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Make 100 aimed at funding 3D models for the scifi comic series Reckoning! Accessible for the visually impaired!!! [caption 3 aliens]
Make 100 aimed at funding 3D models for the scifi comic series Reckoning! Accessible for the visually impaired!!! [caption 3 aliens]
10 backers pledged DKK 1,139 to help bring this project to life.


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Make 100 - The QHIliin!!! from the scifi comic Reckoning

DKK 1,139


Hello everyone

Welcome to the second Mini Kickstarter related to the 3D comicbook project Reckoning.

This Kickstarter is part of the Make 100 - 2019 initiative on Kickstarter hence a goal of Raising a minimum of 100 USD, hopefully more and to bring 100 numbered miniatures to life from the Reckoning Universe.

But what is this really all about?

Well my name is Einar Petersen I am the writer of Reckoning, a science fiction series currently undergoing a 3D comicbook conversion.

Reckoning is a rather unique comic book project, involving 3D graphics, Motion Capture, immersible 3D panels on every page of the comic book, inside which people can zoom and pan around.

But not only that since Reckoning sports 3D printable models, virtually everything you can see inside the comic can be printed on a 3D printer.

And that's what makes Reckoning something very special because it adds an additional dimension to the comicbook into the unseen domain.

So to create awareness about the project the plan is as stated above to 3D Print 100 special edition miniatures from Reckoning.

They are the first ever official miniatures to be printed in support of the venture.

They will be numbered and you will get a certificate of authenticity.

The miniatures that will be produced will be of a QHIliin, an alien species appearing in the Reckoning series.

The model is designed and rendered by a very talented creator, a New Yorker called Carmelo Nazario some of you maybe already know him from Twitter as @carmelo_nazario (TheCreatorx3D - as his Twitter alias currently says)

So why this Kickstarter if the model is already designed?

And what was this about the unseen domain?

Well while 3D Printing miniatures and 3D models in themselves may not be something terribly unique off Kickstarter, the Reckoning miniatures represent a potential in comicbook production that can be unleashed and have an impact for millions of people who have never had a chance to experience seeing anything from a comic-book!!!

You see as all the models of Reckoning will be 3D Printable this means a visually impaired will be able to feel the characters and structures  on the pages. Each model is designed from the bottom up, but that is not where the buck stops!

A special edition of the comicbook will actually be made using vacuum formed pages as demonstrated in the image of an early prototype below.

Vacuum formed comicbook page (Reckoning)
Vacuum formed comicbook page (Reckoning)

Yup thats right - Actual tactile pages!

Allowing for a visually impaired reader to follow the action of the comicbook frame by frame.

The above page prototype was based on laser cutting and wood.

The final result will likely be based on a combination of this and 3D printing techniques.

This way the project will actually be able to provide coicbooks with the tactile feedback needed for a visually impaired person to be able to read and experience a comic book.

Pages for that edition will be designed with Braille text and all, so a visually impaired will also be able to read speechbubbles appearing in the Reckoning comic just like anyone else reading the comics it will only be in actual 3D.

Estimates say that up towards 280 million people worldwide are affected by visual impairment and hereof 36 million are completely blind, quite a considerable number.

Why should they not be able to experience the joy of reading a comicbook?

Especially when production can easily be made alongside production of the regular comic?

There are currently 5 production ready storyboard albums produced for Reckoning as is.

The poses for characters for the two first albums for Reckoning have been Motion Captured and what is left for the first two albums is the production of a number of 3D models in order to convert the  storyboard pages into tactile and non tactile comic books readable by anyone.

More than 50 basic models for series are already downloadable, but more are needed.

What you will get out of supporting this Kickstarter is not just a unique miniature you will be helping ensure the finishing touches to current models get made, as well as helping secure the production of more great models for the Reckoning Universe.

The new models will if at all possible be made freely available for anyone to print at home as the previous models have, so this Kickstarter actually has the potential to generate value for people far  beyond the simple Make 100 miniatures goal.

As for the funding coming from this Kickstarter that is not eaten by the taxman and Kickstarter + the production costs of the miniatures, will go to funding further models.

Hopefully the Kickstarter explodes so it can raise enough to finance the entire venture but that remains in the future.

Here's hoping that comicbook fans all over the world unite to bring comicbooks into the hands of the visually impaired and beyond!

The following are a couple of renders of the model developed and already available for download.

Smiling QHIliin Alien
Smiling QHIliin Alien
3 QHIliin aliens
3 QHIliin aliens

The models have as mentioned been designed and rendered by @carmelo_nazario (Twitter alias)  and are pretty awesome, if I may say so.

The intent is to print the miniatures on a MOAI SLA printer capable of sub millimeter precision, so the miniatures should come out pretty awesome.

The aim is to print a series of a 6 cm (60 mm) tall miniatures in gray resin.

I might attempt printing the helmet bit in transparent resin and make the helmet actually detachable.

But no promises on going that far, need to play around with the printing first to be sure I can do a two piece thing nicely :) - But a one piece miniature is guaranteed as a minimum.

The miniatures will be unpainted - I will leave that bit to you!

That's half the fun of miniatures isn't it?

The aim of the Reckoning project is creating an entire comicbook universe that allows participants / fans to instantly and freely access unique printable models from the comic book series and to allow full accessibility to the comicbook universe for the visually impaired.

I am not sure if this has ever been done before!

You can already see several of the models produced for the series in basic STL form on TinkerCAD already at

The add on of tactile pages to the printable models will allow the visually impaired to read the comicbook.

Do you know of any other science fiction comicbook projects with such goals?

If yes I'd certainly like to hear from you!

Another long term goal, once all the chapters of the comics are complete in 3D form, is providing a system for Reckoning fans to participate in creating their own web comics, in and around the Reckoning Universe. But again that is still in the future.

If you want to read the stories behind Reckoning please visit

The page holds information on how to support the efforts on an ongoing basis, a link to a complete resource overview of produced models etc. in connection with the project is also available there.

You can also find all the storyboard albums produced in the repository accessible from my homepage.

The possibilities of the Reckoning project are virtually endless at this point, so I truly hope you will support this quite modest Kickstarter and possibly push it beyond the goal set, thus helping making Reckoning an even more amazing venture than it already is.

Let me know what you think!

I am truly looking forward to bringing Reckoning the fully 3D scifi comicbook series readable by the visually impaired to life!!!

Have a great day and thank you for your time!


Risks and challenges

The main QHIliin model is already created as you can see from the renders - Only a suitable STL file is left to produce from the existing 3D model and printing plus shipping, this is generated from the OBJ file, and in turn a GCODE file for printing is needed - Printing facilities are secured, shipping companies are on the ready to deliver your packages - Thus delivery is virtuslly guaranteed. I don't really see any hindrances being able to get in the way of completion of the Make 100 goal.

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    For those who wish to suport but don't want a physical thing in return. Supporting with roughly 3 dollars uplifts you to immortal glory and Miniatures SuperHeroHood :)

    You will if you didn't already figure it out by yourself be provided with a download link for the regular 3D printable QHIliin asset from Reckoning that Carmelo Nazario has created and you will receive my heartfelt thank you and gratitude for helping bringing comicbooks into the reach of the visually impaired.

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    On top of that you will be getting the actual physically 3D printed QHIliin asset from Reckoning sent directly to your mail box anywhere the Danish postal service will deliver in the world and you will receive my a heartfelt thanks and gratitude for helping bringing comicbooks into the realm of the visually impaired!

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