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Exploring the issues and future of rural America through the eyes and ideas of those living in Southern West Virginia.
Exploring the issues and future of rural America through the eyes and ideas of those living in Southern West Virginia.
Exploring the issues and future of rural America through the eyes and ideas of those living in Southern West Virginia.
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    1. Elaine McMillion Creator on

      awesome Dmitry :) Glad it made it to you!

    2. Dmitry Paskal on

      In cold-cold Moscow, October 15, I've got the postcard from Hollow documentary! Thank you very very much:)

    3. Missing avatar

      Terry R. Tabor on

      Elaine, I was born in McDowell County and grew up in Mercer County. My wife is from Logan County. Although we have been away from the state for many years, we remain true West Virginians. We are intrigued by your project and will continue to follow it closely. Thanks for your effort and enjoy great success.

    4. Rheanna O'Neil Bellomo on

      Thank you so much to each and every person that has donated and helped us spread the word! This project means a lot to all of us and we would appreciate if you kept getting the word out! Help us reach $30,000 and to give more cameras to the community!

    5. Elaine McMillion Creator on

      Thanks Russell and Des!! Des, you should definitely come to's quite the beautiful place and holds some of the best people in this country. Russell thanks for cheering us on...we really are grateful and excited about all this positive feedback! Onto $30,000!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Russell Goodwin on

      Hooray!! Congrats!! We are so excited you've reached the $25,000 mark. Now we're rooting for the next milestone ($30,000) so you can broaden the reach of this invaluable message. Kudos to the team for all that's been done - we are so excited to see this opportunity unfold and so look forward to this story being told!

    7. Des Gilmore on

      Congratulations on reaching the 25,000 mark! Hope there will be more to come. Watching all the preview footage plus the other interactive docos you have listed is really very inspiring. Will have to make a trip to West Virginia at some stage.

    8. Elaine McMillion Creator on

      Hey Rebecca! Thanks for your post. It's nice to hear from someone with roots in McDowell..we really appreciate your positive feedback about the project! Production starts next week!!

    9. Rebecca Cleary Frost on

      I was born in and spent the first 10 years of my life in Kimball in McDowell Co. and still have family there. I really have high hopes for this documentary. :)

    10. Elaine McMillion Creator on

      Thank you Beth! McDowell is a special place to many and we can't wait to uncover the many stories and issues that are often overlooked!

    11. Beth Bissmeyer on

      This sounds like such a wonderful project. I had the pleasure of spending a few weekends in McDowell County a few years ago with an Appalachian Studies class; it's a wonderful town, and I think the people there have stories that should be heard. Best of luck with this!

    12. Elaine McMillion Creator on

      So glad to hear you say that! Also, thank you so much for all your work with AmericCorps in my hometown of's always nice to see an out-of-stater appreciate our people and culture.

    13. Missing avatar

      Caitlin Bueller on

      After being in West Virginia for a full month, I can honestly say that this is such an important project for the people of this state and for the world. I am doing my best to get this kickstarter page into the hands of the right people in Logan to make sure you reach your goal by Sunday! Hopefully that will work out well. Good luck with everything! xoxo

    14. Elaine McMillion Creator on

      Thanks Rachelle, we think so too! 9 days to go!!

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    16. Elaine McMillion Creator on

      Thanks everyone! We appreciate all your feedback and comments! It's great to see people from West Virginia and those from other states responding so positively to this project. We can't make this happen without your support, so thanks again! Find us on Facebook for daily updates

    17. Isabel Thottam on

      Elaine is amazingly talented and so wonderful to work with! I wish I had more to donate, but I look forward to seeing how this project comes together - it's an incredible idea and very inspiring to hear about! Keep it up Elaine, you're brilliant!! :-)

    18. Lori Ann McVay, Ph.D. on

      This film has so much potential! I am a WV native, and still call it home, even though I left nearly 20 years ago. I miss it every day, and I firmly believe it is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich places on earth. I hope the film will be a huge success. Thank you so much for taking the time to make it!

    19. Andrea Iverson on

      I'm a Nj native who went to college in Buckhannon Wv and I miss it every day!

    20. Mircea Goia on

      I spent my first year as an immigrant in US, in the town of Wheeling, WV (where I do have some friends). That's why I backed this project. I find it interesting.

    21. Elaine McMillion Creator on

      Thanks Kendra!!

    22. Kendra Marshall on

      This is still an untold story. May you be the next Barbara Koppel! You go girl! :) All the best, Kendra