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Strategy tabletop game for 3-6 players where social skills are as important as tactics and luck. MOB "The Godfather of all Board Games"
Strategy tabletop game for 3-6 players where social skills are as important as tactics and luck. MOB "The Godfather of all Board Games"
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New social stretch goals!

Posted by Ewout Key Rameijer (Creator)

Here finally the HUGE social media campaign as anounced by "The Donald". This amazing plan is thought out by the best people and contains only five steps. Steve Bannon, ehm "The Donald" likes to call this his "Five Step Plan".

Help us to achieve these social stretch goals and add more content for all backers!


1) "The man with the golden guns"

Once we hit 5,000 likes on Facebook (now: 4,584): Golden Beretta added! There are 5 Beretta weapon cards in the deck (value: 6). One of them will turn into pure solid gold (gold finish on card) and have a value of 12! 

This will be the highest card in the deck. This card can still be blocked by the bulletproof vest and getaway car, but is more powerful than the minigun!


2) "The CASINO"

The Donald has been quite sad to lose his beloved Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, so if this message is re-tweeted 100 times (@realDonaldTrump is NOT allowed to participate!) we will add a special business card, The Casino. The casino will not have any added bonusses (such as movement, weapons or respect) but will just generate (and launder) lost of cash, $ 25,000 dollas per turn. The downside will be that every other player will thry to get their hands on this gorgeous place!


3) "The most beloved and popular Don"

Here is your chance to give one of the Five Families a head start! The first of these five bosses who's image on BoardGameGeek gets 55 thumbs up, will become the "popular Don". This character gets a special badge on the character card and gets to start the game with one are token already in Little Italy, at the start of the game.


4) "GANGLand exposed"

The 4 gangs on the map are now still anonymous. Their pictures will become visible on the board once word gets out on the street!



> 2.000 followers on our Twitter account @GamboniGame unlocks "Biker" gang;




> 1.000 followers on our Instagram @GamboniGame unlocks "Crips" gang;



 > 50 subscribers to our YouTube Channel unlocks "Bloods" gang;



 > 30 fans to our page on BoardGameGeek unlocks "Vatos"gang!


5) "The Feds"

Already announced; once we hit 200 backers and 200 comments, The RICO expansion will be added for all (full game) backers!


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    1. Ash Noviomagum on

      Great Social stretchgoals!!! Lets get 'm y'all!!!