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ON:PC/MAC EoS: Is a unique mix of survival, defense, exploration, station building, Man vs Environment, Reactive World, Dynamic Sandbox
Edge of Space
Edge of Space
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Unlimited POWER!

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Power Linking 

This is a system the player will use to direct power to stations and devices that require it to work.  

How it works you ask?

The player will go into a "power grid," view mode.  Once in this mode, they can see the objects that use the power grid. These objects will have "nodes" on them to indicate what kind of connect it is or connection it will receive.  

You can then create a network of connections to power your base and other objects. There will be various switch types to control turning objects on and off, and relays you can connect to funnel power from one place to another place.

I know. Short and sweet, but I need to get back to work.  

Oh, and check out this guy, isn't he cute!

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    1. HandyMan Studios Creator on May 20, 2012

      if you pledge $10k you will be joining in with us on brain storming sessions, some of your ideas will undoubtedly get in :)

    2. Lunatic on May 20, 2012

      @Chris : I think if you pledge 10.000 $ you can have everything you want in the game :3

    3. Jacqui James on May 19, 2012

      If I pledge 10,000$, can I has this as a pet?

    4. Chris on May 18, 2012

      Aww! I think the little guy is trying to hug me :3

    5. jakew1999 on May 18, 2012

      Aww look at da little AHHHH.