Funding Canceled Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on June 11, 2013.

egMats introduces the first ever interactive play mat by infusing superior play mat design with LCD touchscreen technology

Update#5 - egMats reducing prices by $10!

Hi everyone,

We have some very exciting news to tell. We have discovered a way to reduce the price of the mat by $10 and we want to pass the savings on to you! This was achieved through a switch in manufacturers that will reduce our costs significantly.

Unfortunately what this means is that we will have to take down our current Kickstarter as it does not allow us to change the pricing of the tiers. We will be launching our new Kickstarter no later than July 1. While this Kickstarter is down we decided to retake the video with the more refined version of the play mat, make a couple of edits and relaunch.

The only reason why we are doing this is to pass the savings on to you! We are creating a landing page that will explain everything and we will continue to update through our forums, social media and other channels that are available to us. We really appreciate your support through this Kickstarter and hope that you will continue to support us on our new Kickstarter in the coming weeks.

As soon as we cancel this project your pledges will be automatically canceled and you will have no further obligation. You can sign up for our forums at where you can stay up to date and know when we will relaunch.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will leave this project up until 6/11/13 at 5pm cst.


Update#4 - egMats introduces LED panels at the upper portion of the mat!

We have been listening to the feedback of our supporters and the TCG community and have been working hard to improve our mats. We will be adding LED panels to the top of all of our mats that will enable players to track game metrics that require counters! The LED panels at the top will be controlled from a menu in the user interface that will be seamlessly integrated .This is a new feature and we are excited to bring this new functionality to the TCG community.

Update#3 - egMats will support Android: Netunner!

We are happy to announce that egMats will be supporting Android: Netrunner upon launch! This comes in response to overwhelming requests to support this game. egMats must admit that we have very little knowledge of the game and are currently in the process of learning and developing the interface. We should have more updates on this in the coming week. Please spread the word to the Netrunner world about this exciting news!

Update#2 - Demonstration of Mat material

Hello everyone! We just got our mat in with a material that is soft and malleable and we wanted to take a moment to show you what it can do. We will be shipping the mat off to our prototyping company to put the electronics in and once we get it back we will update you with the mat and screen. We are very excited and look forward to updating you again soon!


We at egMats are excited to announce that we will be at Grand Prix Las Vegas: Modern Masters! There we will be showcasing the Next Gen Play Mat, as well awesome prizes such as our Interactive Play Mats, and very rare Kickstarter art prints on the standard play mat signed by members of Channel Fireball. Only 25 of these will exist in the world! The tournament is June 21-23, you can learn more here. We will have a booth set up so be sure to stop by and check us out!

egMats is comprised of a group of passionate gamers that have come together to create the best line of TCG products, designed by players, for players. We have banded together to identify problems and gaps in the TCG market and provide solutions. We want to streamline and enhance the gaming experience and we strive daily to meet the needs and desires of TCG gamers. Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority!

We are excited to bring the next generation of play mats to the TCG community! For the first time, players will be able to track important game metrics right from your mat!

Key Features

LCD Touchscreen Technology

The screen will lay flush with the mat to allow players to safely slide their cards over the area without fear of accidentally pressing a button during the process. The screen will utilize a capacitive system, requiring a conductive touch point, such as a finger to register a touch on the screen.

Lithium Ion Battery

Our battery will provide 10 full hours of game play and is rechargeable. This is an entire day of playing, unlike a smart phone that last 3-4 hours.

USB Port

Our play mat will come equipped with a USB port to allow for easy battery recharge and periodic software updates!

Software Updates

egMats strives to bring the best products, and will work continuously to improve and update its software with new features, new TCG's and more options!

Software Options

egMats aims to deliver the most user friendly software interface possible for TCG's. Players will register a name and select which TCG the software should default to. Players will have the ability to customize their backgrounds and fonts to suit their personality, as well as upload new software releases with new customization options.

EgMats will continue to innovate and improve upon the play mat in future iterations. Additional software features we look to include are internet capability, results reporting capability, and integration of technology into new products and software improvements.

Supported TCG's

egMats will fully support the following TCGs upon release

Magic: the Gathering


Pokémon (currently exploring support options for this game)

Each egMat will be programmed to track statistics such as life totals, storm count, poison counters, YuGiOh! calculations, counter tracking and any other statistics relevant to the game state of any of these titles.

As the TCG market grows and shifts, the company will continually add new TCG's such as Vanguard and/or World of Warcraft through software updates.

Below you will find the full length interviews with Luis Scott-Vargas, Conley woods, and David Ochoa that focus on issues such as innovation in the TCG industry and the role of egMats in the market.

Alan Hubbard - Head Hancho

Bobby Reger - Disseminator of Awesomeness

Glenn Knepp - Super Smart Computer Guy

We have other people but they are not important.(Who are we kidding they are extremely important)

We bring the experience of high level gaming and over the years have developed a keen sense of what the player desires. Collectively we bring Grand Prix top 8's, Star City Games Open top 8's and numerous Pro Tour appearances to the creative table.

Aside from our gaming expertise, we have been successful entrepreneurs with the start up of Studio Golf, named top partner with Groupon for the city of Houston, TX and Ispira Technologies, a company focused on technical solutions and project management.

We have also been responsible for companies such as Star Gaming, Makers Mark Media and of course, egMats. We will take our experiences and strive to create the best TCG products a player could ask for!

Why Choose Kickstarter?

The goal of egMats is to provide a product that enhances the TCG experience by eliminating issues commonly cited by TCG players. Kickstarter provides us with the opportunity to fund our project based solely on support from the TCG community that we hope to assist and be apart of. With your support, our dream of producing an interactive touchscreen play mat for TCGs can become a reality.

How will your donation help?

By supporting egMats directly through Kickstarter you can help fund our project and receive exclusive rewards at a discounted rate by bypassing middle men such as distributors and retailers that add additional costs.  Your funds go directly toward tooling, manufacturing, development and investing in the future of a company built by gamers, for gamers, to support your needs.

Exclusive Kickstarter rewards!

The Kickstarter exclusive interactive play mat produced as part of a one time print run that will never be available again.

Exclusive to Kickstarter backers!
Exclusive to Kickstarter backers!

Both the standard egMat and Kickstarter exclusive egMat signed by members of channel fireball including Luis Scott-Vargas, Conley Woods, and David Ochoa.

Custom packages for TCG players to promote game types such as commander or group play sessions.

A vendor package for retailers looking to purchase the limited edition Kickstarter exclusive mat for sale.

David Hammond is an experienced artist who has produced pieces for Wizards of the Coast, Wildfire, Fantasy Flight, Mongoose publishing and other companies in the industry.  David also designed and created the artwork and images for the egmats software.

You will work directly with David to create a concept for your custom artwork and then send pictures to David so that the image can be created in your likeness.  The final image can look almost exactly like your personal features, or you can modify your features by adding changes such as long hair, a beard, or pointed ears like the image above.

The play mat with artwork based on your likeness will be available for future production, so players across the world will have a chance to purchase and play with your mat.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As you know, these are not your standard play mats, these are much more complex. Fortunately we have a great team that provides the experience, creativity, and innovation to take this from concept to product in hand, we are confident in our ability to provide our backers with a quality play mat deserving of the TCG community and egMat brand.

We here at egmats are fully dedicated to bringing you the next generation of interactive play mats and other innovative TCG products. Our experience in the TCG community, electrical engineering, software programming, start up businesses, product development, and a host of other business disciplines will allow us to transition from Kick Starter pledges to deliverable rewards.

In the event of any unforeseen or uncontrollable delays, our course of action will be to first notify the Kick Starter community of the issue. The next step will be to determine how to solve the issue and calculate the additional time necessary to complete the product, factoring the previously unknown delay. Then we can inform our backers and the entire community of the new time frame and continue working toward our goal of bringing you the greatest TCG products available.


  • Our play mats are made of high quality rubber foam. It has a great feel and has a fabric top layer with artwork. The mat is easily rolled up for storage in your backpack or book bag, is light and easy to carry around.

    Last updated:
  • The play mat is .38in thick and rolls up easily. While the mat is thicker and the roll is slightly larger, it still easily fits in a backpack or book bag.

    Last updated:
  • Because of high demand, we have decided to include Android: Netrunner as a launch title supported by egmats

    Last updated:
  • Yes the mat acts a lot like your standard play mat in in terms durability and normal wear. The screen is also protected by a glass touchscreen and plastic casing and is resistant to breakage or spillage.

    Last updated:
  • While we would love to make the entire mat a flexible screen, the cost of producing something like that is very high. However we do plan to revisit that technology once it drops in price.

    Last updated:
  • Our mats are 14"x26"x.38" which is actually 2 inches longer than your standard play mat. We do this to make up for the space the LCD screen takes up on the mat.

    Last updated:
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