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This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
219,382 backers pledged $8,782,571 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Powers of Tesla on


      No one is checking these comment sections in old updates. I repeat. NO ONE. I just looked on a whim.

      You need to send an email to Describe your issue in the Subject line, like... "No Survey", or "Address Change" if there is more they NEED to know (like your new address), put it in the body of the email. KEEP IT SHORT. They are getting a thousand emails a day and support is the only address being checked.

      Boxes are still being mailed. So if you haven't seen notification that could be why. Be patient. If you haven't seen a notification in two weeks, send an email to the support address.

      Elan has assured us that he is committed to getting every one of us everything we paid for and he will not stop until he has done everything he can to see that it is done.

      I hope this helps

    2. Diego Rodrigues Azevedo on

      @Geneva Ain't the same instructions?I would just keep them in the NSFW box, I don't think the surprise thingie box was designed for that, just to keep he surprise doing what it does. (I haven't opened the NSFW deck yet, just the regular one, so the first question was a real question)

    3. Geneva Craven Schult on

      Help me!!! Opened box. Am so excited. Love surprise thingie. Open NSFW box. Move cards to first box! THEN IT HAPPENS -- the instructions for the NSFW deck DO NOT FIT in the surprise thingie box! They are about 1/4 inch too wide. If I shove them in there you have to mangle them to get them out. I tried folding them but it makes the lip pop up a little. HELP! what is the secret?

    4. Christopher Mullins on

      How about wookie jesus and the mantis shrimp?

    5. Missing avatar

      Sharon Griffin on

      I like the idea of some NSFW cards with the Bobs plotting evil, antisocial things. And there should be a Grizzly Bear in underpants. Perhaps a nice budgie smuggler.

    6. Aaron Burke on

      @Joh Shanahan: From the FAQ:

      Can I buy a NSFW deck AND a regular Exploding Kittens Deck?
      Yes. You should know that the NSFW reward level includes a regular Exploding Kittens Deck, but if you'd like to order extra regular decks, just add $20 to your NSFW pledge for every additional regular deck you'd like. (extra shipping charges may apply)

    7. Jon Shanahan on

      Any way to purchase more than 1 deck, or 1 NSFW and 1 regular deck without creating another kickstarter account?

    8. Julia Gottweis Fountain on

      I'd lovvvve to get a jump on my 2015 Xmas shopping but i can't seem to get the system to acknowledge any orders but my initial one :p. I want another PG deck pleeeease?

    9. Matthew J. Feist on

      Wow, you guys are about to cross the $2m threshold... simply incredible...

    10. Missing avatar

      Charles Royal on

      I really hope you'll consider contacting Diamond Comics and trying to arrange for distribution through them, if you haven't, or possibly Game Distributors. I have managed a couple of comic stores over the years, and this is something I would have loved to have on my counter as an add-on sale, and it's also something I would have ran at our regular game nights.

    11. George H. Webster III

      I agree with Peter.

    12. Angel

      "Extra" money? You know that people are pledging to get copies, right? That "extra" money pays for production costs on over 48k copies (as of right now) and isn't free cash. The amount needed scales up the more people that want a product - 10k in funding likely covered a bare minimum printing cost to get a batch made, an amount they expected to shoot past but had to list due to manufacturing minimums, and the small number of decks that would get made with that bare minimum will definitely not cover the demand.

      Remember, folks. It's not free money. You are pledging for a product that needs to be made.

    13. Missing avatar

      Lisa Karimi-Naser on

      Where is all the "extra" money going? More games???

    14. Missing avatar

      Flosef on

      Don't stretch anything!
      Take the money, buy a boat, invite ladies and have fun!

    15. Missing avatar

      Ashley Hamman on

      Ahhh, I remember the day when it was a measly $425,000 raised..........

    16. Missing avatar

      Trevor on

      I also think a focus on quality over stretching goals is important. I'm willing to wait for a better game than would otherwise be shot out too early.

    17. Granite26 on

      @Peter Concur...

    18. Peter Tierney on

      Stay away from stretch goals... they are a trap for the greedy and, if not planned for before the campaign begins, will ruin your project. Upgrade the card stock, improve the packaging quality, etc... but don't start adding t-shirts and crap.

    19. Missing avatar

      Steven L on

      As people have mentioned, an ios and android app would be great- would love to be able to play multiplayer with friends.

      Also, take a look at Hangouts Against Humanity- a google hangout realtime version of Cards Against Humanity. That would be sweet with exploding kittens as well

    20. Missing avatar

      George Louie on

      Rather than backfilling stretch goals, how about you just put the money towards developing iOS and Android versions of the game. That way it doesnt impact your production timeline for the kickstarter. You could sell the app at a reasonable price.. $0.99 or $1.99... Basically, reinvesting the money, rather than giving outfreebies..

    21. Anthony Thomas on

      Bah don't do stretch goals, just focus on executing your original scope and vision as well as possible.

    22. William C Crawford on

      I think Martin has a point. A print-and-play version of this would be nice, too. Could add that as a stretch goal, or as a lower tier... Even just having the pattern/layout to make our own custom cards would be nice. :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Jan Katins on

      drinking game extension and more players out of the box would be nice as an stretch goal.

    24. Martin Joergensen on

      shipping costs is pretty big. Maybe "print yourself" version would be nice.

    25. Missing avatar

      Helen Jarvis on

      Can't wait to get my game...Hopefully the extra cash might speed up production. I already have folk here in the UK lined up to join in the inaugural kitten-based explosion fest!

    26. Olli Erinko on

      I just hope that the explosive attention this got won't cause any issues with logistics and/or the ability to fulfill the backer rewards :)

    27. somonflex

      Need a french version !

    28. Missing avatar

      Jim Lockwood on

      I like the idea of getting these to print and post sooner. Just throw money at it!

    29. Steven Parker on

      Also love someone's idea of a drinking game stretch goal lol

    30. Steven Parker on

      Wow $1.5M lol, can't wait to see the stretch goals :)

    31. Karl Lee Soule on

      Agreed on stretch goals. Unless it's something simple, stretch goals can kill a plan. Get the cards printed sooner. Or add something simple and printable on paper in mass with the cards. Just don't start adding T-shirts, plush toys, or other things that need a whole new source vendor and development time. Adding some special box art is good and easy. Or extra-special cards for backers. Or, an uncut sheet of cards with signatures. All of these don't significantly deviate from the plan.

    32. James Cassidy on

      Wes Ewing, Spot on good sir!

    33. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on


      As others have already noted, stretch goals tend to wreak havoc with timelines as well as other aspects of projects and quite simply over complicate things unnecessarily.

      Just make it right exactly as planned and we'll all be happy.

    34. Oliver Cockcroft on

      How about a stretch goal of delivering sooner than July for everyone. I'm sure you can throw money at this problem pretty quick with the quantities you're working with now for manufacturing.

    35. Amber Woywitka

      Woo Hoo!! Balls crazy!! I can't wait to play!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Daniel Dow on

      It would be awesome if one of the cards played against another player is called Murder Cat. I have that comic and the wookie Jesus poster on my cubical walls....they inspire me!

    37. Julie Bernier on

      An exploding kittens tshirt would be so very nice and/or a nifty badge :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      stretch goal....guest appearance by Nikola Tesla or one of his pigeon lovers

    39. Cyd Foley on

      I just love that the non kiddie friendly deck is for ages 30+. For a stretch goal, can you make a drinking game expansion pack? A Liver B Damned pack. I just happy for a game that I can play that doesn't require batteries or special gear. Looking forward to your creation.

    40. Matt Brenton on

      Will the custom cards designed for the $500 backers be part of the deck? Or the NSFW deck? That would be super cool.

      Really looking forward to this!

    41. Savannah Chamberlin on

      Thank you for making something that I will enjoy for years and years! I cannot be more excited to play your game! Congrats on getting so much money!! We look forward to higher/better goals :)

      PS: Could you do a Bobracha card? Or maybe the Bob's? Because, that would be sweet... haha!

    42. Winterhawk on

      I'm hoping some of the extra cash will go to supporting some real-life kittens, maybe by donating to shelters and pet rescue organizations. Won't someone think of the kittens? (You know, the ones that aren't exploding.)

    43. Missing avatar

      Joseph Espinosa on

      Wife said you should use the extra money to donate to various cat shelters, especially places that help Big Cats like Tigers and Lions, perhaps some African wildlife preserve. Also, we should have a "Oatmeal Community Adopted Tiger and/or Lion". Spread the money around!

    44. Josh "Panda Cub" on

      I agree they should back date 5 stretch goals starting at 100,000 level and then add another 10 stretch goals going out from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000

    45. PonSquared

      Have we not already met any stretch goals they could have possibly imagined? I hope they back date the stretch goals instead of putting them going forward from where we are now 1M+

    46. Cullen Gilchrist

      Hoping for some expansions etc for some stretch goals, as well as some sweet swag :)

    47. paul strauss on

      I totally agree with Jason Lindberg about the stretch goals. I've had too many Kickstarters get derailed by add-ons and upgrades that affect the main project timeline. Congrats on blowing your goal up like a bunch of exploding kittens.

    48. Jason Lindberg on

      Oh and in case I seemed negative in my last post I want to say that I am SUPER excited for this game. I spent $350 getting a frame made for my signed 'Tesla riding giant cat' post from The Oatmeal so you could say I am definitely a fan! Great job guys!

    49. Nathaniel Tempest on

      i'd suggest getting this made, make a website for it and use whatever money is left after manufacture to distribute to more mainstream shops. Perhaps work on merchandise (badges, expansion packs etc) but first, the game needs to be done :D

    50. Jason Lindberg on

      Skip the stretch goals, or if you are going to have them, put them at 2M and 5M or something like that where you can afford to pay to get it done out-of-band from the fulfillment of the game itself.

      Too many projects get ruined by their own success and their red faced backers screaming for more stuff. If you are going to add stretch goals, have them cost a significant amount and make sure they don't delay the primary product. Just my two cents.