Exploding Kittens

by Exploding Kittens

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    1. Alexandria Carranco on

      Could we maybe have a dog chasing a cat diffuse card, that would be cool.

    2. Sharess on

      @Andrew Whiteoak I think that would be sweet. Both sides would profit greatly from that but it might not be as economically supportive.

    3. Missing avatar

      John on

      Another bonus that doesn't apply to the entry level. Neat.

      You might as well make the next stretch goal apply to the $100 tier. That way even fewer of us can benefit.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kyle H on

      two decks is awesome, but maybe it's time to think of something besides just adding more cards? I dunno what, maybe another level or perhaps branded paraphernalia?

    5. Matthew J. Feist on

      Don't do plastic cards... just use USPCC to print this as two decks - it'll be high quality to begin with - Looking forward to seeing some hairy dragon boobs... :-)

    6. Erik Eklund on

      Pretty please with exploding kittens on top - make more Collectors Decks! I'd gladly have one, but only 200 available split between 73 000 backers (and probably a LOT more when the campaign is over)? We need more!

    7. Missing avatar

      JayBug on

      Aw. I wish I could get the upcoming NSFW deck. But I can only afford the 20 bucks I kicked in. Unless there's some change made in the future and I can choose to get the NSFW deck instead of the original one.

    8. Micky on

      Your callback to Shadowrun just made me decide to up my pledge here. You rock!

    9. Jane Buck on

      Yes, more collector decks :)

    10. Emily Sheafe on

      I agree that the stretch goals are leaving a lot of people out. I have to admit I was hoping for something cooler, like posters/prints, or other exploding kitten type accessories? It seems like the stretch goals do not keep the 1st tier kid friendly backers n mind.

    11. rubicat on

      I like how Marvin thinks. I'll totally throw more coin at the kittens for a full nekkidkittenbits game!


    12. Missing avatar

      Christina Schabow on

      Idea for a card: Pray to Jibbers Crabst to save us from the exploding kittens!

    13. Ari Bryant on

      It's time to #BreakTheKickstarter !!!

    14. Tim Holding on

      On a pure % of amount asked basis you are already the number 1!

    15. Melissa Young on

      Idea - Have a Resurrection cat to have all exploded players return to the game

    16. Josh Stabile on

      @Kyle H: While I myself would also like some kind of paraphernalia, the idea was specifically for them NOT to do that so as not to waste time producing all kinds of extra stuff other than the game. I support them on that decision— it will get us the product faster. Though I do agree some more collector's decks should be added.

    17. Sharess on

      @Melissa Young
      Maybe Supercute Jeebus Kitten - Supercute Jeebus Kitten is so adorable that he restores your faith in cats everywhere. All players are restored life and resume play in turn. Players must pick up an additional card on first turn back. Once a player is returned to live and killed you cannot be revived. Might lessen the fun though.

    18. Missing avatar

      Daniel OConnell on

      Mantis shimp has to come in somewhere. Perhaps its epic shell colors can distract/diffuse a kitten... and/or murderous havoc.

    19. Mark Kessell on

      i'd like to see stretch goals every million dollars. i think thats pretty reasonable.
      also, i'd like to see stretch goals that benefit the base deck rather than the NSFW deck.

      not everyone will buy the NSFW deck, so a stretch goal for the base deck would be good. it doesnt matter for me, but its just a bit fairer for everyone.

    20. Sharess on

      @Mark Kessell

      I totally agree! Every million dollars would be a good stretch goal, maybe every $500,000 additionally but that might be too little.

    21. Ave Joe on

      I want to see a vegetarian zombie card that does absolutely nothing in the game but to get you pelted with toast or marshmallows by the others playing the game. Neither toast ( buttered or un buttered) or marshmallows come equipt with the game, or perhaps later expansion packs.

    22. Missing avatar

      Charley Campbell on


    23. BlazinJsin on

      I still say that considering how fast we funded you and how much ($3m in less than 48 hours), the first several stretch goals should start off unlocked

    24. Jody Dugan on

      Seven life long friends and I go on a week long camping trip each summer and this will be our 15th consecutive year. We always play new and interesting card and board games from around the world each year and I am crossing my fingers that this will arrive before the second week of July so the 8 of us may explode kittens with glee! Thanks team and congratulations on the overly successful launch!

    25. Chris Ruch on

      Please add a "kid safe" expansion as a stretch goal. I know mostly everyone is all about the NSFW thang ... but I run a family-friendly game night, and would definitely consider increasing my bid towards a stretch goal if there's more options besides NSFW cards. Thanks & congrats on all the huge success!

    26. Valeria K Potts on

      If you can get 300,000 backers, we'll need t-shirts! :)

    27. Board Game Closet

      I'll just add that I'm not in for the NSFW deck. Show some love to the SFW peeps too :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Branden Flinchbaugh on

      How about a $35 donation option that would allow people to choose two of the original decks, instead of one of the NSFW decks? I am looking forward to the NSFW deck, but I think this might be a fair compromise.

    29. Eric Arsenault on

      So we really are getting 16 new cards (56 instead of 40) thats it ?

    30. Robert Ballard on

      I love stretch goals that will really obviously get hit so the makers have time to make more.

    31. Sandy Masuo on

      I also am a mantis shrimp fan. If the NSFW deck is entirely different cards, then I would like to buy the SFW deck in addition to the NSFW. So psyched for you! This is an awesome project.

    32. Madi on

      I'm so excited for you! Just a tiny suggestion: once this goal is reached and we have two full decks, I hope we can have some non-NSFW goals, as well :)

    33. Jennifer Bull on

      I would like to rep a sticker of some kind on my car. I'd like the blerch, but since this is about exploding kittens maybe the atomic kitten one. And I would love it if you came out with more for purchase options/choices with special Add Ons...I may even like an Atomic kitten hoodie or sweat band. Just sayin.

    34. P. R.

      Thanks for giving the Shadowrun Returns team a shout-out. Always good to see some love between the teams I'm backing.

    35. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      thank you for the SR shoutout!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. Josh Ward on

      @Jennifer Bull: If you buy his book about running, you get a Blerch sticker with a 0.0 (like the 26.2 and 13.1 stickers you sometimes see)

    37. Maggie Evans on

      That is a really cool stretch goal, I hope that you reach it.

    38. Missing avatar

      Esteban Osorio Gallardo on

      And a previous gift like... Free Wallpapers!!!

    39. Mui-ko on

      the gift the keeps on giving HNNNGGGGGG

    40. Hendrik Wehr on

      here are my strech-goal ideas...
      PLEASE TRANSLATION!!!!! GERMAN,FRANCE,SPANISH and many more, with this community we can do it!
      PLEASE lower the international shipping cost! WOW over 3 million! Come on!!!!!
      PLEASE a SUPER-CAT Card witch destroy everybody hahaha
      That´s it!

    41. Missing avatar

      Ashley on

      Dirtier the better! Thanks team.

    42. Patrick Sauer on

      +1000 Hendrik Wehr, translation, german, france, spanish, italian
      +1 Melissa Young, Resurrection cat to have all exploded players return to the game

    43. rubicat on

      Patrick: NECROCAT! OMG!

    44. Bobbie Kirby

      HOLY FAT CATS, BATMAN!!!! YEAH, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Philipp Mayer on

      right now you guys r doing everything right. greetz from vienna :)

    46. Sarah Jamieson on

      AWESOMENESS!!!! This is truly legendary, and Awwwww that's so sweet of you guys! I can't wait to play this game and share it with my family/friends Mwah ha ha! Have spread the word and hope you reach your goal!

    47. Missing avatar

      Gavin Capiral Gobuyan on

      over $4 million!!! there should be a national/international game party!!!

    48. Ethan Waterman on

      Could you draw me (with the mustache), my fiancee and our dog? http://imgur.com/SazFQ2k