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Graphics Upgrade Progess and Console News

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Graphics Upgrade Progress

We've been receiving messages concerning our 'barebone graphics', and in our effort to answer we're on our way to revamp the combat backgrounds and environment from pixel arts to hand-drawn colors. Remember that sketch yesterday? Today it's halfway done into coloring:

Not using pixel backgrounds, in turn, lowers the workload for our dedicated pixel artist. This change gives her more time to add more animation frames to make them more fluid. Here's what she's been working on:

Starting Animation: You'll see this when you first enter a combat scene.

Attack Animation: This is for a basic attack.

Other stuffs like idle stance, low HP, non-attack skill, defensive stance, and hit effect, you can peek at them yourself here: http://imgur.com/a/1iYAs

What do you think about these? =D

Console News

We have received an answer from Nintendo on the possibilities of Celestian Tales: Old North being made for their console. Unfortunately they're not good news. Here's the straight words from their Developer Relations:

"Nintendo cannot authorize developers located in Indonesia. The reason is related to devkit certification, which has not been completed for Indonesia."

Sony still hasn't given word, but there's a big possibility that we'd hit the same regional wall. We value our players, and we're not going to give false hopes. We thought you deserve to know that getting the devkit here turns out to be quite improbable. Sorry :(

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    1. Brett Morehouse on

      Thank you for using "improbable" instead of "impossible" ;)

      Reading between the lines, perhaps devkit certification will be completed in Indonesia in the near future.

      I do agree with @Duncan - don't give up on Sony just yet. However, I add perhaps don't give up on Nintendo just yet. Perhaps wait and see. Perhaps Indonesia will gain devkit certification status positive :D

      Moving on...

      Awesome draw animation! I love watching characters actually ready for battle rather than appear pre-engaged.

    2. Ekuator Games 3-time creator on

      Thanks for the good faith, everyone! We're not counting Sony out yet, the contact person is known to be busy. So let's just hope for the best :D
      By the way, it's been done colored, tomorrow we'll show you how it turns out. A bit too vibrant for a game you'll play for hours though, so it'll get retouched in digital. But it's awesome as it is, so we'd hate to not show good stuffs for you guys!

    3. Duncan A. Doherty

      The art and animations look great! Keep up the good work.

      As far as Nintendo goes, sad that it can't be done just yet, but note that they specifically stated it can't be done because devkit certification has not been finished for Indonesia. So even if it's a few years down the road, the possibility is not gone completely :).

      Don't give up hope on Sony yet either. They could still pull through and be able to provide you with a devkit. No sense in counting them out until it's confirmed one way or another.

      Just throwing this out there, but like I said, even if it's a few years down the road, I would gladly repurchase this on either a Nintendo or Sony system if the game is even half as good as it looks. Keep the faith.

    4. Caleb Benoit on

      i love the artwork being done! very nice! sorry about your luck with the consoles so far, but il still be playing!

    5. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      I'm still holding out irrational hope for Vita. :) However, if I can only play it on PC, then on PC I shall play! The art is just amazing.

    6. Ekuator Games 3-time creator on

      Thanks! The background should be done fully by the end of the week and then we'll start doing the tilesets for exploration environment, so do keep in touch! :D

    7. SV on

      This looks great, sorry about how bad the console makers are at letting games be released on their systems.

    8. Norghat on

      Just beautiful <3 :D