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Strategy tabletop game for 3-6 players where social skills are as important as tactics and luck. MOB "The Godfather of all Board Games"
Strategy tabletop game for 3-6 players where social skills are as important as tactics and luck. MOB "The Godfather of all Board Games"
209 backers pledged €15,315 to help bring this project to life.

Funded!! a BIG Thank YOU :-)

Posted by Ewout Key Rameijer (Creator)

... WOW that was close!

Just 60 seconds before the end we were still at 210 backers, until one backer decided to cancel with just 30 seconds to go! We had a total of 266 backers, of which 57 cancelled their pledge during the campaign. Looking at these numbers, I realise how close of a call this was ...


Many people increased their pledge (THANK YOU for that), others decreased their pledge or cancelled, pledged again, increase, decrease ... We've had days with over 10 new backers and at the same time almost 10 cancellations, resulting in 0 or "1" new backer for that day ...

With the margin of "just" € 315 (Funding goal was € 15.000, we ended with € 15.315) and five backers having pledged the € 360 GODFATHER level, if just one of them would have bailed out, this campaign would have crashed and burned just before landing ...more exciting than elections! From all 57 cancellations, I got 2 messages explaining why they decided to cancel;

One was a Trump supporter and the other anti-Trump ... Seems about right! 


Just like "The Donald", I can be impulsive sometimes. This is how the "TRUMP card" came about. Realising that there were not enough reviews out there, nor banners on BoardGameGeek or Kicktraq (lack of budget), I had to do something to raise awareness. 

I knew there was the risk involved but decided on "No Guts no Glory" plus I had a lot of fun with this and that's what this game is all about, pure and simple FUN!

Fortunately I also received many messages from people loving the idea and laughing their pants off! Before this campaign started, I anticipated two possible outcomes; 

HUGE succes or total DISASTER. 

I honestly did not expect it to be such a nerve-wrecking and unpredictable campaign. 

So far for the dramatic side and all the stress which really was just a small aspect of this whole experience. What I am grateful for is that so many people whom I don't know, decided to support and help promote this little thing I started creating on the kitchen table 4 years ago. 

This really is the MAGIC of the modern world we're living in. Imagine thinking of a game and now realising that what you made will actually be played with and enjoyed somewhere in Australia, Germany, Canada, Belgium, USA, France, Spain, Denmark, England or Sweden ... :-)

Now what?

Soon you will receive a survey, in which you are asked for the shipping address and (for some levels) other stuff related to the bonus content (Commission Cards, Bonus Cash bills, name to put in Rulebook, etc). This process will take a couple of weeks. Once this is finished, we're ready to start-up production.  

Updates will be posted on this page occassionally, not always with an e-mail notification as we don't want to create any more SPAM than we already have. 

Delivery of your rewards is scheduled for November 2017, hopefully a bit earlier. 


The shop for "print your own mini" at Shapeways 3D printing is now open. Please allow me a couple of days to sort everything out and add and fine-tune all the options.

First print test at Shapeways - This scruffy little Goodfella has been places!
First print test at Shapeways - This scruffy little Goodfella has been places!


I can't wait to get my hands on this game - I've had dozens of homemade prototypes but never a professional quality copy. Now, thanks to all of you, it will finally be MADE!

This project has come to life with the help of over 200 people in over 10 countries

Bedankt, Thanks, Thank you, Danke Schoen, Merci Beaucoup, Thanks mate, Dankuwel, Muchos Gracias, Tak Tak, Arigato Gosai Masu, Grazie Mille!

I would like to express my deep gratitude to all you backers, playtesters, contributors and of course my dear family and friends for helping me and supporting this project - I love you all!

[switch on audio, pump up the volume and press play]



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    1. colin fisher on

      So happy for you and great to see this dream finally take flight.

    2. ThePainTrain

      Congrats! Glad you got across the line, I was counting down the hours also! Can't wait to see and play the finished product. Well done.