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Lee and Kaluta's 176-page, sci-fi noir Graphic Novel, set in the Starstruck Multiverse.
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Starstruck Cover Story!

Posted by Elaine Lee (Creator)

Greetings Steadfast Backers!

In the last few updates, we've spoken about our need to bring in more money, in order to get the books and rewards to you. Because of this, we'll be putting out Harry Palmer's story (minus its epilogue) as a 6-book comic series, before the hardback books are printed. As we've also mentioned, to make this go down easier, we'll be adding some rewards for you!

One way we've to decided to add additional value for our backers is to give the Kickstarter Edition of the book its very own cover! Books printed for distribution to the general public will have different cover art. We will do a print run of 1,000 books with the Kickstarter cover and signature page, only for our backers, for the folks who helped us build our campaign, and for a few folks who missed the Kickstarter, but pre-ordered the book in the months following. So, your book will be a collector's item! 

We've also decided that the folks who donated in order to have their likeness appear in the book will receive a page of Michael's actual working sketches of their character. The rest of the additional rewards we're still working out. Donors who backed us at the lower end may be able to pick an extra reward from a list of rewards to be provided. High end donors may also receive working sketches of various scenes from Starstruck: "Old Proldiers Never Die"

So, where are we now? Michael's art, completed. Lee's painting, completed. Todd's lettering, completed and revised (though Elaine is still placing it on the art pages). Glossary and gallery in progress. Layout in progress. This thing is finally coming together, folks, and it looks beautiful! 

We'll be getting back to you soon, with more info about Kickstarter fulfillment and extra rewards, as well as news about a Starstruck Coloring Book and other related projects.


Elaine and Michael

Cover for the Kickstarter Edition of Starstruck: "Old Proldiers Never Die"
Cover for the Kickstarter Edition of Starstruck: "Old Proldiers Never Die"
Danger stalks Harry in the Rec Station Gutters
Danger stalks Harry in the Rec Station Gutters
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    1. Missing avatar

      George M.V. Jones on

      you are very welcome! : )

    2. Elaine Lee Creator on

      Thanks, George.

    3. Missing avatar

      George M.V. Jones on

      Well Ma'am I want to thank you for your candor,your really quick responses,and for the depth of information you have shared regarding the status of this project.I am sorry for all the problems this project has generated for you personally.You didn't have to share that but you did and i respect yourstrength of character for being so honest.normally when we fans read a book we look at the names of the creators in the first few pages and then move on...your response shows that there is a living breathing feeling person behind the sceneswho is at the mercy of forces beyond their control too!One thing i do know is that anyone who was involved with comics/fantasy/sci fi projects back in the '70's(before Star Wars came out'cause that flick opened the genre wide open) are the people who have written the "cultural" DNA for the current environment we fans are in now.There are more sci fi fantasy comic book related projects on the internet TV books and movies that a fan could ask for! Star Wars the Force Awakens makes almost 3 BILLION dollars The Avengers,Avatar,The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter(a new book AND movie coming this year) exploding all over the place,multiple tv projects Shadowhunters Shannara Chronicles plus more,internet streaming Daredevil Jessica Jones and a NEW Star Trek series coming this year and all kinds of stuff not yet released probably sitting out in some genius' brain There are a lot of old folks like me who remember being kids in the past and seeing your work in Epic comics and Heavy Metal and are still blown away by the outstanding artwork and creative writing of you and Mr.Kaluta to be honest Ms Lee I can't understand the story you've written which is why I like it so much it's unique that way!!the deep rich coloring of Mr.Moyer is a perfect compliment for Mr.Kalutas highly detailed artwork and doesn't overpower it but perfectly meshes with it giving the work a vibrant feel like an HD TV or an IMAX screen,but better 'cause you can hold it in your hands read it in the comfort of your home.I KNOW in this current environment this project will be succesful 'cause the rest of the world has finally caught up with you and Mr. Kaluta! The Shannara Chronicles, The Warcraft Movie,Lord of the Rings movies the TV show Vikings all have Kaluta running thru them and a chance to see more of his work every fan worth his salt will fork out the loot to buy these comics If we could get into Dr Whos' Tardis and go in the near future we would see this project completed ,everybody has their books,and everbody looking forward to the Artist Edition of this work,but for now Ms Lee,God Bless You and your family,keep slogging thru.that which does not kill us makes us stronger,we happy few we band of brothers,once more into the breach dear friends,and all that inspirational hoo ha! Looking forward to seeing the book aroud Christmas time! : )

    4. Elaine Lee Creator on

      George, you need to stop thinking about me as a person who has any control over the situation. I don't. At this point, I am held hostage by Starstruck and, frankly, have been for years. I can give you a guess, but if I'm wrong, it will only mean a whole deluge of messages, asking me why I was wrong, expressing dismay, and begging me to guess again. But what do I know? I thought the first date I gave you would be good, as that is the date I was given, and we all know how that turned out! As much as I love Starstruck, want to finish the whole story, and think this book is going to be great, if I had known this Kickstarter was going to be dragged out this way, I would never, ever have gotten involved in it. The only reason this project hasn't led to my complete financial ruin, is that I got old enough to apply for early Social Security. If it doesn't come out soon, even that won't save me. And the only thing I can tell you is that we seem to have a publisher who says the 6-book series will come out this summer, but we haven't yet signed the contract. Covers for the series are being drawn. Glossaries and features for the issues are being compiled. Those books will have to come out, over six months, then the Kickstarter GN and the version for public consumption will be printed and sent to you. I am doing my best to facilitate this, but none of it is really under my control. I have told you what other people told me before. I can't do that again.

    5. Missing avatar

      George M.V. Jones on

      Yes Ma'am while i thank you and really appreciate your quick response,i wouls still like to know,how much longer are we going to have to wait 'till the books are shipped to us backers?Even if the 6 issue comic book form releases 1 book per month we are looking at SIX MONTHS till the whole thing comes out,which if you started this month,( a BIG if ) OCTOBER 2016 would see that portion of your plan completed and the books might arrive by NOVEMBER 2016 !!!!We're gonna have a new President by then(Hillary Clinton most likely)I don't mean to bother you Ms.Lee i can only imagine the stress level your are under,but could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEZ(pretty please with sugar on it) give a best SPECIFIC GUESS as to what date we backers could see this book in our hands?It would be a big help to have SOME idea when to look forward to the book arriving! I was in the Marine Corps for 6 1/2 years so my endurance level is pretty high and i've been a comic book fan for over 55 years(I'm 60 so the first 5 years I can't recall what i liked! LOL ) so my enthusiasm for the genre is super high! I'm waiting for the dvd/blu ray of Star Wars the Force Awakens to arrive in my mail box( thanx Amazon) any millisecond now! :)

    6. Elaine Lee Creator on

      Yup, George, it has been that long. And no one is more upset about that than I am.

    7. Missing avatar

      George M.V. Jones on

      Hmmm,so the question I have is your talking about "the money we need will come from our future sales" right? So how long are we going to have to wait until we backers receive our copies of the 176 page graphic novel?It's great that you've figured out the finances(hopefully) but the $64 dollar questions are: 1, Are we backers who have been hanging in there with you guys for THREE YEARS NOW going to get this project in its 176 page graphic novel form,and 2 How much longer ARE WE GONNA HAVETA WAIT $ IT?!! I know it's been tough but Jeez Louise 3 YEARS?

    8. Elaine Lee Creator on

      Matthew - There is a publisher and the money we need will come from our future sales. The last time we did Starstruck comics, the publisher had to pay for the painted color and we still made money on the books. This time, all the work will have been completed ahead of time, so we expect to make more than enough to get you the books. And you will get your PDFs of the book, before the general public sees the story.

    9. Missing avatar

      matthew mikas on

      Hmmmm.... Not sure I understand what's going on here. Does this mean that once all the copy is finished we will have to wait for the six issues to get published and distributed and then hope that you make enough money off of them to roll over into printing the actual books we paid for? It seems like we are looking at probably another nine months to a year before we get our rewards then. Also, a question here, what if your income from the comics isn't enough for you to go to print with the hardbound books? Or is there a publisher who is paying for everything and will ensure that this new venture comes to fruition regardless of how well the individual comics sell?

    10. Ronnie M on

      @Elaine - Great news. Thanks for the update.

    11. Peter Pein on

      Great news, thanks Elaine! =)

    12. Missing avatar

      Craig Warsaw on

      Oops. I meant access to the COVERS of the 6 issues and the COVER of the non-Kickstarter hardback.

    13. Missing avatar

      Craig Warsaw on

      Looks beautiful! Really looking forward to it. If there is some way that backers could get access to the 6 issues and the non-Kickstarter hardback, that would be super! Even access digital-only to those pieces would be much appreciated. Congrats on getting close to the finish line!

    14. Missing avatar

      Ief Grootaers on

      Beautiful art. I can't wait to get my hands on the finished product!

    15. Elaine Lee Creator on

      We absolutely understand your concern, Andrew, and our backers will get a digital version of the whole book before the comics are printed.

    16. Andrew Horton on

      No matter what happens, please make sure that everyone who backed this YEARS ago gets access to it before people who buy some serialized version. It would be the ultimate insult to be told that the general market gets to read this before we do. Even if it's just a digital version...

    17. Mark Netter on

      Love. This. Work.

    18. Grivaud Fred on

      Hi Starstruck team ;-)
      You can also include in this Kickstater edition the diverses covers of the regular edition (limited séries and eventualy the tpb), to be complete !!!
      I'm impatient to have news about the coloring book and these other related projects ;-)

    19. John Nacinovich

      Excellent update! This really looks like it's going to be an excellent package. Can't wait to see the finished product.