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ShapeOko is a dead simple Open-Source desktop CNC machine with an estimate build price of about $300. Get into CNC without going broke!
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Pictures and Pictures of Parts and Parts

Posted by Edward Ford (Creator)
Just wanted to give everyone a quick glimpse into my shop. And by shop, I mean garage workbench.

Here are all the pieces (minus those pesky delrin nuts) required to build 20! ShapeOko mills.

There simply wasn’t enough room to put all the parts on top of the bench so there are a few “not seen” items: The custom motor mount plates (qty 3 per machine), and the end plates (qty 2 per machine). Both of which are in totes under my workbenches.

I’ll be setting up a little assembly station in my usual parking spot, (after all, I can’t infringe on my wife’s parking space!) where I’ll be doing all of the assembly and testing, pulling parts one set at a time from my main workbenches until there’s enough room to relocate back to the workbenches.

A couple of notables :

  • 87′ of makerslide!
  • 320 v-wheels
  • 800 bearings
  • 100ft of 1/4″ MXL belting
  • 1000 5mm nuts
  • 1000 5mm washers
  • 500 1/8″ #10 spacers


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    1. Michael Kellner on

      That's so great. I'm looking forward to using mine to cut PC boards for my 4-H group. Freewire soldering is getting a bit challenging for anything more than basic circuits.