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This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
219,382 backers pledged $8,782,571 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Eric LeVan on

      Well done chaps. I backed Zach Braff's movie on here which hit 4+ mil. I haven't even seen the movie. But I plan on playing the shit out of these cards.

    2. Cullen Gilchrist

      100K. moar stretchy!

    3. Missing avatar

      Steven Rogers on

      Closing in on 100k backers now (1046 needed). So that's like 500 in six hours, or 30 per hour. It's looking somewhat favorable

    4. Missing avatar

      Jøran Herskedal on

      So you raised 3,5 million :D Great job!, does this meen we will get the cards sooner? (cant wait to play)

    5. ShadowCub


      Just, wow!

      As I type this, the stretch goal is 1,511 backers away. (And for those counting, we're less than $150,000 away from $4 million!)

    6. Missing avatar

      Richard LeVan on

      Is it possible that this would be available in other languages? I have relatives in Chile that would love this game. They speak much better english than I speak spanish, but much of the humor may be lost do the unique vocabulary. Love the idea and am glad to be a backer.

    7. Langley on

      If you're scratchin' your head re: additional stretch goals after we smash the 100,000 backers mark, maybe consider sleeves for the decks? Keep our kittens safe!

    8. Missing avatar

      scornwell on

      I agree with those calling to keep it simple. No T-Shirts, plushies etc, just make the card game we all pledged for and I'll be damn happy. Congratulations guys.

    9. Kase Paul on

      Old dude in the locker room card.....(shudder)

    10. Missing avatar

      Christopher Marais on

      Attack card: Supermassive black head.

    11. Lorraine Ochoa on

      I'm truly in awe O'Y'all, and us for that matter...I WANT A DAMNED T-SHIRT! Please?

      And, how does it feel being another Crowdsourced Oatmeal associated millionaire??‽

      Oh yeah, we need a Tesla card, and it needs to slamtrump any extant and future Edison cards. Just say in'.

    12. Nikki on

      Great project, very fun. Thanks for starting it, it'll be great to get the cards and watch the fun as the KS progresses into way more than expected... wait, that may have already happened. ;)

      * Another tier for 2 regular decks at $35 since it seems the NSFW deck will be a full size one as well - could be easier than calucating the multiple people buying multiple regular decks, too.

      * Any stretch goals that may be new merchandise at another pledge pier, a realistic time frame to create and send it to not sink your own battleship.

    13. Rand Chua TL on

      update the cards to plastic cards? :p

    14. Hallur Hallsson on

      Lubz All the way! This is so fantastic.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Kay on

      Agreed, just good quality cards, a good quality box (and maybe better postage overseas???...)

    16. Avena on

      +1 for no silly extras that will lead to more delays. Focus on the game only! Maybe make those things for sale after the Kickstarter when the game becomes a huge success!

    17. mikekidder on

      Agreed, lets just focus on the cards...

    18. Alyssey on

      Please... NO shirts, no plushies, no ANYTHING but cards... I know that would be an even more f-ed up logistic nightmare than what THIS will probably be!

    19. Leslie Cuebeans on

      Oh and a hairball mayhem card. Leading to hairballs being catapulted at insane speeds in all directions when that kitten 'splodes :)

    20. Leslie Cuebeans on

      So glad a friend of mine posted the butt tuba this morning on Facebook and another asked me if I'd heard about the game. I'm IN!!

    21. Katherine Cox on

      You should have a crazed fan/ demanding backer/ cult worshiper card in the deck.

    22. Missing avatar

      vulgrun on

      Agreed, a good defuse card could be Jibbers Has Your Back!

    23. Missing avatar

      Greg Macnab on

      It's time for Jibbers to make an appearance in the deck! All Hail our Savior Jibbers!

    24. Colleen Morgan on

      Having backed the two chaosium kickstarters, PLEASE stay focus on the card game and not other merchandise for stretch goals. Chaosium added shirts, die, bags, etc which contributed for projects being really late.

    25. Arsonor

      Thomas Edison electrocuting exploding cats card?

    26. Missing avatar

      Mel on

      More stretch goals please! (+1 for retroactive SGs)

      Suggestions: apparel, better quality cards, KS-exclusive cards, better quality boxes to house all the cards (maybe plastic? Instead of cardboard (mine always gets crushed in the mail), plushies or miniatures, mini book collection of artwork?

      Just throwing them out from the top of my head atm :) Anyway, congratulations~!

    27. Missing avatar

      kmrahrig on

      Well done, sirs. I would love to see a hairless cat card. Maybe he's immune to static electricity? Just spitballing here.

    28. Ze-Yi Ng on

      Heartiest congratulations on your phenomenal campaign, but I do echo some of the sentiments of the other backers. The considerably lofty stretch goal targets ($2 million, 100,000 backers) do make it seem like the stretch goal rewards were added as somewhat of an afterthought due to the success of the campaign rather than truly being a way to thank and reward your supporters. This is further corroborated by the lack of any stretch goal rewards for backers of The Exploding Kittens Deck pledge level.

      Let this take nothing away from what will definitely be a fantastic board game, but I do encourage the creators to consider a revision of their stretch goals (retroactive stretch goals, for example) to better show their appreciation to their fans and backers for their dedication, support and contributions in making this campaign a success.

    29. Brian R Brislenn on

      Maybe a Tesla can be on a card? It could be a kitten card, like it gets blown up when the batteries catch fire. Or it could be a good card, defending with green getaway speed.

    30. Michael Danforth on

      You need alpaca cards too!

    31. Nik Vincent on

      I want a kitten being burned to a crisp by a Phoenix!!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Udit on

      Definitely +1 to different borders (or some other form of obvious differentiator) for the NSFW/KF decks.

    33. Sergio Gonzalez on

      Stretch Goal, FREE SHIPPING.

    34. Adam Harding on

      Lynn Bass>
      A stretch goal is a reward that, if funding for a project exceeds its goal, is given to backers as a thank you.

      Creators use the stretch goals to try to raise more money for their project.

    35. Powers of Tesla on

      You guys realize that at some point it will no longer be going up at the rate of a million dollars a day, right? Not gloating, I just think you should prepare yourselves for the inevitable crushing reality that this card game can't continue making a million a day. Of course by that time you will each have earned enough to be able to fund your own space program or run for Senate. So there is that.
      Congrats guys, well done.

    36. Lynn Bass on

      What is the stretch goal and what is the significance of the stretch goal?

    37. Jhonny Ayrout on

      I can't believe how fast this is growing!! we're still a few days in! great job guys! anyway, I have a few questions. If I selected the $35 tier, and I modified it into $70, that means I'll get two regular packs and two NSFW packs, right? and I know one of each could be merged while still being a balanced game, but could I merge all four packs? oh, and when it comes to the back of the cards, I really really hope they're all gonna be exactly the same so when they're merged there's no way of differentiating which one you're gonna draw. If anything, a small NSFW sign could be printed on the inside of those cards. one last thing, I really hope there will be a nice-looking box to put them in, not just a generic cardboard. thanks again!

    38. Kyle Miller on

      I supported the project before you started your stretch goals. I am a bit put off by your stretch goals...100,000 people, 2 million dollars.....Your goal was 10,000 mind you.....How much will it cost to produce these cards by the time you have 100,000 of us? I sort of want more stretch goals considering my and a bunch of others are paying 35 for about 100 printed cards at this point assuming the 100k goal succeeds. Anyway, it is times like these I need to remind myself that Weltschmerz says it all.

    39. Jackie Burhans on

      Wait, I want a tin.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jan Pfitscher on

      OMG! OMG! OMG! CAN'T... WAIT... TO... PLAY... IT... OMG!!!!

    41. Andrew Whiteoak on

      While I agree that Sarah Liz Taylor has a very good point, I must add that if there is going to be streches for NSFW backers then it would be more than just a little unfair to completely ignore the 6445+ kittens-only backers ... I get not having any more cards in a 56 card deck... How about a tin to put the cards in?

    42. Missing avatar

      Lior Kravitz on

      +1 on the different border for NSFW/KF decks. Some of us have both kids _and_ friends...

      Also, if and when we reach the 100k backers goal, it would be only fair to add a 35$ reward tier for two KF decks. Once the NSFW is a full deck, and you know it fits in the box and the shipping limits, the KF supporters shouldn't have to pay more.

    43. Sarah Liz Tyler on

      Don't do separate item add-ons! Exploding Kittens has done just that, exploded... You'll have a hell of a time catering to more than 100K people by the time this is done. Adding new non-card items will make this so much more difficult for you and ultimately more frustrating for us. Don't. Do. It. Keep focused on the cards. And yes to differentiating borders.

    44. Missing avatar

      Adrian Taluy on

      This is an awesome project. Kudos to the creators and all those making this happen...Cant wait!

      Card idea: Spoof Card...Staring Dog...Does nothing to Exploding cat.... Eats Defuse cards in hand (lose all defuse cards)

    45. Missing avatar

      Kate on

      I hope someone comes out with the official drinking game rules for this game! Obviously explode a kitten, finish your beer, but what about the others?

    46. Susan Pattavina on

      Mlak. This is the best idea since the pre-split English muffin. I can't wait.

    47. Phil Moreira on

      I'm so excited for this game.

      +1 to @Samuel Lachance and @Avena's comments. Stretch goals are EXTRA to what you've already backed. Stop asking and just be happy they keep adding on. They give and inch and you take a mile.

    48. @SideShadeSilke on

      I will jump on Lissa M.H. Oliver's jumping on of the "Kevin's idea is awesome" train. An easy way to separate the cards (like a different border on the face of the card) without being able to tell which cards are which when playing with both decks (the backs of the cards are all uniform). ALSO, stretch goals that include stuffed exploding kittens (or a different game character plush toy) would be AWESOME.

    49. Avena on

      +1 @Samual Lachance's comment. Stretch goals are *extra* which require more time, and money. Anything more than the original game you pledged for is at the creator's discretion to add. All the complainers just sound greedy.

    50. Missing avatar

      opentunings on

      What about changing the $35 option: *each supporter specifies* at that point whether the add-on deck is NSFW, or a KF deck but different from the basic deck?