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Lee and Kaluta's 176-page, sci-fi noir Graphic Novel, set in the Starstruck Multiverse.
Lee and Kaluta's 176-page, sci-fi noir Graphic Novel, set in the Starstruck Multiverse.
820 backers pledged $67,777 to help bring this project to life.

Everyone gets Full Color! 24 Hours to Go!

It's the Final Countdown!

We are now committed to bringing you a full color book. And if we can get a couple of thousand more in today, everyone also gets a PDF of the book in Michael's exquisite black line. So, keep posting and Tweeting our link. Keep blogging about us and telling your friends. Keep talking about us on forums. We want the campaign go out with a bang!

In case we haven't said it enough, thanks!

We are overwhelmed by your generosity and your kind expressions of moral support. You showed up for us when it counts, before the book is produced, before any publishing deal is made. In other words, you have enabled us to keep the rights in our work, while still making a living. Thanks and thanks and thanks again.

And now for something completely different...

In a rare case of good timing, the 4th volume of Michael Kaluta's sketchbook series is out today--the very last day of our Kickstarter--from IDW. So, instead of the usual Starstruck image, we're sending you the cover art.

Let's make this the best day since Day 1!

Elaine & Michael

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    1. Johann on

      @James Fox Corpuz

      I think you got it right,
      if you want only one commentary add $20 if you want both add $40 to your total pledge amount, either way don't forget to notify Elaine.

    2. Missing avatar

      James Fox on

      I just got the IDW hardcover. could i just add $20 to whatever tier I'm at to get a copy of the audio commentary for that hardcover as well? or add $40 in order to get both commentaries?

      woohooo to color!

    3. Elaine Lee Creator on

      Oh, Doug! The Galactic Girl Guides would promise to send everyone books, but when you opened them, it would be last cycle's Galactic Girl Guide manual, with a picture of Harry Palmer glued to the front. And the Guides would be on the Rec Station, spending your donations! Good thing for you I'm not a Guide!

    4. Doug

      What would the Galactic Girl Guides do in a situation like this?

    5. Jorge Farfan on

      Congrats Michael and Elaine!!

    6. Elaine Lee Creator on

      Hahahahaha! Great video, Johann!