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$24,021 pledged of $40,000 goal
$24,021 pledged of $40,000 goal

One Step Away!


Hey everyone!

The main text body is set. The rewards are set. The accounts are set. We sent the relaunch page to Kickstarter, and a couple days later they got back to us. We're ready.

Want a sneak peek? Here you go.

Note: If you'd like to be notified when the project launches, you can click the 'Notify me on launch' button on the top of the preview page.

Launch Date

The relaunch is scheduled to go live tomorrow (Friday, February 28th), at 11 P.M. UTC+7. That means 4 P.M. UTC for European countries and 11 A.M. Eastern Time Zone for those in the US.

It will run for 33 days, and will end on Wednesday, April 2nd, at the same hours.

We don't currently open pledges through PayPal, but will do so once the target is reached. However, this option will be closed when the Kickstarter ends. Opening a way to pledge outside of the project duration essentially negates backers' exclusivity, and it's not something we want to do. We honor and respect backers who put their trust on us early, and we wish to show it.


We've stated before that since we had problems with our representative in the US (long-distance communication and huge time difference worsened it), we reached out for friends in Australia and New Zealand. For this relaunch we'll be using a New Zealand account, and there are some reward changes in this relaunch we want to make clear:

  • Kickstarter only allows us to use local currency. Since we're using a New Zealand account, rewards will be shown in NZD. For your ease, we'll be manually showing the estimated USD conversion.
  • Kickstarter only allows us to ask for shipping fees from the local country. That means the physical rewards will have 'Add X to ship outside New Zealand'. This might sound like a bummer, but we've adjusted the reward amounts so that this doesn't actually add more costs for you.
  • We wrote off many high-tier physical items available from the original launch, and instead added more creative and artistic rewards. Other than minimizing costs, we feel that these kinds of rewards -- getting yourself illustrated by our artists and added into the game, for example -- are more special, limited, and can connect us closer through the game than cloaks and brooches.

Playable Prototype

In the relaunch, we're going to have a playable prototype available for you to download and try (the link isn't up yet, but it'll be there on launch). It's a short build which won't deliver the full richness and experience of the completed version, but shows that we've got a working system from environment to animations, exploration to combat, dialogues to events, background music to ambience sounds.

At this stage, Celestian Tales is not just an idea or concept. We've got real stuffs in our hands, and we have something to prove it. This prototype hopes to convey a message that with your support we are more than capable of making Celestian Tales a reality.

Thank You

As we draw nearer to the relaunch, we'd like to thank you who have supported this project. From the moment of its conception until this day, Celestian Tales has evolved a long way, far from where we thought it could go. We still remember the days when we thought to ourselves whether to continue pursuing this project or to just drop it. You were the ones who convinced us to step forward. You were the ones who kept believing.

The power of community has brought the game up to this point. We wouldn't have been able to get here without you.

For that, we sincerely thank you.

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    1. Ekuator Games 3-time creator on February 28, 2014

      Thanks for the support, everyone! Feels so great to have you on our backs :D

      @Dean Simons: Thanks for noticing. Maybe it's because of the colours, as you pointed out. We'll definitely look into that, though perhaps even if there'll be changes, it'll be after the project is finished. :)

    2. Adrian on February 27, 2014

      As promised, I will be pledging again and this time I know we will get there!

    3. Dean Simons
      on February 27, 2014

      Just watched the video - looks good. Though I have a slight concern that the character avatars in the game are kinda too thin. If you play it on a small screen it is hard to properly see them against the background. Might want to work on the colour contrasts or make them slightly wider/rounder to make them more identifiable onscreen. Everything else is fantastic and I look forward to pledging and playing the final result! :)

    4. Edward T. on February 27, 2014

      At last, it's here!