EEVblog 121GW Multimeter

by David Jones

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    1. Missing avatar

      Riyadh Elalami on

      What about the early birds?

    2. Stephen Hammack on

      Riyadh, when Dave says Great Scott in this update, he's referring to the early birds; it's the name of the early bird tier.

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Groenewegen on

      Looking forward to it. Too bad it will not arrive during the holiday period....

    4. Missing avatar

      Riyadh Elalami on

      @Stephen Hammack, yes I am stupid.

    5. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      Glad to hear that things are moving along relatively smoothly with distribution. Can't wait to start using mine!

    6. Vince C. on

      I'm just so excited to receive an EEVBlog multimeter — whenever it comes, I'm happy anyway! Congrats to the Dave's, UEi and everyone involved ;-).

    7. tokyis on

      That's not a "I don't wanna" face, that's a "I can automate this" face.

    8. Alyx McCown on

      As long as we don't see you packing a bag on your way out of the country with our cash your doing better than most :P

    9. Missing avatar

      Scott D on

      @Stephen Wait, he’s not talking to me? So I didn’t have to buy the Great Scott package? :-)

    10. James Tucker on

      Is there any way to get a tracking number from DHL for U.S. delivery?