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A professional precision current adapter. Turn your multimeter into a precision measurement tool from picoamps to amps.
1,268 backers pledged AU$ 116,575 to help bring this project to life.

Almost there

Posted by David Jones (Creator)

I'm on the home stretch delivering all the $79 backers. I still have about 185 or so to go.

Sorry about the delays, but progress has been slower than expected due to several factors, one of which is a parts shortage screwup. But more parts are on order and should be in in the coming days so I can fulfill the rest of the orders.

Once again, they are being shipped in backer order, so first shipments were to those who backed first. Also, as mentioned previously, there have been reports of some units being held up in customs for many weeks, Germany in particular. Sorry, but this is out of my control. I have marked the units as gift, and the value is marked on the custom form stuck to the outside as they expect. So there is nothing more I can do.

If you are in the unfortunate position of not having received your unit in due course, then as with my uRuler campaign I will have to arrange re-shipments. But this can't be done until after a reasonable period of time has elapsed to allow for customs. And like the uRuler, there will inevitably be some units that are just undeliverable, and the only thing I can do is attempt delivery again, and then a refund. There is no tracking number available with the Australia post system used.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Jean-Francois Avon on

      I haven't received mine yet... Strange ! Or maybe it has to be delivered at the same season as Oz, e.g. Autumn ? :-D

    2. Missing avatar

      Lars on

      Oh no. I hope it doesn't get stopped by customs. :(
      Marking it as 'gift' is wrong. So many online shops do this too when shipping to Germany. German customs are very serious about those details while our neighbours are more relaxed.

    3. Scott Wolf on

      Mine showed up yesterday, can't wait to try it out.
      Looking forward to the next great thing from Jonestronics!

      Scott in Houston, TX

    4. Missing avatar

      Doug Leppard on

      Just got mine, thanks for working so hard on this. Once it is over please do one of your videos on doing a kickstarter, all of us could learn from you.

      Doug in Orlando, FL

    5. Missing avatar

      Per Sjoholm on

      My was marked merchandise not gift.