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By Edison Nica
$113 pledged of $10,000 goal


Hi, I am Edison Nica and I would like to bring forward the Android "One Way Internet Communications Service", a solution for your data security.

The product

We are building a "One Way Internet Communications Service" for Android. The key feature of our product is that it allows data to flow from the internet to your device, but not from your device to the internet.


Currently, an Android App has two choices: 

  • Either it requires the user to accept Full Network Access Permissions, thus asking for the blind trust of the user. This blind trust can be abused and is useful in malware that disguises itself as popular software.
  • Or, it doesn't ask Network Access at all, seriously debilitating the application's features and usefulness.

We are building a service that can be used by any Android App, which will be used to only download data from internet. Even more, we will allow the user to manually permit or not such communications, if the user chooses so.


With One Way Internet Communications, the Android Apps will enjoy the user's trust and the benefits that come with that.

Individual Apps, will not require Full Network Access Permission, instead will connect through this service when they need to download data from internet. 

This service is perfect for Apps providing themes, news, updates, and other features that rely only on a download stream, but also need access to inputs like Video, Audio, GPS, and other sensors.

The user will know that whatever the App does with his/her data, it is not going to leave the device.


The project will be open source and available to download from github. 

We don't have a strong preference over the Licence type, but if you have one, say it with your contribution.

Anyone will be able to personally build and run One Way Internet Communications Service on their Android device. The Service will be also available on the Android Play Store too.


No! We consider that One Way Internet Communications should be a basic service available on all platforms. We are willing to work with anyone that can deliver the service in any platform. We plan to deliver it for Android OS first, and if we get enough funds we will extend it to other platforms.

For developers: How?

When an App wants some data from the internet, our service will accept a request in the form of an URL and a reason to be delivered to the user.

The URL and reason will be shown to the user, who can accept/deny if so s/he wishes.

If the user accepts, the Service will make the connection on behalf of the App, and then the Service will send the App the requested data, if the user allowed it. So the App will not be able to transmit over internet anything other than the URL, without the user being aware.

How can I help?

  • Tell your friends and users!
  • Mention us in your blog or social media channels!
  • Contribute to this campaign! Every dollar counts. 

Thank you!

Edison Nica - Founder @ 0PII, LLC

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk is that the application might not be available for all android versions, due to unforeseen interesting bugs on various SDKs and devices. These interesting bugs have a bad habit of taking a lot of time to fix.

Another risk is less developer adoption than expected by the Android developers.

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