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This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
219,382 backers pledged $8,782,571 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Socrates on

      That deluxe box sounds awesome.

    2. Missing avatar

      Claude Hudon on

      Not sure if it's been suggested yet but there should be a dog that annoys cats until they explode.. The Barking Sploder.. :-)

    3. Nick Lee on

      A recet event in my country saw 127 people dressed up as cats. This shoud cover the "100 people with cat ears thing"… most but not all of the people..

    4. Missing avatar

      Alex Bunting on

      Just to say amazing stretch goals... I like that its not all about the money, its very community focussed :)

      And to clarify, if we hit the 20 achievements, does that mean we get two of EACH deck with the box, OR a box for each deck that can hold two decks? :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrey Lazopulo on

      it could be any taco cat, or personal taco cat? Is this one works?

    6. Elizabeth on

      Why are people saying George R. R. Martin isn't on Twitter? It's verified, and there's even a link to it on his website.

    7. Gabe Medine on

      Not sure if I'm doing this right, but I took a video of a cat playing with a potato to the tune of the parks and rec theme song.


    8. Aaron Jaeger on

      I think you want @theellenshow.... @ellen is some random person who was lucky enough to get @ellen

    9. Missing avatar

      elexis on

      Pebble hit 10mil, still has the most backed campaign crown.

    10. Missing avatar


      Well George does have a Twitter account. It's verified. GRRMSpeaking

    11. Brian Matusz on

      I went for it and tweeted @thelllenshow and asked them to spread the word about the palindrome.

    12. Lior Serfaty on

      Well, I'm in France, Paris precisely. And I think it's f*****g awesoooomeeeee !

      Congrats. Every pig here is amazed by what u made. And they are many !

    13. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Fizzziks - you wonder how they're going to pay for the deluxe box? They already have over 5 million dollars. For a *card game*. What else would they do with all that money?

      I'd be surprised if GRRM wouldn't be willing to do it. I'm sure there's quite a bit of overlap between the two fandoms, but just because everyone's *heard* of GoT already doesn't mean everyone's *read* it, and some of those who did, probably don't own a copy, and maybe would if he showed how awesome he was by tweeting this. And it'd only take a few seconds of his time.

    14. John Pettitt on

      So long as the surprises isn't a box piece of poo, that's been done.

    15. Michael Manfre on

      If I backed at the $35 level and then upped my contribution to $70 to get double the cards, how many fancy boxes do I get when we unlock the next reward?

    16. Morgan Awyong on

      You guys are making THIS Kickstarter into a game. So awesome. Thank you!

    17. Vic Tapscott on

      @Catbug - perhaps GRRM could be .. motivated ..

    18. Keith E. Weber II

      What's the twitter handle that we tweet pictures too?

    19. Vic Tapscott on

      Oh yea .. I can see the market for cat ears going way up. Also goats.

    20. Zamer on

      10 catears

      however the last one is impossible since G.R.R. Martin doesn't use twitter.

    21. Baginses

      You guys are awesome. Keep it up

    22. Joseph Wojkowski on

      I would like to reiterate my desire for the possibility of: a dozen or so super special foil cards, and a play board/mat with awesome artwork on it.

      Willing to add more to my pledge to pay for them.

    23. Amanda Freier on

      I need 100 pair of cat ears, and 100 friends stat!

    24. Jamie E on

      Challenge accepted.

    25. KS Addict

      @ subw00fer -

    26. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      Is there a difference between a catbeard and a beardcat?

    27. SuBw00FeR on

      Errrm, which twitter/facebook do we follow? :/

    28. Jessica Lough on

      But GRRM doesn't have a Twitter account and has promised he never will! D:

      Does it count if we get him to post it on Livejournal? Please?

    29. Angela Thurston on

      Bad news, George RR Martin only posts on live journal. No twitter.

      "It seems I need to clarify once more.

      I am NOT on Twitter. I am NOT on Facebook. The only place I post myself, in my own words, is here on Live Journal."

    30. Nathan Kelly on

      So you want @ellen or @thellenshow to tweet?

    31. David D Lausten on

      OMG You have opened Pandora's box !!!! The Universe will Implode now.. Thank you ! "_"

    32. Missing avatar

      Soh Yun Huei

      I think this is a perfect way to do stretch goals. Two thumbs way up!

    33. Missing avatar

      Charles Garand on

      Just to be sure...

      @ellen is a fake account.
      @TheEllenShow is the real thing.

    34. Missing avatar

      kierun84 on

      so do we just need ONE person to post photos, and it's considered unlocked? (referring to the people wearing cat ears achievement) How then do we notify u? #hashtag/tag u guys?

    35. rubicat on

      I will post tacocats! and I already have photos of goat-snorgling!