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20 limited edition copies of a great holiday game delivered before Christmas!
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  I love Christmas.  I love the music, the decorations, the TV specials, the ugly sweaters, and the colorful lights.  In the month of December when I wear a tie it always has a smiling snowman or blinking reindeer nose.  Every year I enlist the help of my friends to build a four-foot tall gingerbread house.

  I also love board games. I love games that involve difficult decision-making and a wide variety strategies and tactics.  However, I've always been disappointed with the selection of Christmas-themed board games for gamers like me.  I designed this game to fill that gap.

  Over the last year, fellow designers and publishers warned me that a light strategy game with a Christmas theme would never sell in today's marketplace.  I'm running this campaign to test that hypothesis.  I'm hand assembling (using cards from the GameCrafter) a limited first edition print run of only 20 copies of Merry Christmas! The Hand-Drafting Card Game.  Then, if I get enough backers at the $1 pledge level, I'll make plans for a full-scale print run in the near future.

  If this game excites you, back for $25 and get it before Christmas.  If you're late to the campaign but really want the game, back for $1 (and get your friends to back too!).         

  You are a member of HOHOHO – the Helping Out & Happiness Optimization Holiday Organization - an elite group of elves operating out of Santa’s North Pole Headquarters.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to help Santa bring joy to all the good girls and boys.   You’ll coordinate the efforts of busy workshop elves, powerful flying reindeers, and even the big man himself.  Take the right actions and you’ll bring joy to the world and ensure that everyone has a Merry Christmas!

  Each player drafts a hand of twelve actions, ten of which are played throughout the game's three phases.  In the Workshop Phase, elves craft toys from Santa's list.  In the Sleigh Phase, reindeer deliver toys to excited children.  In the Tree Phase, holiday decorations elevate the atmosphere of joy and wonder. Santa makes frequent appearances throughout the game, offering his help along the way.  As Christmas comes to a close, players are scored based on the toys delivered and the joy those toys bring.

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  Merry Christmas! The Hand-Drafting Card Game has been extensively playtested and was the first game ever to receive the Game Maker's Guild Seal of Approval

Here's what some other game designers think about Merry Christmas!

"I was impressed with the elegance of the mechanic, the well-integrated theme, and the ease to pick up."    Jason Lyle - Ore: The Mining Game

"...a spirited, well balanced drafting game offering players a chance to consider some interesting strategic options to see whether, with a little luck and holiday magic, they can outperform the competition."    Gene Mackles - IOTA

"It is very engaging and simple enough for family and friends while still being a game enough to be fun for gamers, too. If you want a Christmas themed game, this one should be on top of the list."    Dan Riles - Producer

"This is a nicely packaged game with an excellent theme for families. The game play is intuitive and there are some good, interesting decisions to be made while not overwhelming beginner players."    Dave Wilkinson - Castles of Caragaba

  Here's a breakdown of how the money from this project will be spent:

 Note that "Fixed Costs" and "Profit" don't show up on this pie chart.  The beautiful illustrations for this game came from entirely free Public Domain sources.  I'm selling you the game at the same price it costs me to assemble and ship.  I'm not trying to make any money with this campaign - I just want to bring you a great game that I think you'll really enjoy! 

Risks and challenges

The game is fully designed and extensively playtested. I'm hand assembling only 20 copies of the game for my first print run, which greatly minimizes the project risk (no delays associated with international cargoes or massive print runs). All of the cards will be printed by the GameCrafter. All other components are either already on hand or have short delivery times with US suppliers. I expect to mail the games via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery time) a full week before Christmas.

Here are the only three reasons I can image why your game wouldn't arrive before Christmas:
1. The GameCrafter takes significantly longer to deliver the printed cards than planned.
2. Delivery via USPS Priority Mail takes significantly longer than planned.
3. The backer doesn't inform me of their mailing address in a timely fashion.

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