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A monster-building card game from the creators of Exploding Kittens
A monster-building card game from the creators of Exploding Kittens
85,581 backers pledged $3,215,679 to help bring this project to life.

The first two days are over. What's next?

Posted by Exploding Kittens (Creator)
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    1. Micah "Zem the Mattress" Philson on

      what the?! I tried accessing this on my archaic phone as an experiment, but it only shows comments from Oct. 20 to Oct. 23! And no "see nore comments" button!

    2. Louisa Buchanan on

      I can't bear waiting any longer for these stretch goals.

    3. Bruno Marc-Aurèle on

      Can't wait for the stretch goals. No hurry, no pressure: I'm just excited for the surprises!

    4. Jessica Macri

      I really hope the box roars like a bear! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt McNerney on

      We LOVE exploding kittens. Can NOT wait to stop the EVIL BABY ARMIES!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Mike Hawkins on

      Plastic cards would be nice, or maybe transparent modifier cards aka gloom?

    7. Missing avatar

      AlphaWolf102582 on

      Can't wait to open my BvB box and it roars at me ;)

    8. David on i contribute with 1 euro and twitter your stuff, you can contribute with 1000e? its only 1 % of your BEAREMOUS

    9. Missing avatar

      Ian Chesterman on

      I backed Exploding Kittens and it was great, I've now backed this. Please could one of the stretch goals be to make the Bears vs Babies cards slightly better quality than the EK ones? Most normal game cards have rounded corners but the EK corners are square, so they get chewed up. And the EK cards don't bend/shuffle as well as a good deck of cards.
      Excited to try BvB!

    10. Chunker on

      Awww yeah! Let's get some good stretching in!

    11. Missing avatar

      Kirsten LeBlanc on

      So excited for this game. My sister has already claimed the first play.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kirsten LeBlanc on

      So excited for this game. My sister has already claimed the first play.

    13. Roguebaron on

      Loved the sound effects on the exploding kittens box, it was a nice surprise. But if you go the route of something that requires batteries, please make sure they are easy to change or remove so they don't damage the game in the long run.

    14. Dracolichking

      The first stretch goal is: AN ACTUAL, REAL-LIFE BABY!!! There, are you guys happy now?

    15. Juan

      Fellow backers,

      Please, let's keep it cool with the stretch goals and give the creators time to come up with clever ones. Why is the majority wanting something ASAP. Let's keep cool like Polar Bears and wait patiently. After all, this is not their first project. Just saying.... ; )

    16. Juan

      LOL, wow the art work and statements on each one of these are amazing. I'm at the pain clinic and I'm laughing reading this. This is just what the doctor ordered. The best one is stretch. Lol, keep it up because this project is raising the bar for others to follow, thank you. : )

    17. ROBIN on

      @Larysa Jaworski - LOL, very funny. :)

    18. Jyuichi

      @paul @michael stretch goal scaling goes wacky when your printing this number of copies.

      Also I suspect they will tie into publicity efforts so letting the first couple days growth happen without them saves the social media push for when it counts

    19. Tiffany Young-Aldrich on

      if you build it they will come..I have no doubt

    20. Larysa Jaworski on

      I predict the game will get to 5mil, or damned close.
      At this rate the stretch goal will be an actual bear... Although hopefully not an actual baby! lol

    21. Michael Sauter

      Don't want to be that guy, but why don't we get the stretch infos now?
      I won't belive no one, not even one of the bears, thought about the possibility to overachieve even a little? ;)

    22. Micah "Zem the Mattress" Philson on

      Paul, that's the reason they didn't do them yet. They probably didn't know the exact scaling to do them with.

    23. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      So, stretch targets don't kick in until after you achieve 10,000% of your stated goal?

      One could be forgiven for thinking we are already DEEP into stretch territory

    24. Aether Tower

      So, rounding the numbers, the 1's and the 3's are the lucky numbers for the bears! (with a lot of 0's) Can't wait for the Stretch goals!

    25. Chad Martorano on

      Love it!!! Congratulations!

    26. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on

      nothing about the goals? got excited when i saw stretch

    27. Missing avatar


      No duh you guys have done so well, your work is always fantastic!