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A professional precision current adapter. Turn your multimeter into a precision measurement tool from picoamps to amps.
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Survey link

Posted by David Jones (Creator)

Many people have reported that the survey link I posted in the last update doesn't work.

I have no idea why, it works for me, and is the link provided inside Kickstarter.

Perhaps the link in the original email you would have got will work, I didn't get a copy of that, but one link someone sent me didn't work either. Perhaps it simply doesn't work for those who have already filled it in?, but that shouldn't be the case because I set the flag that allows you to change your address.

Perhaps there is a way to see this inside Kickstarter once you log in?, I have no way to test that though, sorry.

In any case, if you did not receive an email from me in the last few days reminding you fill out the survey then you have nothing to worry about, I have your address details.



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    1. Missing avatar

      vincent warren on

      Hi I do not know what has been going but I have not had any up dates email to me after No13 then I got No 25 no 14,15,16,17 ect but I get No 25 after I filled in info, email go stright to phone, not liking Kickstarter not going tobe using it again.

    2. Anthony May on

      I received my $85 1st Prodn Run of 200 (after filling out the survey back in Feb), but I also received this email - suggesting I hadn't/shouldn't have received it...

    3. Missing avatar

      Holger Kleinert on

      I have already filled in the form, so the link does not work for me either. Makes sense actually.

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Wallich on

      What Asbjørn Mikkelsen said. Link didn't work for me, but when I went to the page I could see the link for my response to the survey. (On the other hand , I got that email reminder, so does Dave have that response, or has there been some kind of glitch where not all the survey responses got to him?)

    5. Asbjørn Mikkelsen

      It doesnt work for us who have filled the information, and if one looks under the selected pledge, you will see this: "Survey sent: 2/25/2014 • Your response" and there you can click on "Your response" to check what you sent, or to change it.