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ShapeOko is a dead simple Open-Source desktop CNC machine with an estimate build price of about $300. Get into CNC without going broke!
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Big Day at Project ShapeOko!

Posted by Edward Ford (Creator)

It's a big day here at Project ShapeOko! After months of work, frustration, joy, work, hurrying up and waiting, work, worrying, work, and excitement We're finally finished designing and ordering parts! Most items are now in stock or on their way. We're only waiting on a status update for one part! 

The one part in question is a delrin nut (Part Number: SMZ002D) which is being made by a small machine shop in Indianapolis, IN. After looking for the right vendor, we decided to give a try. A few acquaintances had suggested the service, and as far as we can tell, is a legit marketplace for buyers and manufacturers. With full confidence, the part was put up for quotes, and the job was awarded a few days later.

Right now, the part's status is "in production" and we're trying to get a firm delivery date. With all that said, assembly will begin Saturday (to a point) without the item in stock. When the item is delivered it'll only take a few minutes to install and then about 30 minutes to test the whole setup. So far, that piece hasn't put us behind. If it doesn't show up soon though, it will. I'll keep everyone up to date when more information becomes available.

For now, a shared Google Spreadsheet has been posted on the download page over at The Workbook contains three worksheets:

1.) Released Costed BOM - This is the whole list of all the parts, description, quantities, prices, and link's you'll need to obtain all necessary parts to build a shapeoko mill on your own. Most of the vendor links either go straight to a drawing or to an order page where you can view a drawing. The worksheet is a bit confusing with all the colors and columns but it basically works like this:
  • "Total" ($365.90) - that price reflects the cost if you were to go out and buy each of the items listed individually. It's 21.6% higher than the goal of $300, but right now it's the best we can do. (more on that later)
  • "Pack Items Cost" ($81.74) represents the cost of each item highlighted in green purchased individually. Most of these fall under the "hardware" category; nuts, bolts, and other miscellaneous pieces one would need to assemble the mill but also includes the Shapeoko specific parts like motor mounts and end plates.
  • "Adj. Total" ($284.16) - "Total Cost" minus "Pack Items Cost". That is the price if you were to buy everything *BUT* the pack items.
  • "Pack Cost" ($50) -  The kit that we'll be selling in order to reduce overall costs for anyone wanting to build their own Shapeoko. The "Pack" is detailed on Worksheet 2, titled "ShapeOko Assembler's Kit". That worksheets lists individually all of the items you would receive if you ordered the ShapeOko Assembler's Pack from us. The cost for the pack is $50 + shipping. Shipping domestically is $14.95 through USPS flat rate medium box. For international deliveries, please inquire before ordering. 
  • "Total with Pack"  - the total cost of "Adj Total" PLUS the cost of the "ShapeOko Assembler's Pack". That total is $334.16 which is still 11.4% higher than the goal.
  • The item in question (Part Number: SMZ002D) is highlighted in Purple
2.) ShapeOko Assembler's Pack - the itemized list of components included in the Assembly Pack. These are all the miscelaneous bits and pieces you'll need to assemble the mill. Including the custom motor mounting plates, end plates, all the hardware, and several other items.

3.) Buildlog Order - Due to the nature of the design and the fact that the rails *and* frame are made from makerslide pieces, a significant number of items are available from ( This worksheet is a summarized list of all the items you'll need to order from there. As a related side note: in addition to the items listed, also offers several other components you could use on ShapeOko including the pololu drivers and stepper motors. 

(Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with other than using their products) With that being said: take a look around the buildlog site, there's a booming community of users in their forum and they offer lots of bits and pieces that you might find useful if you're going to build a Shapeoko. My favorite item is the 4 axis open source CNC controller. If you're going to use EMC2, its a great was to simplify your wiring.  (end sounding like a commercial)

Regarding Cost: We're not done working at driving the cost down. There are several changes that we have thought of making to the design which could potentially reduce it's cost. But at this point we feel it more important to release what we had to all of our faithful backers and supporters than it is to dwell on squeezing those last few costs out. We are really looking forward to the community getting involved in the design to help us continue improving assembleability (is that a word?) and overall costs! The sooner we get those full kits shipped out, the sooner we'll have feedback that could help us meet those goals!

Regarding Documentation: a temporary wiki has been setup and is beginning to be populated with information. For right now we're going to leave that private until it's a little more complete. However, a (working) link should show up on the navbar over at in the near future. We're also working on a couple of animations that may help during the assembly process. Again, we'll post links as they become available.

As always, if there are questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to post them below!

Take Care,


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    1. Edward Ford Creator on

      @Enrique:although it's only been a month, it seems like a year! Every day I'm waiting for those nuts to come in and fielding questions regarding there status.

      Yesterday I talked to the manufacturer and he informed me they are done and could be here by the end of the week!

      I'm not very good at waiting around for things, so last night I decided to assemble the v-wheel assemblies, which at least gave me something to do. I made it through 100 before my thumbs told me to stop. You can see the video here:

      Tonight I'm packaging up all of the hardware into baggies so I won't have to count while I'm assembling.

    2. Missing avatar

      Enrique Condes on

      It's almost a month since you ordered the Delrin nuts, any chance there will be delivered soon??