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A professional precision current adapter. Turn your multimeter into a precision measurement tool from picoamps to amps.
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Posted by David Jones (Creator)

Despite me emailing a reminder directly, there are still quite a lot of $79 backers (1.5%!) who have not filled out the survey form:

If you don't fill this out then I DON'T have your address, and that means you WON'T get your µCurrent!

I'm investigating delivery methods using magic elves that can mind read what your address is, but trials are not going well, so I suspect this won't be a viable method.

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    1. Missing avatar

      vincent warren on

      Hi you did send me any email let alone a reminder, only filled in info as I was checking up on kickstater, on emails on reminder!

    2. Hellspark

      I'd pay to have a magic elf deliver mine but don't let it read my mind cause it'll die of fright, its a cesspool in there.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonas Hofmann on

      You shouldn't need to get the link from Dave. If you are logged in I think you will find it to the right in the list of pledge levels at the level you selected. At least that's where you can change your address if you already submitted it.

    4. Josh McCullough on

      Elves aren't going to cut it. But you could just ask the NSA...

    5. Missing avatar

      Ross Ward on

      The link to the survey does not work! Can we have a working link.


    6. White Fox

      Aaargh Dave!
      That link above does not take us to the survey page :-(