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This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
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    1. Claus Appel on

      I am happy as long as there are anglerfish in it. :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason Hyland on

      'Nope-Zilla'... because... well... he's Nope-Zilla.

    3. Doktor Jones

      I totally vote for "Thomas Edison's Nightmare"

    4. Daljit Chandi

      If he's not already in there, how about Bobracha: Harbinger of the spicy rooster apocalypse?

    5. Missing avatar

      Samuel Hum on


    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Banaszak on

      The Kraken *must* appear!

      "Stop pee-peeing in the Ocean!!"

    7. Missing avatar

      Abigael Proctor on

      bourbon and mustache? to whom should I be throwing spiders at?

    8. Missing avatar

      Anna Miller on

      I BETTER SEE A MUTHA FUKIN MANTIS SHRIMP ON ONE OF THESE CARDS ... and also Sriracha Flamethrower Grizzly if you're not too busy. I LOVE YOU GUYS

    9. Missing avatar

      ben on

      WTH? is this in drachmas or dollars???

    10. Missing avatar

      Joshua VanderVeen on

      I'm not sure I understand the NSFW cards. Do they operate just like the other cards and have a different looking back and are more vulgar? Like, can you just shuffle them in with the regular deck and have a bigger game?

    11. Klingbeil on

      Mother Fucking Bearodactyl!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Allison Sullivan on

      BunnyRaptor!!! Ride that muhfuc*ah into battle with the kitten. I'm pretty sure a BunnyRaptor's *chomp* & *gulp* would prevent (or at least contain) the explosion.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dayna Willms on

      As a mom, I've always loved Matt's portrayal of babies and children. How about a card with a baby attacking a kitten/cat? Our two cats know well the "love" our two little boys show them with grabbing, carrying uncomfortably, and hugging with the strength of a gorilla.

    14. Missing avatar

      Catharine Hunter on

      My husband requests the Nope Godzilla giving the finger to the Japanese hornets and I strongly request putting the Mantis shrimp in a position of great power. Thanks! And yay on the extra NSFW cards!

    15. Missing avatar

      Nick Dietsch on

      I'd imagine someone already called this out, but if not, Rambo (the dog) definitely needs a card!

    16. Raeann Bevan on

      I know he's not a kitten but I'd love to have the Blerch make a cameo on a card. Maybe Sriracha flamethrower bear too :D

    17. Rowan Hershberger on

      I can't wait to play the NSFW version with my friends. So wrong. So good.

      My favorite critters from The Oatmeal are actually the Red Velvet Mites. I'm sure one could give a kitten or another player happy little red velvet love mites to prevent one's eminent doom.

    18. Lindsey Jones on

      I think it would be cool if you made a nod to the other BAH Fest West contributors (since Jibbers made his almighty entrance there) and somehow worked in smelly old people, cat loafs, and elephant sex.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nicole Harper on

      Bobcats!!! Hands down, gotta include the bobcats.

    20. Missing avatar

      Christina Fierro on

      I'd love to see a Diarrhea Dragon card.

    21. Diana L on

      The Bobcats! Tesla riding a giant crazed kitty! & Dragon nards :D

    22. Missing avatar

      Gershom Vacarizas on

      Hermit the Frog, Chocolate Mouse Mousse, Almond Nips (where almond milk comes from), Asthmatic Platypus Bodybuilder, Chernobyl Monkey Dragon, Komodo Dragon juice, Sumo Belly Lard and Shark-Skin Spanx would be my suggestions :)

    23. Justin Clark on

      I don't even think the cure for cancer would have raised money this quickly.

    24. Greg Jewett on

      Are you going to include any of the Jibber Crabst characters... ?

    25. Greg Jewett on

      Dinosaur Pee! Extinguishes exploding kitten?

    26. Jesse Clark on

      Dog hiding under the bed at the end of the world/thunderstorm. Because that is my dog.

    27. Mathieu Saulnier on

      Mantis Shrimp, Sriracha flamethrower bear,pterodactyl, short arm T-Rex

      And NEED FunnyJunk Mama with the Kodiak bear!

    28. Brian Neff on

      Mantis Shrimp, Tesla (the man), &
      The Intergalactic SpaceBoat of Light and Wonder [aka Tesla (the car)]

    29. Julianne Forgette on

      I still laugh every time I read the "one man human centipede" line from My Dog: The Paradox.

    30. AcrophobicPixie on

      The demon wasps from Japan, the Bobcats, that one cat that survived the house fire, and a Trex trying to ride a tricycle.

    31. Ant Armory on

      I want to see a clandestine D.O.G. team taking down some kitties. Because we all know that dogs are the best!

    32. Mad Puppy Gaming

      I vote highly for bears, pterodactyls, and all manner of Sriracha roostery goodness, BUT for the love of god, please do not turn it into a drinking game. Why people feel the need to ruin good things with alcohol is beyond me.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dane on

      Sriracha flamethrower bear!

    34. Missing avatar

      Michael J. Adams on

      The Blerch!

      As for NSFW, go big or go home. The Fapping Boss.

    35. Vijay Jacob Varghese on

      I would love the NSFW version to be a drinking game of sorts.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Binek on

      The mantis shrimp, the Bobcats, the velociraptor hooker (my personal favorite), Rambo the many choices

    37. Missing avatar

      Sarah Rainwater on

      I need to see Wookie Jesus, Mantis Shrimp, Bob Cats (obviously!), Motherfn Pterodactyl, Jesus rollerblading Christ, Blerch, My Dog, flamethrower grizzly... hell, just put in the whole gang!

    38. Missing avatar

      Simon Aplin on

      Mantis Shrimp and Tesla!

    39. Stephen Leonard on

      The bob cats / bobracha the harbinger of the spicy rooster apocalypse

    40. Missing avatar

      Jim Lockwood on

      More "horrible cards" pics/characters, bears and their love for boomboxes, Domino/Catterwocky/cat colony. Also, Tesla....exploding them with his masterpiece.

    41. Steve on

      Death match between scrodingers cat & the mantis shrimpwith a quantum outcome... Nikola Goddamn Tesla: ball lightning, earthquake machine. And something involving Edison's douchebaggary.

    42. Aron Cederholm on

      The mantis shrimp! The mantis shrimp!

    43. Missing avatar

      Hannah Chapman on

      Alot! That's the oatmeal, right? I wanna ALot card.

    44. Robert Farley

      Bobracha as depicted on my Bobracha 4 Lyfe! magnet...

    45. Madi on

      The Blerch fairy! If Allie allows it, the ALOT!
      Also, some good characters would be the mantis shrimp, the female anglerfish, perhaps a legally-allowed nod to Tesla, tons of unicorns, dolphins plus Matt's dog and a T-rex! Oh, and that cute bat pointing to the next page on theoatmeal.