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ShapeOko is a dead simple Open-Source desktop CNC machine with an estimate build price of about $300. Get into CNC without going broke!
125 backers pledged $11,078 to help bring this project to life.

General Update

Posted by Edward Ford (Creator)

We're getting down to final weeks of this project!

This is where we're at:

1.) The design is finalized, parts are being ordered and kits will start shipping to the $500 level backers by the end of the month. The plan right now is to assemble each kit, run a quick job (to verify it is operating correctly)  then, disassemble the kit, package it, and send the box to it's final destination! Each kit should take about 1-1/2 hours to complete. The kits will be sent out in the order of donation, if you're curious about your place in the queue, have a look at the backers page, or send me an email and I'll let you know where you stand.

2.) With the over-funding, as promised, we'll be building 6 extra kits! As mentioned in the original project text, these kits are available first to any level of backer. So, if you want one of those kits, the cost will be somewhere between $300-$350 + shipping. Shipping is $15 domestic and $55 international. Send me a message through kickstarter or to my email address [edward at shapeoko dot com] if you're interested.

3.) There has been quite a bit of talk recently about a method to provide more kits to more people. Right now it looks like we will be providing kits at some point in the near future, but have yet to figure out the specifics. 

As a side note:As it stands, we're between $300-$350 on total cost to build a single ShapeOko as seen in the new videos. We're working on getting the BOM cleaned up and standardized and once that hass been put up on the wiki you'll have a better idea of where costs are going and what we can do going forward to improve those costs.

Here's another video of shapeoko running a job:

  • Material: 1/2" Thick UHMW
  • Spindle: Rotary Tool (Dremel Like) set to Max Speed (30K rpm)
  • Bit: 1/8" 4 Flute Endmill
  • Feedrate: 45in/min
  • CAD Program: Autodesk Inventor 2010
  • CAM Program: CamBam v0.9.8
In total, the job took around an hour to complete. The final piece turned out to be dimensionally accurate to ~+/-.003


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