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Ego Trip - Where the Hottest on the Playa Come to Play!

***Update: We've reached our initial goal of $1,500. Thank you to everyone that helped make our goal a reality. We are beyond excited to share Ego Trip with all of you. 

But why stop at $1,500? Any additional funds raised will be used to make Ego Trip even better than originally planned. New plans include:

  • "Dance over Your Broken Ego" - An art piece that doubles as a dance floor made of broken mirrors
  • The 1st annual Welcome Home Party on Monday night - Ego Trip will team with Shangri-Lawless to throw a massive Welcome Home party on Monday night
  • Better lighting (More lazers!)
  • Reinforced sound

***Update: Ego Trip has been placed at 9:15 and Geranium! ***

We’re fun, we’re wild; we’re the hottest on the Playa. And because our hearts are as big as our egos, we want to use our powers for good.

Burning Man has changed all of our lives for the better. It has made us better friends, better citizens of the universe, and better looking; so now we want to give back.

The concept of Ego Trip is to take the energy of vanity and egotism and play with it. We want our fellow burners to wander in, get wrapped up in themselves, and then get spit back out with a brand new perspective on their own wonderful self-centeredness – hah! We will have a bar – Narcissus Saloon – where we will be serving drinks that will “help make others finally look at hot as you.”   We will have an advice booth where you’ll find out you’re way too attractive to be at fault for anything and vanity is the answer to every problem. The main feature of our area will be a large stage – The Vain Stage. A backstage area styled as a vintage dressing room will beckon people to primp and prepare or just spend some time staring at themselves at all the right angles.  A photo booth complete with props will finish off this part of the camp. A projector in the main area will show the photos as they come through the system – you’re on display all the time here at Camp Ego Trip!

We will also organize several major productions to happen throughout the week – a Vain-i-Tea Party, I'm So Hot Chocolate Sunrise party, various workshops, monologues, and games galore. The entire camp will be adorned in mirrors, unabashed reinforcement that YOU ARE PERFECT.

Your contributions will help fund:

  • 1,100 sqft shade structure
  • Stage
  • Materials to build the bar
  • Alcohol/mixers to run the bar for at least 2 hours every day
  • Materials to build Advice booth/DJ booth
  • Generators
  • DJ and Sound Equipment
  • Lights, LEDs, Lasers
  • Photobooth
  • Camp Decor
  • Bike Racks
  • Couches and Day Beds
  • Interactive Art

Below is the Theme Camp portion of our layout which will measure 100ft wide and 30 ft deep.


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    You're beautiful, you knew that! Your donation helps us remind other people how beautiful they are.

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    You're ravishing! Stare at yourself as often as you would like with a custom Ego Trip compact mirror.

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    You’re stunning! Pledge $50 and you will receive a blend of fine tea, which we call Vain-i-Tea, as well as a tea cup.

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    You're extraordinary! You will receive a custom tote bag filled with personal notes and goodies from members of Ego Trip.

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    (Option 2) You’re gorgeous! Let photographer Bryan Liscinsky capture your beauty with a photoshoot on the playa. You'll receive all the pictures electronically in addition to 1 edited print of your choosing.

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    (Option 1) You're enticing! Want to cruise the Playa on your dope ride? Ego Trip will make that happen. Pledge $100 and we will bring your bike from San Diego to Black Rock City and back.

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    (Option 1) You're magnificent, stay that way all week! Pledge $250 and get to take a 5 minute shower in an Ego Tripper's RV at any time of your choosing at BM 2012.

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    (Option 2) You're glamorous! Want your home to look as good as you? It will once you hang one of Alex Dikowski's original art pieces, a 24"x 24" gallery wrapped canvas.

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    You're exquisite! Your vanity is legendary and will be remembered for the rest of time. Pledge $500 and we will frame a picture of you and hang it on the Ego Trip Wall of Vain each and every year we return to the playa.

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