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A fully custom EEVblog Electronics Multimeter designed by Dave & UEI, with many exclusive features like SD card logging & Bluetooth!
A fully custom EEVblog Electronics Multimeter designed by Dave & UEI, with many exclusive features like SD card logging & Bluetooth!
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Shipping Update

Posted by David Jones (Creator)

Hi Everyone

Just an update on the shipping of the Great Scott units.

You can see in the photo that David thoroughly enjoys packing the cases and leads, which are on their way to the US and EU re-shippers. We already had stock of those here in Australia.

UEi have said they will be sending meters to the three distribution locations (US, Germany, and Australia) for the great Scott backers very shortly (as in days), just some last minute firmware stuff happening.
So in theory we are still on track to have units shipped by the end of December. Possibly with Australia getting theirs first. Sadly it's likely that not all Great Scott backers will be shipped in December due to the chaos of the xmas and new years breaks, sorry about this, but it's just logistically a real problem period.

Last minute firmware and calibration issues have delayed the meters a few weeks longer than we originally anticipated.

The component supply problem is basically solved, with UEi saying they can now ship 1,000 units by January 31 and the other 1,000 units by February 28, so we are ahead of schedule on those at this point. At least for many of the Johnny B. Goode level backers.

For EU customers, that VAT invoice will come shortly. Welectron in Germany will be doing the re-shipping for us within the EU, and they will be stocking the meter in the EU after the campaign ends.

Some of the shipping is more expensive than anticipated, but still within acceptable limits which we can absorb.
Hopefully all this goes to plan, logistically it's not easy to organise all this stuff!

Dave & David

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    1. James Tucker on

      Is there any way to get a tracking number from DHL for U.S. delivery?

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott D on

      @Stephen Wait, he’s not talking to me? So I didn’t have to buy the Great Scott package? :-)

    3. Alyx McCown on

      As long as we don't see you packing a bag on your way out of the country with our cash your doing better than most :P

    4. tokyis on

      That's not a "I don't wanna" face, that's a "I can automate this" face.

    5. Vince C. on

      I'm just so excited to receive an EEVBlog multimeter — whenever it comes, I'm happy anyway! Congrats to the Dave's, UEi and everyone involved ;-).

    6. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      Glad to hear that things are moving along relatively smoothly with distribution. Can't wait to start using mine!

    7. Missing avatar

      Riyadh Elalami on

      @Stephen Hammack, yes I am stupid.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Groenewegen on

      Looking forward to it. Too bad it will not arrive during the holiday period....

    9. Stephen Hammack on

      Riyadh, when Dave says Great Scott in this update, he's referring to the early birds; it's the name of the early bird tier.

    10. Missing avatar

      Riyadh Elalami on

      What about the early birds?