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A line of CNC machined fountain pens made from eight of the best materials known to man, designed to be used hard every day.
A line of CNC machined fountain pens made from eight of the best materials known to man, designed to be used hard every day.
A line of CNC machined fountain pens made from eight of the best materials known to man, designed to be used hard every day.
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    1. Kent Mckay on

      I had the chipping poly-carbonate cap issue, and it eventually got fixed in June 2017. Now the cap has chipped again.After the first repair, I used the pen less frequently so I don't believe it to be simple wear and tear. I don't believe the material and dimensions are suitable for this use.

    2. Missing avatar

      Brad Friedman on

      I heard back from Will yesterday from an email I sent on Tuesday night. It is probably a good idea to try again now.

      I can fault Tactile Turn on going silent on this issue for several months. Probably shouldn't have happened this way. I'm very happy that the problem is getting solved. Thanks Will.

    3. Missing avatar

      Claus Thiim on

      Sending out another round of attempts at contacting him about my chipped/flared polycarbonate cap...

    4. Christian Meade on

      Yeah. I'm okay with a simple "I hear you, Guys". I'm not even expecting a fix, but this just seems out of character for Will with whom I've interacted before. Why the silence, Brother?

    5. Michael Zita on

      As it seems to be such a common thing, I also wrote my messages to Will without getting any response. As I saw his quick responses in the past, he is probably thinking hard about a viable solution. Just counted that are around 800 pens that had a polycarbonate cap - that could take some time, but in the end it is a kickstarter, things produced here are often not perfect, but I trust in Will that he will come up with something.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brad Friedman on

      I also have a cap that is chipping. And sent 3 emails over a 5 week period. Even a simple, "I'm busy with the Slider/Glider issues, will get back to you in x weeks" would be great. The complete lack of response when other queries about the other project get a very quick response is concerning.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rob Bullen on

      Hi, same here, edge of cap disintegrating! Let's all hope Will reads this and gets back to us all soon - though I may be at the back of the queue!

    8. Amy Blake-Baldwin on

      I am in the same boat: I've emailed Will twice due to my polycarbonate cap having a chip in the edge. I have said I'd buy a new one with no response to either of my emails. I even acknowledged it might be my handling the pen roughly.

      It would be nice if he even sent a simple response. :/

    9. Missing avatar


      At this point I believe will has stolen the pen I sent in for repairs. He has provided no updates or details for 4 months.

    10. Missing avatar

      Johnny Lai on

      I am having the same issues with the polycarbonate cap. I've left Will a few emails but no response yet. I am surprised at the comments with several backers having the same issue. I asked for the possibility of buying a replacement cap. Maybe the material or thickness is not adequate for the application?

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Polycarbonate cap problem here also, and have 3 courteous emails to Will with no response in more than a month. The lip of the cap has big sections of material chipped away, looks awful. I'm understanding that backing an experimental product with a small company on Kickstarter carries additional risk. The silence on this, though, is making a bad problem worse. Just apologize and give some info on what's going on.

    12. Christian Meade on

      Hey, Will. I noticed this morning that my macrolon Gist's cap is flaring at the bottom and has a few small cracks. I figured I was just tightening it too much. But, looking at the comments posted, I see I'm not the only one. Looks like macrolon doesn't lent itself well to this type of application. Just FYI. Thanks again. -Christian

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      Good Made Better on

      My cap has flared out, cracked, and subsequently started chipping off. I've attempted to email Will twice on the issue without the courtesy of a response. I didn't realize this isn't an isolated problem until I read the previous comments.

      Come on Will, your lack of response to others as well as to myself is directly tied to your integrity as a businessman. Your response (or silence) on this issue will speak volumes as to your faith in your own workmanship and your respect for your customer.

      Please don't ignore after the fact those that supported you before the fact.

    14. Missing avatar

      Josh H. on

      Same here: I've been trying to contact Will about my broken Gist cap for weeks. It broke after simply putting the pen into the cap. No answer on emails or Kickstarter. Will had always made things right in the past, but I've lost faith. I doubt I'll be backing one of his projects again.

    15. Fadhli

      It seems that the flaring/swelling on the lip of the polycarbonate cap is a common issue. The replacement cap that I received from Will few months back is also experiencing the same issue even though I used it only a couple of times.

    16. Missing avatar

      Claus Thiim on

      My cap has a chip along the open end, too. I've been trying to contact Will for the last 4 weeks. Email, instagram... going to to try through kickstarter and twitter, too.

      It looks like the damage happens because the lip of the cap is forced against the body of the pen when the cap is tightened beyond snug... maybe there's a revised and updated cap that allows more space?

    17. Bryan Acomb

      Same thing here. I have messaged Will on his email and all of his social media accounts (Starting October 5th) and still nothing back. My Gist poly cap has chipped on the edge as well; right where the barrel threads tend to push hard on the material when securely screwed together. I have so much faith in Will based on all the other products I have of his, but I must say, that faith is starting to tarnish because of the silence.

    18. Missing avatar


      Has anyone been able to reach will? I sent back a pen over a month ago for repair and despite several emails I haven't had a response, will has been mia.

    19. Neal Kaplan on

      A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the polycarbonate cap was flaring out at the bottom. This morning a decent chunk of it cracked off. Any solutions to this? Just sand off 1/8" around the bottom to even it out and hope for the best?

    20. Frank van Krieken on

      Please do not send me messages like this advertisement ever again, as you have still to get back to me on my 5+ messages

    21. Missing avatar

      Necronaut on

      and i jumped the gun. this was meant for the glider/slider. ha

    22. Missing avatar

      Necronaut on

      Funded!!!!! Big shout out Will and lookin forward havin these in hand.

    23. Ryan Owens on

      Hello. I have been traveling and unfortunately didn't keep up with my kick-starters. I brought you several months ago that the pen knob is stuck up in the cap... and i can't seem to figure out how to get it out without causing damage. believe where we left it was someone was going to generate a video or something? Please let me know! thanks

    24. Missing avatar

      Slimcea on

      Just to update, Will has gotten back. Think he was busy preparing his new Kickstarter, which I'll probably be backing as well. Thanks for the help!

    25. Missing avatar

      rajesh on

      Will actually contacted me today and he indicated that he is sending me a new cap.
      He gave me the option of sending mine in to him so that he could install my finial. He gave me instructions that made it seem pretty clear and I like taking things apart and putting them back together.

      Thanks Will!

    26. Rory Dela Paz on

      Oh that's interesting, I too was about to get in touch with Will since my cap just chipped at the edge even though my pen is always in a protective case when not being used.

    27. Missing avatar

      Slimcea on

      Has anyone heard from Will? I had a conversation going with him on replacing my pens, but it's been over a month since I had any sort of reply from him.

    28. Achim on

      Rajesh - I have exactly the same issue with my Damascus grip section and finial Gist. A small piece at the very top came off (where the wall is the thinnest) even though I always kept mine well protected in a case.

      I'm waiting to hear back from Will too but I'm confident that he will get back to us soon.
      Just be a little more patient guys.

    29. Missing avatar

      rajesh on

      HI guys - My cap has chipped at the edge. This must be a manufacturing issue as I never dropped the pen and I always carry the pen on a case. I cant get Will to return my emails or tweets.

      Can someone help????

    30. Jeff Gora on

      Alex. Sounds like a lot of us are in the same situation. Trying to manage the respectfully, but there is no follow up or communication. Frustrating.

    31. Alex de Vos on

      Hi Will,
      I'm still stuck with a non functioning fountain pen. I sent you my first message June 8th, and several more messages after that. You offered to send the replacement part (June 10) but no communication since. It is almost two months now. Hope to hear from you soon.
      Best regards,

    32. Vesko Gavrilov

      Hi Will,

      Any update on the issues with my pens? I sent you an e-mail on 12th June.


    33. Missing avatar

      grey on

      Will - I responded to your email.

    34. Frank van Krieken on

      Will, as I am not receiving any respons on my emails, I will write here and hope to get an email response from you. I have returned my pen for reasons explained in the email. I have asked for a refund. Hope to receive email and refund soon.
      Regards Frank van Krieken

    35. Will Hodges 11-time creator on

      Dmitri - Sent you a tracking number for a replacement part
      Alger - Gad you like it! For anyone that isn't a part of the Pen Addicts group on Facebook, Alger anodized his titanium pen a beautiful color. Join the group and see
      TJo63 - Have you tried dipping the nibs in the same ink and writing some simple lines? I thought I marked the plastic containers I was putting nibs in for everyone, but maybe I screwed up on yours.
      grey - just sent you an email
      Lev - just sent you an email

    36. Alger B C Lim on

      got the pens today and they are amazing will great job as always :D the weight and texture of the pens all feel solid and well machined .

    37. Missing avatar

      TJo63 on

      Got my pen, here in Sweden, a few days ago. Love it. Excellent quality as expected.
      So now my Sheaffer Prelude finally got to leave room for the Gist as my Shaker's new company, in my shirt pocket. :-)

      One question though. I ordered and got some extra steel nibs. A medium and an extra fine, in addition to the fine nib that came with the pen. I have a hard time to differentiate between them, as Bock seem to think it unnecessary to mark their nibs. Anyone know of a good way to tell them apart, just by looking at them?
      I have not tested more then one of them yet so I cannot even tell if I have got three identical by mistake. Although that feels rather unlikely.

    38. Missing avatar

      grey on

      Will, I emailed you a few weeks back regarding a color mismatch issue with my Gist. Similar to Lev I included an attachment so maybe that got sent to your Spam folder.

    39. Missing avatar

      Lev on

      Hey Will I emailed you on the 2nd of June, over two weeks ago, about both my Shaker and Gist. I am hoping that you received my email, as I had an attachment and am not sure if it may have gotten filtered out of your inbox. I am really hoping that you will respond to my email or message me in some way to respond.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      Hi Will,

      (Sorry to all for this long post.)

      The pens
      a) polycarbonate + Damascus steel grip/finial + gold fine nib
      b) all titanium + titanium fine nib
      and the extra
      c) zirconium grip
      have been delivered and they all look stunning, a testament to you and your colleagues' design and manufacturing skills.

      I do have some observations that I'd like to offer as feedback:

      1) The zirconium grip's screw threads for the nib unit are a little "rough". It was definitely a little tough screwing the two parts together. And the result was that the nib unit's plastic screw threads became a little "flattened" and abraded. I applied some silicone grease as a stopgap measure to reduce the roughness.
      I wonder whether the grip underwent any sort of fitting test with a nib unit? That would have caught the problem.

      2a) The titanium nib's tines are pointing slightly upwards. Shouldn't they be on the level or pointing slightly downwards? The reason I'm asking is because the nib flexes quite a bit more than I'm normally used to when writing, and I wonder whether the slight upward-tilt of the tines accentuates the flexing.

      2b) At the tip, one tine is slightly higher than the other.

      I'm well aware the nibs are from Bock. For comparison, the gold nib is perfect as far as I can tell.

    41. Will Hodges 11-time creator on

      Anson & Ben - I just got back to you guys. Still working on emails. It sounds like nibs/feeds might not be seated properly in the housing and trying to seat them might fix it.

    42. Chris Shaw on

      Received mine today (Uk) - not inked it up yet

    43. Anson Chiu

      @Ben Smith- Let me know what Will's fix is... he never got back to me in my earlier email.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ben Smith on

      @anson - I am also having issues with leaking. To the point the pen dumped an entire load of ink into the cap the other day (while sitting upright in a holder)... I've reached out to Will via email, waiting to hear back.

    45. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Deyres on

      Finally got mine yesterday (I'm in France), and let me teell you: it was worth the wait! The pen is gorgeous, balanced; it's been a very long time since I last used a fountain pen, but I immediately felt at ease with the Gist. Congrats Will!

    46. Will Hodges 11-time creator on

      memm - I just sent you a message with tracking info.

    47. memm on

      Most seem to have received their pens. Have you sent all out yet? I'm asking because I'm still waiting, but maybe I just have a material combination that is being done later than others.

    48. Will Hodges 11-time creator on

      smileygrl - Just sent you a message with tracking info.

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