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A magic mollusc summons a moonman to illuminate a dark world. A procedurally-generated adventure game for PC, Mac and Linux.
A magic mollusc summons a moonman to illuminate a dark world. A procedurally-generated adventure game for PC, Mac and Linux.
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It's a girl!

Posted by Ben Porter (Creator)

Hey space friends, it's been a while since the last post, so here's a quick catch up on the project! As I mentioned last update, we were hoping to get Moonman into Early Access on Steam by March of this year. We worked our butts off, and got a lot of work done, and the game is almost there.

However, secretly I had another deadline: my wife was pregnant with our first child and her due date was April 8. And so, leading up to that date I was working my butt off, and really really wanted to have the beta launched before then. As the date approached, I started cutting out tasks, and was secretly hoping that the day of birth would be delayed. However, Madeline is more punctual than her father, and in the early hours of the morning of April 8, she was born, right on time, as scheduled! She's a gorgeous little bundle of human.

Maddie and Me
Maddie and Me

The last 3 weeks have been exhausting, but amazing, and Steph and I are learning all the things as quick as we can. We've both been very lucky with M, she's happy and healthy, and Steph is recovering well. Going forward, I plan to take at least another week to help out as much as I can, but then, after that, I'll be back at work part-time, and ramp it up to full-time as soon as I can. 

It's hard to know when Moonman Beta will be ready, but I think another 2-3 months is a decent guess.  The main thing we need to do is finish up the 'game planner' system, which is responsible for gluing together different levels and populating them with appropriate resources, mobs and items. It's a tricky bit of work, but is manageable.  Thanks again for sticking with us! And as always you can check out the devlog forum for the last few months of game updates, or follow me on twitter for my sleep-deprived delusional tweets.

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    1. Nasan Hardcastle on

      How is life treating you? I wanted to chime in as well and see how you are coming along with Moonman? It's been looking really great and I'm a little starved for more awesome updates.

    2. Michael Fessenden on

      Congratulations Ben!

    3. ChungTue Nguyen on

      Fantastic Ben. Congratulations!

    4. Simon Isenberg on

      Oooh, congrats on the spawn!

    5. Ben Porter Creator on

      Thanks everyone!

    6. Missing avatar

      Dan B. on


    7. Hnk Reno on


      And please: This is a special time and you should absolutely take off for a while! I would even say take off longer than just a few weeks.

      Moonman is coming along nicely and I am happy to have backed it! But now another 'project' requires more immediate attention ;)

    8. Tracey Craig

      There's nooooooo RUSH!

      By the way she is a gorgeous bundle of joy. After Moonman is done.... maybe you could start making a game for her? She'll be controller ready in a couple of years :P

    9. Paul Hamilton on

      That's fantastic news Ben, welcome to parenthood, I hope you both enjoy the long and fascinating journey ahead. Remember to read the manual! :D

    10. Ben Porter Creator on

      Jasson - Ha yes I bet, you are my doppelganger after all.

      Stevepunk - Thanks! Haha, I doubt she'll appear in the game, but she's given me extra fuel to work harder and start thinking about the games she'll enjoy when she's older. :)

    11. Stevepunk on

      Congrats on the little pixel. Will she be featured/referenced in the game in any way shape or form?

    12. Jasson McMorris on

      I feel like I'm having an out of body experience looking at that picture... and so do you in the picture.