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$24,021 pledged of $40,000 goal
$24,021 pledged of $40,000 goal

12 Hours Left on the New Campaign!


Hi everyone,

The new Kickstarter has 12 hours remaining until it ends. As of right now combined pledges from Kickstarter and PayPal bring us to $57,258 NZD!

A lot of you have returned to back us in this new campaign. We truly, truly appreciate your support. Without the early push you gave us, we wouldn't even be close to reaching these heights. Thank you! :D

We're now moving ever closer to reaching the final Stretch Goal, which is the $60,000 NZD mark. That amount will allow us to empower the game's soundtracks with vocals and live instruments, creating powerful tracks beyond the ones we've made so far!

For those who have not returned to back us, we'd like to ask you to once again see how far we've got in this new campaign. Celestian Tales has grown so far from where it was last year. We can write long, long, paragraphs to describe it, but instead of cluttering this update we'll compress it into a single screenshot.

 If you'd like to see this game happen, please join us in spreading the word and consider backing us in these final hours. ;)

Thanks again!


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    1. Edward T. on April 2, 2014

      Haven't been here for a long time. I've been busy with all kind of stuffs, gotten sick, and have just recently recovered. Anyway, I don't wish to dampen the mood but I've been playing the new prototype and while it offers some pleasing upgrades, it also brings along quite a few flaws. I have captured a few screenshots to illustrate my point:

      Example 1: While the amount of foliage has increased in the new version, these new assets seem to have some weird aliased edges and color-bleeding-like artifacts.
      -Old version: http://a.pomf.se/apbzjv.jpg
      -New version: http://a.pomf.se/ogkpfe.jpg

      Example 2: Same as the first. We can that the tree above Yliance especially got it bad.
      -Old version: http://a.pomf.se/ninuwi.jpg
      -New version: http://a.pomf.se/bogfza.jpg

      Example 3: In the new version, the ground texture on the left side of the characters is strangely clipped. Also the same at the lower right corner.
      -Old version: http://a.pomf.se/ybtbdr.jpg
      -New version: http://a.pomf.se/gtjlba.jpg

      Example 4: The house in the new version got weird white edges and the character sprites became strangely blurred in this particular cutscene.
      -Old version: http://a.pomf.se/hmmthl.jpg
      -New version: http://a.pomf.se/gsftpx.jpg

      I just thought I should point these out since they bug me.