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A monster-building card game from the creators of Exploding Kittens
A monster-building card game from the creators of Exploding Kittens
85,581 backers pledged $3,215,679 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Exploding Kittens (Creator)


Our stretch goal schedule
Our stretch goal schedule





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    1. Evan "Dr. P" Jibberjabber on

      (They have to be posts with the #hashtag in them as well so they can find them!)

    2. Evan "Dr. P" Jibberjabber on

      Also: Submit on FB, Twitter, or Instagram.

    3. Evan "Dr. P" Jibberjabber on

      Baby: 1 to 2 years old. (If it LOOKS like an actual baby, it'll probably count regardless.)

    4. Matthieu Brucher on

      For those who complain about the 0/15 on this page, this is a STATIC page and STATIC images that can't change. The status is available if you click on the images.

    5. Missing avatar

      dawn gorsuch on

      where do we get to see the photos of the tasks for achievement

    6. Missing avatar

      Steve Faddis on

      So I sent two pom pics via message on Facebook. Does that count or must it be posted to the page? And yes I made sure there were notes with the hashtag

    7. Al Buddah Goldenberg on

      I like my babies spicy. Will there be hot sauce provided?

    8. Missing avatar

      Steve Faddis on

      Is a one year old a baby?

    9. Anthony baez on

      Man, what a bunch of grumpy pants! "I'd rather unlock things by throwing money at them instead of having fun." Seriously, who says that?

    10. Evan "Dr. P" Jibberjabber on

      Stretch Goals (and highlighted completion entries) can now be viewed on the Campaign page.

    11. Missing avatar


      +1 Glenn Kurtzrock.

    12. GK on

      I can't remember, did people bitch and moan this much about the stretch goals during the Exploding Kittens campaign?

      FFS, shut up already!

      1 - Stretch goals are NOT mandatory, they are optional for creators who want to give a little bonus to their backers

      2 - If you don't want to do them, then DON'T DO THEM. Plenty of other backers to earn them and benefit YOU as a backer

      3 - If you have no sense of humor, why exactly are you backing this project in the first place?

    13. Bob S. on

      I think Kickstarter should add a new rule that anyone who complains about any fun thing the project creators do will get their rewards last.

    14. Evan "Dr. P" Jibberjabber on

      Click here for more info regarding goals being met:
      They are human, and sorting through who knows how much content. Be a little patient about the updates everyone.
      Furthermore, we are NOT entitle to stretch goals. Not for any reason, regardless of how well funded it already is. They are entirely optional, though incentivizing, promotional tools they can CHOOSE to use. They don't even have to do this much for us.

    15. Karen Elizabeth McMichael on

      I'm surprised by how many people are being wet blankets in the comments -- if you don't want to participate, just sit back and wait for someone else to do it! It costs you nothing and you're going to get free extras that weren't part of what you originally backed. Anyways. My actual question is whether there's a place we should be watching to see which achievements have been completed -- is this page the best place for updates, or is there a separate website to be following?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jerzy Kilarski

      why is it still 0/15 COMPLETED, if already some ppl completed some tasks?

    17. Will Nyteshade

      my new goal is bearing my friends kids now...this is gonna be fun, all you people who are whining for money stretch arent fun. tomorrow im gonna go make some mashed potato babies

    18. chris on

      Can't say I'm overjoyed about having to jump through more rings to unlock stretch goals that clearly should be unlocked if they exist,i understand these tasks add some more fun to the campaign but surely these could of been used to unlock other things or we could of atleast had a couple of stretch goals as a reward for such a huge amount of money raised over the funding goal as currently this game really isn't very good value ,which only makes this issue worse.

      But I'm sure it will work itself out.

    19. Chris Kunkel on

      I think the stretch goal achievements are great!

    20. MDecamp on

      YESSSSS - so excited to play this game. Matt and Elan are the best. Going to video document my entries. More soon =!

    21. Missing avatar

      Amy Hughes on

      People who are complaining about stretch goals - calm down. Given the track record on Exploding Kittens, there's virtually no chance that these things won't be unlocked. We'll get ALL of them and we'll have a riotous good time doing it. This is soooooo much better than stretch goals based on additional funding because it means that everyone who has already funded the game can participate, but no one has to. If you haven't looked up #BEARSvsBABIES on Twitter, you're missing out. There's so many haiku out there already, that we've probably met that challenge. There's 5 gummi bears on a sleeping baby. We might have enough bears/baby swaps in movie scenes. I've seen 2 Poms in undies and a few cat fighter jets. There's even a mashed potato bear. It's silly and fun. Just like the game will be. If you don't like silly and fun, take your money and go to another Kickstarter. We're having a good time here.

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hackard

      @PJ: Those are collective goals, not something each individual backer has to do.

    23. PJ Torres on

      I'm disappointed that the stretch goals aren't already unlocked given the success of the KS. Looking at everything I would have to do to fulfill the round one requisites it's disheartening because I cannot imagine finding the time to achieve fifteen of those goals. *shrug*

    24. Optix on

      I doubt I'll be able to help but don't doubt enough people will, and I look forward to seeing the results. :)

    25. Mike Kabala

      @gareauk, there's plenty of backer love for this campaign. Many of us backed Exploding Kittens and had a blast with all of the social stretch goals while building an entire community aroud the campaign which still exists today. I encourage you to join the CubSubCorps crew.

    26. Jaimie Jackson on

      Just to make sure on this, it's 100 bear haikus from everyone, not 100 haikus each, right?

    27. Dinah Davis on

      This has made my day! So many funny tweets have come from this!

    28. gareauk on

      So many negative comments here. Where's the love? I for one think it's a brilliant idea to get the backers involved and at the same time, help promote their product.

    29. Joe DeLorenzo on

      Fyi, LEGO is both singular and plural ;)

    30. John McMillen

      I've seen more and more Kickstarter projects add non-monetary stretch goals to their campaigns, especially after Exploding Kittens. Many times, it's an easy way to draw attention to the project which can lead to more backers in addition to more stretch goals.

      If you don't want to help, that's fine, don't. Given that we have nearly 40K backers, except for the haiku's, everything else could be done with less than 1% of the people having to do a thing.

    31. John Ashton-Keller on

      The dressing up and pumpkin ones should be really easy to meet with Halloween just around the corner.

    32. Tesseract Labs

      Point of note on stretch goals - $1.4 million out of $10,000 goal does not mean that they have $1.39 million lying around extra.

      It means that they now have $1.4 million of consumer demand out of a projected $10k of demand. "with that much money, something has to give" - this can be true, but usually it's not in a GOOD way. An overextreme example would be a local stadium asking a kids' lemonade stand to cater for $10,000: Lots of money does not make everything easy.

      Granted, with the track record of Exploding Kittens I'm not expecting many problems with this campaign in particular - just pointing out that the mindset of "lots of money == lots of stretch goals" is often the kiss of death for overfunded campaigns, ballooning complexity and demand way past original capacity. I think that if they've got the infrastructure for cool goals, this is a fun way to release them. It worked for Joking Hazard, and I expect the Bears vs Babies team will end up releasing however much stretch they wanted to by the time it's through :)

    33. Jack Dalrymple on

      You guys are awesome and brilliant!!!!
      Deserve the huge success!!!!
      Congrats =D

    34. Owen "Great Mountain" Middleton

      @Dracolichking: Why not both?

    35. Dracolichking

      Now I'm gonna have to go get a baby. Or a bear.

    36. Owen "Great Mountain" Middleton

      Just don't forget the slips of paper with the #BEARSvsBABIES on it, otherwise they don't count!

    37. Missing avatar

      manda elliott on

      This seems like a really bad excuse to be upset..... have fun...go build something funny out of mashed potatoes and thank the creators for giving you an excuse to play with your food!

    38. Missing avatar

      Josh Triplett on

      What about pictures of bears dressed as babies? At least one backer probably knows people at a zoo that work with (small, less violent) bears.

    39. Jonathan Lord von Haßlau on

      @James: Already happened.
      Twice :D
      One on Twitter, another one on fb

    40. Owen "Great Mountain" Middleton

      @Juan: To be completely honest, it is 100% up to the creators how, and if, they give stretch goals. If you are unhappy about it, there is nothing you can do about it except accept it, or decide not to back it. Those are your options, along with everyone else. And just because "tabletop games take the cake due to stretch goals"(questionable) doesn't mean they have to do it the same way others do, which is "throw more money at us and we will give you more items!". The way Elan and team are doing this helps involve the community, without causing them to feel they need to spend more money to get more items. 99% of stretch goals with these guys can be done through items you have at home already, or can easily be obtained from elsewhere for VERY little to no financial cost.

    41. James Myers on

      Someone PLEASE replace the bear from The Revenant with a baby...

    42. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on


      They pulled this stunt on the recent "Family Plot" project, but they also had monetary stretch goals as well.

      I personally think it sucks! I don't have time to waste on doing dumb stuff while the creators of this project just pulled in $1.4 Million!

      If the rest of the 38 thousand backers want to jump through a bunch of stupid hoops for stretch goals we should have already earned, be my guest.

    43. Juan

      @Mike - Your attitude is not appreciated; besides, out of all categories in Kickstarter tabletop games take the cake due to stretch goals offered to backers. I know that the creator does not have to offer stretch goals to backers; however, at $1.4 million something has to give. So calm down, relax, and utilize your baby as you see fit. I give credit to the creator because they work smart, unlike some backers who prefer this elaborate process.

    44. Owen "Great Mountain" Middleton

      @Chris P: It's cumulative. They are for the entire group to achieve. Some will go above and beyond(as seen in the EK campaign) and produce many, many, variations of each little goal.

    45. Missing avatar

      Stew Levine on

      Can you even legally change the name of a pet in Texas? Does this mean I have (shudder) get my wife and kids' permission to change the name of one of the dogs?

    46. Derek Allen on

      Just goes to show you how much people love you f×€kin crazy guys!