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After the war everyone was chipped. Keeping people "safe and healthy", turned out to be a total nightmare!!! ...Kyle knew it was time!
After the war everyone was chipped. Keeping people "safe and healthy", turned out to be a total nightmare!!! ...Kyle knew it was time!
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Implant! - The Rising.

DKK 1,071


Success - Implant! is fully funded!!!

Some years ago, I wrote a short story called Implant! Wheels were set in motion to convert the story into a comic book format and here we are, a Kickstarter...

Now that the counter has ticked past the required 100% meaning the project is funded, now what?

Well why not choose a worthy stretch goal?

Stretch goal

A version of the comicbook Implant! readable by the visually impaired!

Yup you read right, why should comicbooks only be available to "regularly" sighted, why would a visually impaired not want to enjoy comics just like anyone else?

So as I am already in the process of developing a method to make comicbooks easily available to the visually impaired at a very low cost, why not make this deal.

You wonderful people on Kickstarter push the envelope and thrust the Kickstarter past 4000 USD and in return I will plunge that money into the production of the comicbook in a format readable by the visually impaired.

In the Kickstarter project update 8 I have explained a little more about how that is possible

Background for writing Implant!

The inspiration came from outrage of hearing politicians seriously talking about having people wearing electronic ID tags in buttons and the like.

I forget the names, time has passed but it seems the people in power are still absolutely salivating about that idea, now more than ever.

Implant on Kickstarter!

Initially I envisioned a 50 page comic based on the concept art you see below.

I got in touch with some great artists and off I went!

I set a financial goal that would enable the production of said pages, as well as a print run of the story.

Being a total noob at Kickstarter I underestimated the time to build buzz and as time went by I could see that I would not reach the financial goal laid out, despite garnering supporters pledging a total of more than a 1000 USD at the time, so I choose to cancel the Kickstarter in order to be able to communicate with the backers, since I had not given up on the project, but understood I had to do this in a different way.

Phoenix rising

And now I'm back - Trudging the long road, paying out of pocket myself, I pressed on and now have a finished comic for you!

You can see an early layout print below. 

Implant! a comicbook page overview :)
Implant! a comicbook page overview :)

So why a Kickstarter, why not just release the comic book?

Well this Kickstarter intends for the sake of principle simply to cover the cost of production of in fact the rough cost of just one of the pages and to serve as a signal (I think mainly to myself) that if you persist you can overcome your limitations and achieve your dreams!

Your pledges will be used to cover the already incurred production costs and will be funneled into my other ongoing comicbook venture the SCIFI comic book - Reckoning, a comic that is produced in full 3D, with printable models and made readable for the visually impaired.

Unless off course things explode into complete comic book bliss, then I'll definitely consider some very alternate stretch goals comicbook wise that you might very likely approve of as well.

Below you can see some initial layout and concept sketches for the storyboard. These are also used in the video. Please notice these are not the actual page layouts, or the final drawings of the comic but intended as historical reference material.

Sketches from Implant! by Alexander Sharko + Alyssa Cooper
Sketches from Implant! by Alexander Sharko + Alyssa Cooper

 Click images to visit the authors page.

The intent for the original launch was to use both Alexander and Alyssa in collaboration to create Implant!

However the prospect of high cost and not achieving the target funding, set the project back and eventually I had to aim at a more simplified comicbook project, one that has actually turned out pretty neat if you ask me :)

You can see an example page below from the story as it more or less stands today.

The page is drawn by the artist Ira Black, based on the artwork by the artists above.

Great effort have been made to stay true to the spirit of the original concept art.

Implant Page 1
Implant Page 1

A cover for the comic was been drawn by Kamui Ayama.

You could see parts of the cover in the Kickstarter teaser image.

I've finished lettering, so production of the comic is like I said basically already done, as a backer you can simply sit back and wait for your comicbook to arrive as a download link in December 2018, pretty neat eh?

About the story

*************** SPOILER ALERT !!! ***************

The story

Kyle Monahan is a loner, a drifter on the streets of NYC.

The future is a bleak one. Mandatory chipping of everyone at birth, every move you made followed and scrutinized, one wrong step and your time is up.

The future after the war has meant the creation of a totalitarian technocratic tyranny.

Big and small drones patrol the skies and cameras follow every move. Implants monitor everything about you that the cameras might miss.

Resources are still scarce so not every part of the city is tightly locked down yet, but the control system is almost complete, so the time to strike at the heart of the beast is now... Before it is too late!

For years Kyle has nudged the system, as part of an underground hacking movement founded long before the war by visionaries of tech and philosophy, who could see where things were headed with the war on privacy and the dredge of all personal information into colossal, all-encompassing databases.

These visionaries made it their mission to free America from the Tyrants of tomorrow.

As we meet up with our protagonist, he is on the last leg of his mission to corrupt the tracking implants of as many as possible before the big blackout commences.

These are the final pages in the chapter, this is a story of heroes!

************* SPOILER END *************


I appreciate you have taken the time to check out Implant! and I hope you will join me on this glorious adventure.

To those who already have joined me thank you and to all those who have in their own way inspired and pushed the project forward thank you again.

This is an amazing journey - Thank you for traveling this path with me!

All the best!

Einar Petersen - Writer and Creator of the Implant! publishing project.

Risks and challenges

The reasons for potential failure are not many, mainly I see it as if I experience some accident, or succumb to some other improbable event that prevents me from fulfilling the order, since all the pages for the comic are already ready to be put into the final PDF for publication.

I have made a conscious decision that the project will not fail and you have by pledging decided to stand by me, in return for that pledge I promise I will press on till the very end, ensuring you have a product 'in your hand', or on your screen.

Please let me know if I have missed something. I will try and create a FAQ if one seems to be needed.

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