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Powerful robotics control for your computer such as a Raspberry Pi or PC. Connect with USB and start with Scratch or Python.
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Software and Tutorial Updates

Posted by eightdog (Creator)

There is a new version of software just out: 1.2.0-beta.

This adds a bit more robustness to Scratch and fixes a bug that prevented the value 127 being written to the digital ports.

The installation guide has changed slightly and recommends creating a 'laika' directory as more software releases will cause a cluttered home directory. You are safe to remove any previous laika directories to tidy things up from here on in.

There has been a couple of reports about the desktop laika-scratch shortcut not working properly. It is to do with the directory path, but I have not had time to investigate further. If you get a problem just drop me a message.

There have been some changes on with a 'Getting Started' tutorial going up. It's only draft and I have yet to go through it and tidy it up, but I thought to get it out there as to not keep you guys waiting.

We're at the Derby (UK) Maker Faire this Saturday, but that's probably a little far for most of you to travel.

Happy Exploring! 

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