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Powerful robotics control for your computer such as a Raspberry Pi or PC. Connect with USB and start with Scratch or Python.
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The Final Few

Posted by eightdog (Creator)
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Well it's been quite a week: most of the Explorers are on there way to you now with just the final few to go out on Thursday. There's been some good feedback so far and I am really looking forward to hearing about your projects.

Please see here for installation and rough guides:

The plan is to release a software update on Friday which will add some more functionality and fix one or two things. I don't know how far I'll get but this is the list so far:

1) Add motor speed control functionality for Scratch

2) Add individual digital output pin control for Scratch

3) Fix small bug in example code (

4) Tidy up examples- sort segfault if no Explorer connected

5) Modify install so no reboot required.

6) Documentation of course!!

Bye for now,


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    1. Missing avatar

      GordonW on

      No problem, fully understand why I'm at the back of the queue, just wanted to confirm if I should expect it sometime after Thursday or if there was a second queue for the inventor kits (that I'd be at the back of!)



    2. Helen Marshall

      cool, cool

    3. eightdog Creator on

      Don't worry, I have not forgotten the keyrings Helen, they'll be going on Thursday too- the early keyrings (back in August) didn't look great so it has taken some time to get the laser cutter tuned to get the right affect. Gordon, I have sent out lots of Inventor's kits but yours is in the pile going out on Thursday- it was put aside because you have and Inventor's Kit plus extra Explorer board so it hasn't been processed with all the rest. David, Marco, please check your boards and if you are not happy for any reason I'll exchange the board- obviously using much better packaging.

    4. Helen Marshall

      I want to know where my little keyring is please!

    5. Missing avatar

      GordonW on

      Does this include the inventor kits or are they next on the list?

    6. Missing avatar

      David Ryan on

      My box was also open as the tape used to seal the parcel was falling off.

    7. Missing avatar

      Marco Ziegert on

      I received my Laika Board yesterday and I'm looking forward to start programming it at the weekend - hopefully with your new software update!
      Unfortunately the parcel was open when I received it, but the board was glued somehow to the box so it didn't fell out.