts dissapeared from the "Story" Page ? There is only 30 achievements now instead of 32 and there is now a 50k twitter follower

    15. Colin S on

      Agree on the bingo card update. Although 20 achievements is pretty much in the bag already, and 30 achievements looks pretty much impossible... I only counted 32 achievements; 100,000% funded ($10M) is highly unlikely ($7-8M at most with the "last 48-hour" spike) and G.R.R.M. doesn't have Twitter, so that means every single other achievement has to be unlocked, including 100,000 FB followers, and @theellenshow... so probably not.

    16. T.J. Anderson on

      Are we going to get an update on the bingo card any time soon. There have to at least have been enough beard cat photos by now.

    17. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on


      Absolutely their per deck production costs plummeted with the volume order they'll put in. However, there are many fixed costs per backer (KS fees / CC fees / survey CRM fees / handling / shipping).

      That doesn't leave much money to provide additional products. For arguments sake, let's say they could use $3 per backer for another item. That would have to include all of the above expenses in addition to the item.

      And let's not forget; KS projects are not undertaken with the intent to merely break even. This is A LOT of work and A LOT more responsibility for these guys; for which they deserve to retain a portion of proceeds.

    18. Missing avatar

      kotetsu454 on

      If there was ever something I would create a twitter account for.... this is it.

    19. Kirkstarter

      @Wes...I don't believe that. At the amount pledged over what they asked for, they have a lot of wiggle room. They asked for $10,000. At THAT amount they would at least break even. At the $20 pledge even. But they have gone over $5M! The cost on these cards has to have dropped substantially. And what have they "added" to the game? They added some more cards to an extra deck I am already paying $15 for (3/4 of the first deck's price). Now, after all the breaking records and knocking this thing right out of the park they will "upgrade the box" if the community can hit some more goals (thought many are not financial, which they shouldn't be). We don't even know what the box was in the first place other than "nifty." The upgraded one sounds nifty to me. So, no, they haven't really done anything substantial to reward the backers. They don't have to. We all pledged for the original game and they are providing that. I just think, as the most successful KS project of all time, they might just want to recognize the huge support of all of the people here and maybe say, "Enough hoop jumping. Here's something extra just for being so damn great. Thanks."

      And I am not oblivious enough to think I am anything other than a tiny minority in my opinion but to a LOT of the people here, this is their first Kickstarter and they are just along for the ride.

    20. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on

      Although it would be amazing to get enough additional backers contributing $35 each in order to hit the target amount of funds, that's a big stretch.

      And it's highly unlikely that international shipping costs can be lowered enough to entice the overseas backers to increase their pledges from $1 to $35. Shipping simply isn't cheap, and EK certainly shouldn't be expected to absorb the costs.

      The most realistic way I can see funding exceeding 10 mill' is if the overwhelming majority doubled their pledge in order to get another game to gift to a friend.

    21. Missing avatar

      Rosebud on

      I would so love a third deck featuring dogs that would give us the added dimension of dogs aiding in the kitten exploding and a reason to spend more money, which would make 10,000% more viable.

    22. Missing avatar

      Hannah M on

      Do I need a real cat or can I get creative and crafty?

    23. Missing avatar

      Bubble181 on

      Going by the Facebook page, we're already over the 10 and 50 people with cat ear photos, the 25 catbeards, and the goat selfies as well, so 20 unlocks is done. 30'll be a bit harder - another 15K backers is possible, but another 4million in funding will be hard, and 100K Twitter followers is near-impossible given the amount of people who have Twitter compared to the amount of people who have facebook.

    24. Amanda Foley on

      I just peed my pants. Thanks, guys.

    25. Sharess on


      I posted to ellen's show fb page in hopes she will read and like it enough to jump on it like Tara Reid on Sharknado 2…

    26. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on

      A"greed". Ryann, y u so greedy??

      Keep in mind that for some backers, the gross amount they're working with is 20 bucks (before various campaign expenses, production, and shipping). There's not a lot to play with in terms of providing additional rewards / bonuses.

      They're doing it right.

    27. Missing avatar

      James Franta on

      They don't need to do anything...and I think they have already more than proved they aren't like other kickstarter campaigns.

      Be thankful they decided to add anything...they didn't need to but doing so to thank the supporters for being awesome. Not to mention add more fun and entertainment for us all.

    28. Brad McArthur on

      Dont get greedy Ryann, they didn't even plan to have stretch goals at first. You're here for the cards, not the stretch goals.

    29. Ryann Von Doom on

      We're at 16 acheives. Close to 17. I'm happy with the stretch goal of 20... but it's kinda strange how they did this and how little they are giving compared to many other kick starters.

    30. Brent Werner on

      Ok, got it... should have read 10 minutes earlier...

    31. Brent Werner on

      I guess I don't understand the stretch goals. Do I personally post, say, "25 pictures of a real cat taco" to Facebook? To Twitter? To both? To either? Maybe it's being clarified on Facebook as we speak?

    32. Jaka Ercegovčević on

      We got some game rules... Se exploding kittens facebook

    33. Jason Powell on

      these photos are hilarious

    34. Chuck Dee

      "I do have an official Twitter account, and an official Facebook account. I established these in self-defense, because there were fake accounts out there, where people pretending to be me were making various spurious pronouncements... pronouncements that would then get picked up all over the internet and repeated as if they were gospel.

      The official Twitter and Facebook accounts are maintained for me by my minions and my publishers."

    35. Allison King on

      GRR Martin doesn't have a Twitter. Would a LiveJournal post work?

    36. Strogar on

      also does not specify that YOU have to take the photo or even post a recent photo, just says POST a pic, so read that however you like....
      still think it will only be counted on Twitter (easier for them to find all the hashtag posts) or possibly some may count on FB, but not here or any other links.

    37. Space Buccaneer Zip! on

      guys the only place I've heard of kittencorps is from backers, not from the only 3 people who matter: the creators. I don't know how official it is and in the meantime I don't feel like blindly posting onto some random site

    38. Sarah Passemar on

      Just Liked on FB, Followed on Twitter, Tweeted a goat selfie (I have at least 15 goat selfies on my computer.), and Tweeted 3 celebrities! I want a pretty box and a special surprise!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Allan Reko on

      @Mister Cuddles's Minion Zip It appears the information you want is here:

      I got that from Strogar's post 3 hours ago. not sure how authoritative it is, but appears to be.

    40. Strogar on
      shows the requirements for posting pics and unlocking stretch goals.
      tweet pics to @gameofkittens with hashtag #kittencorps

    41. Space Buccaneer Zip! on

      @Victoria not sure where it says that. I'd love for some official word on where to post pictures, doesn't look like the answer's FB and definitely not here

    42. Victoria on


    43. KS Addict

      @ Jim Mosser - Posts on their facebook page also count:

    44. Missing avatar

      Maciej Perucki on

      but there needs to be proof on photo, that it was taken AFTER stretch goals were announced?

    45. Jim Mosser on

      OK, so in order for your contribution to count you have to be on Twitter? That limits the number of people that can even participate…. Is there a way for those of us not on Twitter to contribute?