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A comic anthology of our most awkward moments. Together we can laugh at each other.

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The biggest risk of this project for me as a creator is making the best comics I can with the stories that are submitted. But that's also the challenge I can't wait to tackle.

I have a printer here in Chicago ready to go and a plan to take care of shipping. In order to prepare for any blunders that could come with taking submissions, I have created a few stipulations for this end of the project:

• By submitting a story to me, you're giving me full non-exclusive rights to the story, including the rights to illustrate it, change it, sell it, etc.
• I do not have to use your story if it does not make the book more awesome. (Signing up for the $1 tier gives you the right to submit a story to be considered by me, but it does not guarantee that I will use it in the book. You will get a copy for $1, regardless.)
• I will connect with backers via Kickstarter once the project closes, and I will ask for your submissions and photos.


  • Only backers on the first pledge level can submit a story. I will collect your stories via Kickstarter's survey on or just after August 24th, the day this Kickstarter closes.

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  • Yep! The fine details for this will be hammered out through my Kickstarter survey at the close of the project. Those who wish to remain anonymous in print are welcome to, and those who want their names attached to their stories will see recognition either on the comic itself or in a reference list at the back of the book.

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    Donate your most embarrassing story to this anthology and get a copy of the finished book mailed to you for one dollar.

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    A PDF of "Let's Be Awkward Together." You can read it on your computer like a nerd.

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    A beautiful soft cover copy of "Let's Be Awkward Together" mailed to your door. A real book just like a grownup reads.

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    The book mailed to your door plus a comic about you, just you, emailed to you as a PDF to spam all of your coworkers and as a high resolution tif to print if you choose. You can send a story about a loved one to give as a gift, or send a story about something special in your life you want to commemorate. You can also send an awkward story; I'm really good at those.

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