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Strategy tabletop game for 3-6 players where social skills are as important as tactics and luck. MOB "The Godfather of all Board Games"
Strategy tabletop game for 3-6 players where social skills are as important as tactics and luck. MOB "The Godfather of all Board Games"
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GAMBONI will be delivered in 2018!

Posted by Ewout Key Rameijer (Creator)

Dear Backers,

First of all, again my sincere apologies for the delay in delivering the game as well as in posting updates. The good news is that production finally started and we should be able to still deliver this year. I hope it will be early November but it could also be December ...

I am grateful for your patience and understanding as this has taken a lot longer than planned and than I anticipated. After the initial delay due to legal and other issues, we finally got the proto in May this year (after almost a year after the campaign ended) so it looked like we could get the final product in your hands in August / September, round about now.

> see unboxing video on Instagram:

However; after we sent prototypes out to 50 different playtesters in the US, it turned out that there were still some unclarities in the manual. The game had been tested in Europe as well as North America before the KS campaign, but never before on this scale. Up till now I used 5 hand-made prototypes, one of which I used myself to test and show at conventions, stores and organised test sessions and four that circulated among different testers in different countries.   

The results of these new test results and feedback caused some serious clashes between me and my publisher. we managed to work everything out and I really appreciate their effort and the result of it but the extra delays drove me absolutely crazy plus I kept insisting that the game should be published exactly as shown in the KS campaign because that is what has been backed

The publisher kept insisting that some changes were needed and that the game should be as good as it possibly can be. Eventually the entire manual was rewritten and we spent many several hour long sessions back and forth explaining each other why certain things needed to change or stay the way it is. Here an example of how the rulebook was re-arranged:

 In the end everything is the same but deconstructing and re-arranging someone else's work takes time and debating all these changes with me takes even more time. Let's say we're both at fault here but also both have the same interest, to publish an awesome game. 

> see quick video browsing through the new rulebook here:

RICO - The part that cost most time was RICO. This is because it was added as a KS bonus but had not yet been actually developed nor tested. This resulted in an entire new version of RICO, which I could not accept. I could however also not accept any more delay so we compromised on adding both versions to the game in the shape of a double-sided card with instructions, one side is "theirs" and the other is my version.

"The biggest enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect plan"

This sums it up; GAMBONI was already good but seriousely delayed in our efforts to make it more perfect. I hope you will all agree it was worth the wait and look forward to play it this X-Mas 2018!!

Yours truly, Ewout

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    1. Psychic Kitty


      This Game is going to be Great!!